Coco’s Un Poco Loco 5th Birthday Celebration

This school year was Coco’s first year as a pre-school student, so I didn’t miss the chance for him to celebrate his birthday in school. Twas supposed to be celebrated on the 14th (Wednesday) but school called me up, if we could have it on the 13th instead. Thank God I’m quite ready already and my cake supplier was cool with the change as well.
We just ordered food from Jollibee for both the kids and the teachers/school staff. Tip: Teacher said, kids prefer food that they are familiar with, so best is to bring McDonald’s or Jollibee meals. I was supposed to bring spaghetti too, but teacher said, most kids, Coco included aren’t keen with spaghetti, so I brought chicken meal instead.
I made Coco’s invitation, inspired from Etsy, Dia Delos Muertos-inspired of course. I didn’t prepare any decors because it was just a short celebration during their recess time, right before they go home.
I prepared something for the kids of course, something that would make them remember Coco too, since it’s vacation time and some of them might not be classmates next school year.
IMG_2749Photo 3-17-18, 4 25 37 PM
I ordered bag tags from Print City PHPrint City PH. They were very accommodating. I sent them my own layout with the names of the kids, and offered to print back to back. We used Grab Express for delivery. Colors were bright and bold.
I ordered Hector Rivera’s guitar shaped pillows from Instagram Account, RM Pillows ETC. I spoke to her end of January, and has sent her down payment the following day, since she said, I need to hold my slot ASAP for it to be readily available on the second week of March. I sent her my layout peg and the files that I used for the layout peg.

No updates for production and what not, which is fine. I messaged her March 5 to ask when ETA is, she replied March 6 and said that delivery will be on march 9 (Friday). I woke up early on a Friday and messaged her to update me. Friday night came, still no update. Saturday, I found out from her Instagram account that there are also around 10 other accounts, asking her to read her DM. I started to worry. One mommy told me about a certain negative feedback of her that she saw from Facebook. Panic mode, I posted her on my account to get her attention because she has been ignoring my DMs and comments both Friday and Saturday.. Lo and behold, she finally updated me that my pillows are now for printing (or just finished printing) and can be shipped out that day. Imagine, Feb 1 pa ako paid, she just printed my pillows the day she was going to ship the pillows to me. Paying early was useless. Since I wasn’t able to book a Grab Express from Bacoor, Cavite to Pasig, I just obliged with her shipping it to me Monday, via her own rider. She also told be that she added 5 more pieces of pillows plus waived delivery fee. It arrived Monday afternoon. Most pillows are nicely printed, but 7 of the 20 pillows has print defects (so 2 of them are paid, 5 are free). I also noticed that she didn’t do her own layout anymore, and printed the peg I sent her, as is. Because if she did, there wouldn’t be light ballpens marks like around the man design at the bottom. The peg I sent her wasn’t fully made up. Since, I assume she will be making her own layout with adjustments with the size of the neck of the guitar. My bad, I didn’t ask for it anymore, i was assuming that she will just remake my peg with just the neck adjustment. Anyway, what done is done. I don’t recommend her. As much I want to support a co-mompreneur, I don’t want to be compromised with the people whom I;m going to refer her to. I just hope she do better next time, especially with her customer assistance/communication.

I shied away from fondant cakes this year, as I was only planning to buy a ready made cake. Then, I saw the pull-apart cupcake concept while browsing for cupcakes and I saw a Hector Rivera guitar cake while browsing for Pixar Coco theme parties. It was a last minutes decision, thank God for accepting my order, Bake Wishes. As well as still pursuing even after our mini party was rescheduled a day earlier. Since it was almost “rushed”, you exceeded my expectations. I just expected a white guitar, but she added golden leaves, which made it even more beautiful. The cupcakes were scrumptious. The buttercream icing was not too sweet and it perfectly complemented the cupcakes. The cupcakes were still soft even after 2 days inside the fridge. Nothing but good words, really worth referring to my friends and family.

Here’s a short clip of his party, enjoy!

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Remembering 2017

Survey Tradition: 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2014/2015/2016

1) Where were you when 2017 began?
♥ At the Rañosa residence

2) Who were you with?
♥ My Coco, Jhe, Nanay, Tatay, Ate Celeste+4 kids, Ate Carol and Kuya LJ

3) Where will you be when 2017 ends?
♥ Still there!

4) Who will you be with when 2017 ends?
♥ Still with them!

5) What did you do in 2017 that you’d never done before?
♥ traveled to another country with my son

6) Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
♥ I think I didn’t have one as always – as always

7) What would you like to have in 2018 that you lacked in 2017?
♥ Finally, I was able to go to US this year so, after many, many surveys, my wish has finally came true. I just want more clients next year. XD

8) What dates from 2017 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
♥ Our whole US trip, especially the day I was finally reunited with my papa whom I haven’t seen in 26 years. Another one was when my mamang has left us.

9) What was your biggest achievement of the year?
♥ The last 2 months, I had super big orders for weddings. I think the fact that I was trusted to be part of the couples’ most special day is an achievement for me

10) What was your biggest failure?
♥ I wasn’t that disciplined with getting fit, but at least I was able to kahit papano towards the last half of 2017.

11) What was the biggest change in your life this year?
♥ Fulfillment feeling that I have finally seen my papa again

12) Did you change at all this year?
♥ Not really

13) Did you change your style?
♥ Not much

14) What was the biggest challenge of 2017?
♥ Saving, especially when our trip was near

15) What was the biggest disappointment of 2017?
♥ I have no savings haha

16) What was the biggest blessing you received this year?
♥ Super daming Wedding orders parin

17) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2017?
♥ Wala naman yata

18) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2017 and change something, what would it be?
♥ When I wanted to start a new biz, I should have pushed in starting it, but I was discouraged

19) What did you get really, really, really excited about?
♥ Our US Trip and Boracay trip, because I’ve been wanting to go back to US since forever and for the Bora trip, it’s been ages since we have bonded as a family

20) What was your favorite month/s of 2017?
♥ Summer of 2017

21) What was your favorite moment/s of the year?
♥ Reunion with my Papa

22) What was your least favorite moment of the year?
♥ When my Mamang passed away

23) Did you still go to school?
♥ Been out of school since 2010

24) Did you travel outside of the Philippines in 2017?

25) How many different places did you travel to in 2017?
♥ US – New York, Washington DC, Waldorf Maryland, LA, San Diego, and San Francisco; Boracay, Tagaytay, Subic for Coco’s fieldtrip

26) Did anyone close to you give birth?
♥ My mommy friend, Hazel to her 3rd child Freya, My marz Maan finally gave birth to a baby boy, Alexis Zander, my college BFF, Cathy to our baby bunso, Vincent Jace, My cousin, Ate Michelle to my little nephew Dylan Christopher, My mommy friend Anna to Aiden Vaughn, my childhood friend Angile to her baby girl, Azia, one of my closest friends, Hong to Atarah Phyllis

27) Did anyone close to you die?
♥ My dearest Mamang has left us.

28) Did anyone close to you got married?
♥ My college BFF, Cathy and Janjan, My ate Mello and Roan, my highschool friend, Faye and Hong and Arn

29) Did you grow apart from anyone?
♥ Nah

30) Did you make any new friends in 2017?
♥ TCMI Family

31) Did you fall in love in 2017?
♥ always

32) Did you break-up with anyone in 2017?
♥ nah

33) What was the worst lie someone told you in 2017?
♥ i cant remember

34) What kept you sane?
♥ Coco, always

35) Who is the person you wished you have talked to this year?
♥ couldn’t think of anyone

36) Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?
♥ sad, but happier

37) Who did you spend your valentines with?
♥ Coco and Jhe

38) What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
♥ 31, I had lunch with Jhe and Coco

39) How did you spend Christmas?
♥ With my relatives in taytay

40) What did you want and get?
♥ US Trip and reunion with my Papa

41) What did you want and not get?
♥ Nada, i think!

42) Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2017?
♥ more than last year’s i think

43) Did you have a job?
♥ Full time mom and part time mompreneur, still

44) Did you drive?
♥ No pa rin!

45) Did you suffer illness or injury?
♥ my mamang

46) What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
♥ nothing compares to having coco

7) Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
♥ Coco Martin forever

48) What political issue stirred you the most?

49) How much money did you spend in 2017?
♥ Don’t even want to know, as always

50) What was the best thing you bought?
♥ Disneyland ticket

51) What was your favorite TV program?
♥ The Better Half and The Greatest Love

52) What song will always remind you of 2017?
♥ Shape of You, Despacito, Versace on the Floor and Baby SHark

53) Would you change anything about yourself now?

54) Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2017:
♥ Ignore the nega vibes.

55) What did you learn about life from someone?
♥ God will always provide

56) Favorite quote of the year?
♥ God will always provide

57) Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
♥ Remember me
For I will soon be gone
Remember me
And let the love we have live on
And know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
So until you’re in my arms again
Remember me yeah

58) Was 2017 a good year for you?
♥ half half!

59) Do you think 2018 will top 2017?
♥ Praying for more travels this year and of course, more more sales!

60) Are you happy to see 2017 go?
♥ Yes, but thankful for the year that was and excited for 2018 – as always

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Privato Staycation

Tito Vic gifted Coco with a staycation at Privato Hotel. So, we had an impromptu overnight together with Mama and a visit with my high school best friends, Aimee and Seska.
Since I am rarely around the area, I am not familiar with this hotel, hence I also never knew how new it is (opened in 2013). Add also the fact, that we would only have our staycations at Discovery Suites. In short, this is our first time here.
The facade of the hotel is nice, since Shaw Blvd looks really, really busy. It is like a rainbow in the white sky. If you will pass by its area, it is very noticeable because of its white facade.
So first impression of this hotel is a-okay. I like how bright its aura is upon entering the hotel, as you also walked to their lobby, where there are modern look sofa sets, the front desk and the lounge cafe.
We stayed in an Executive King room – one huge bed where Coco wouldn’t stop jumping up and down, and rolling from left to right.
We then went to their Roof Deck, where the swimming pool, gym and Verona Roof deck is located. Coco enjoyed the pool the most – because it is perfect for his height. I didn’t take a look inside the gym room nor go to the Verona Roof deck or any other dining area and function area since I am with Coco, who just want to swim and I can’t really leave him behind.
After an hour swim, we just stayed in our room, cuddled and played until my friends arrived. Food were delivered. Then we slept-in until it was time to go home.


  1. Staff warmly welcomed us when we entered the hotel, the concierge helped me with my suitcase, up until we reached our room.
  2. Upon telling the front desk of my reservation – it wasn’t found – Vic’s nor mine – I’m not sure what they did after since they just had me sign the conforme form after the front desk talked to her supervisor. The thing is, Vic called the hotel to book our reservation, they asked him to email them the GC, after he did, there was no feedback from them. I had to call them to confirm the booking.
  3. When we reached our room, our key card was busted. It could open our room but not the electricity slot. So, the concierge had to call the technician to look at it. He tried his own key card and it worked so they had to go get a new key card for me to use. So, it was a good 10 minute wait in the dark inside the room.
  4. Before going up to the roof deck, I asked customer service if they have a towel in the pool area. She said there is and I don’t need to bring the ones in the room. When I asked for towels, I was told that there are no towels available, I reiterated what the CS told me and they said that there are no towels available because they haven’t washed them as their washer is broken. I told them, OK and we just went and swim. After a while, they brought us 2 towels.
  5. Midnight, right before we sleep, Coco spilled some liquid on our beddings. The housekeeping promptly went to our room and changed everything, even if I told them that he doesn’t have to change them all.
  6. There is this certain stench inside our bathroom, not the whole time though. We noticed it around 11PM and then up until we were about to go home.
  7. Plus points for giving us an extra hour after the supposedly 12NN check out
  8. WIFI is very very very GOOD. Aircon is cold, right temperature for us.
  9. There is KFC and Chowking beside the hotel.
  10. When I checked out, I handed my key cards to the lady in the front desk. I waited patiently at the lobby. She accommodated the ones who checked out before me first. A few more minutes after, I went to the front desk to ask for the password of their lobby WIFI and asked if we are already cleared for check out. Lo and behold, the lady has forgotten me as she was already speaking with some other hotel staff. If I didn’t follow up, I’d be waiting for a longer time.

Overall, what matters is that Coco enjoyed the staycation at Privato as it is really for him. Thank you Tito Vic for giving Coco this staycation, at least he was able to have relax and have fun right before the year ends.

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Back-to-Back-to-Back Musicals

Oh, what a fun December we have, we watched 3 musicals in a span of 5 days. Imagine that?!
matilda1I watched Atlantis Theatrical Group‘s Matilda the Musical twice, during their preview night and their very last show. As a child, Matilda was my spirit animal, she was my favorite, that is why I couldn’t not watch Matilda the musical. The first time, I thought Coco isn’t allowed yet to watch. Unfortunately, he can! I regret not bringing him that night. Luckily, someone gave us tickets. YEY. Coco super duper enjoyed Matilda, he loved the kids the most.

Matilda, based on the children’s book by Roald Dahl, is little girl that is very very smart but she is unloved.

But it isn’t all that, it is standing up for what is wrong – from bullying, neglecting and child abuse. It is for the whole family, especially for the kids, and no matter who you are and what you are doing, one day, you will definitely find your place in this world.
tagu1PETA‘s 50th year offering, Tagutaguan, Nasaan Ang Buwan? is one story that really captured my heart. It is about mother-son (Jepoy) tandem who loves to make up stories and create new character friends, and one day, they’re all gone. Years will past by, the son has grown and he will have his own son, Popoy – he who will save the world of Dilim dilim Land.

It tells us to help ignite our child’s imagination, and let them wander to the moon and back. It also tells us that no matter how old you are, even if you are a child, you can always be a hero in your own special way. But most importantly, it tells us to always, give time to our child – play with them, read with them, because one day, they’ll also grow up. They’ll grow up but the time you spent and everything you do with and for them will always be a part of them.

The characters in the story were all part of past PETA plays, like Pepe and Pepito from Batang Rizal.
acc1Here comes Globe Live x 9 Works Theatrical‘s Christmas 2017 run of A Christmas Carol. We watched this during the preview night before the opening night. Funny, how A Christmas Carol’s story is quite vague in my memory. I’m quite sure I’ve either watched or read it years back. But I never refreshed my memory about it, until now.
acc5My sister, Rissey is in ACC, aside from being part of the ensemble, she is also the Ghost of Christmas Future.

As what the Ghost of Christmas Past said, “To understand the present, we should learn from the past” – we don’t know what will happen in the future, but for sure, what ever we do in the past and the present will matter with how our future will be. It’s not to late to change your ways you know, it will never be too late.

A Christmas Carol was staged last year, as to why it is staged again this year, is because Globe Live and 9WT wanted to give the Filipino families a new Christmas tradition. Sooo, you can still catch “A Christmas Carol” at the Globe Iconic Theater in Bonifacio Global City on December 25 (7PM), 26 (8PM) and 27 (8PM). Tickets are available through Ticketworld.

This year also, A Christmas Carol ties up with Hero Foundation. Upon buying a hand crafted parol, we can contribute to help the children of our fallen soldiers through scholarship grants. You can help send a child to school with only Php200 and hang them on the Christmas trees at the “Wall of Miracles” at the back of the theater.
Twas an amazing 2017 for Coco and I – we’ve watched a lot of musicals this year – Once in An island and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Broadway, NYC for Coco and adding, Sa Wakas for me. Excited for Philippine Theater in 2018 and all the shows we will be watching – THANK YOU FOR OUR SPONSORS! HAHAHAHA!

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How sleep is key to living a better life

Why sleeping gives you a better chance of enjoying your waking hours?

When it comes to sleep, we always hear the range of seven to nine hours as the recommended average for adults. According to figures, however, 60 percent of individuals never reach this goal due to different factors, a trend that can wreck havoc on health and overall lifestyle.

One of the most commonly pointed factors affecting sleep is work-related stress. According to a study that highlights the direct effects of work on individuals, 33 percent of the participants identified lack of sleep as an effect of stress.
This subject is what Uratex tackled during its recently concluded office tour that focused on the importance of sleep and its impact on overall wellness. The campaign, called “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”, held seminars that educated office workers about the science of sleep and how improving it can enrich your life.


The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life series of seminars visited key offices in the Metro to educate employees about the importance of sleep in their busy lifestyles.

The tour visited offices in various industries namely Summit Media, MOR DJs, ACE SAATCHI, Philippine Media, and Metrobank. A special activation was also held in Island City Mall (ICM), Tagbilaran, Bohol which was attended by VIP customers of ICM and local bloggers of Bohol. During the event, sleep experts and wellness coaches held seminars that addressed stress problems, sleep, and the right way of choosing sleeping partners like mattresses. Wellness checks were offered during the round of seminars as well.


Wellness consultant, trainer, and coach Dr. Marco Escareal gave a talk about stress management and the importance of sleep during the Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life seminars headed by Uratex, the Sleep Specialist and provider of premium sleep solutions. Other professionals who contributed were Sleep Doctor Dr. Keith Aguilera from St. Lukes Global City and Uratex Sales Director Dindo Medina who gave a rundown on the benefits of their innovative sleeping solutions


Employees from advertising agency SAATCHI attended a series of seminars focusing on the importance of sleep. Advertising and other jobs in the creative industry are considered some of the most fast-paced in the country.

A landmark study focusing on sleep deprivation by the University of Chicago found out that people sleeping for only four to the six hours are more prone to high blood pressure and a higher production of cortisol, a hormone connected to stress. Sleep also takes a direct toll on the mind and body, which can cause concentration problems and sluggishness.


In addition to the seminars, Uratex also held special activities like yoga to further reinforce the importance of managing stress to individuals.

Stress and irregular schedules may be a part of a normal person’s life, but there is something that can be done to minimize the negative effects they bring. One solution is to improve your sleep environment.

The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life during its event held at the Ronac Center Magallanes, Makati. The occasion invited Philippine media members of the United Print Media Group.

Uratex has been focusing on its efforts to build awareness about the subject for the past few years. The trusted brand is also a frontrunner in creating mattresses and pillows that can improve sleep patterns with the use of technology.

Sleep plays a crucial role in the overall health and lifestyle of people. Just like any other important lifestyle change, developing healthy sleeping habits involves more than just adjusting our body clocks. Understanding the science behind it, as well as the use of partners that can help improve it, can make a world of difference on busy lives.

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Let’s doo-doo-doo with Pinkfong and Baby Shark

Doo-doo-doo has been looping in my head for the last few months. It started when I heard Coco humming it and I got curious of what he has been singing. I posted it on my Facebook page, and many mommies commented that it’s their child’s favorite as well. It turns out to be a popular Youtube kids video by Pinkfong. Note that I am totally clueless with the song because Coco is not allowed to watch Youtube (or to watch using a gadget). He learned it from class, when their topic was Greater than and less than. I then allowed Coco to sing and dance with Baby Shark once in a while.
This holiday season, TENT Trademark Entertainment partnered with Shangri-la, Megaworld, and Robinsons Malls to boost of the Christmas cheer as they brought Pinkfong and Baby Shark here in Manila.
We caught the Robinsons Galleria Show, my Baby Shark finally met his new friends Pinkfong and Baby Shark, not to mention, danced with them too!
Coco was chosen to groove his Baby Shark moves two times faster, here he is accepting the challenge.

Aside from dancing Baby Shark 3 times, Pinkfong and Baby Shark danced The Penguin Dance and a few more popular Pinkfong songs. To end the show, they danced Christmas Sharks since Christmas is very very near!
Coco was very happy to have met Pinkfong and Baby Shark, as he hopes to meet them again next time!

Check on the Pinkfong and Baby Shark show schedule and drop by the one nearest to you!

Dec.12 Shangrila Mall 6PM
Dec.13 Robinsons Imus 3PM & 5PM
Dec.14 Robinsons Las Pinas 2PM & 4PM
Dec.15 Robinsons Metro East 2PM & 4PM
Dec.16 Robinsons Galleria 2PM & 4PM
Dec.17 Robinsons Manila 2PM & 4PM
Dec.18 Robinsons Lipa 2PM & 4PM
Dec.19 Starmall San Jose Del Monte 5PM
Dec.20 Newport Mall 2PM & 4PM
Dec.21 Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill 2PM & 4PM
Dec.22 Eastwood Mall 2PM & 5PM
Dec.23 Uptown Mall BGC 2PM & 4PM
Dec.24 Lucky Chinatown Mall 2PM & 4PM

Pinkfong is a global children’s brand known for its educational videos and applications for children. Its most popular song, “Baby Shark,” has garnered millions of views worldwide.

Follow TENT Trademark Entertainment in Facebook for more details and updates regarding Pinkfong and Baby Shark’s adventures!

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3 Reasons to Visit the SM Supermalls Website Now

SM Supermalls website bannerSM Supermalls just launched their beefed up website and it’s a must-click for smart shoppers, mall event goers and promo-loving digital fans.

Here are top three reasons why the refreshed site will be your most-wanted hub online:

1. You can be the star of the website and win prizes!

Everyone of us had our own happy memorable experience that happened inside an SM mall. With the improved site, we can now share those unforgettable “SM Moments” (a.k.a #SMoments) and have a chance to get featured plus win SM shopping money!

All happy #SMoments are welcome! Whether it’s a story of success, friendship, love, family or fun surprises, go ahead and tell it! Click here to share your #SMoments:

2. Be the first to know about SM news, events and sale.

No need to look anywhere else for the freshest news and updates about the latest events and 3-day sale at your favorite SM malls. Surely, everything’s here for the ultimate SM shoppers!

3. Catch all digital promos in one place.

Do you love joining SM Supermalls’ digital promos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber? Never miss a single contest with the help of the SM Supermalls’ website that houses all the links to the official social media promo posts.

Truly, the SM Supermalls website is our ultimate digital space for all things SM with a fresh new look and features that match our most valued SM Moments! Discover it yourself by visiting now!

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[Giveaway Alert] #WanderWoMom5thYear

I was the “The Wandering I” back then in blogging world (I started in 2004!) while @MargxWanders in social media. In reality, I was always alone, even when I’m with friends.

But then I became a mom in 2012 (and gave birth in 2013!), so since then, I never wandered alone – I always have my little boy in tow, hence, my “name” WanderWoMom

I gave up wandering alone 5 years ago, so I want to share something that my son and I love to do: yes, you heard it right! Wandering – luckily, he inherited that gene of mine.

This is a race to 1,500 followers in Facebook. Once we reach that number, I will draw ONE lucky family who will receive free tickets from me and my son to a choice of:

Here’s what you will do for a chance to win:
1. Like my Facebook Page, WanderWoMom.
2. Share this post in your Facebook page with the hashtag #WanderWoMom5thYear and tag 5 friends (or more!) to join. Make sure your post is on public setting.
3. Comment DONE in the main Facebook post.

Bonus: Additional entry 1) if you also like Coco Marcus’ Facebook Page. 2) Like @WanderW0m0m (those are zeroes) and @coco.marcus on Instagram

• Winners will only be receiving entrance tickets from me. All other expense will be shouldered by the winners. Winners are preferably from Manila (or provinces near Manila), unless you are willing to travel to your chosen fun destination. In case I was able to draw a winner from a province, you can be an angel this Christmas season and share it to someone in Manila – yes, your prize is transferable.
• Winners will be drawn through
• I am no way connected to Manila Ocean Park, Ace Water Spa, Kidzania Manila, Kidzoona, Ark Avilon Zoo, Jump Yard and Art in Island. This isn’t a sponsored post.
• The fun destinations that I included are places that we have been to that Coco enjoyed that’s why I wanted to share it to YOU – PS. We haven’t been to Manila Ocean Park but we’ve been to Sea World and Coco loves it there so much XD

Thank you so much for joining, and I hope to share this journey I have with you in the future!


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Laidback Boracay

It’s been a while, my dear home.. I missed you so much.. Imagine, the last time we were here was when Coco was 6 months old (and turned 7 months while on the island)? We’re back exactly 4 years after.
RE CameraRE Camera
Coco and I was still in San Francisco when my friend, Carla invited us to join her company outing (which mostly consist of our barkada). Since we left Jhe behind and it will be our 5th anniversary this year, I said yes to her.
RE CameraRE Camera
Few days after we arrived Manila, I tried booking the resort where we stayed at the last time we were in Boracay, Residencia Boracay. I really wanted to stay there because there are less people in Station 1, the breakfast buffet, the rooms are homey, I like the crowd, very near Jonnah’s and add the proximity of Residencia to our friend’s resort, well aside sa swak sa budget.
RE CameraIMG_8979
I tried and was able to reserve it using my Paymaya account (which by the way has no funds). In, they have this pay as you check-in option, as well as free cancellation in a certain period of time prior to travel date. So, a month before our trip, I sent a message to the resort’s Facebook account to confirm my reservation. I also asked for the total amount that I will be needing to pay in cash when we check-in (I’m OC like that, need to prepare cash!). I was kind of surprised that the published rate in, isn’t really the rate that we will be paying and it was around P2,200 higher, 12% VAT included. So, I asked if I will cancel the reservation and will book through them directly, will there be a price difference? Yes, they gave me a 15% discount. I pushed through with reserving directly and customer service went well as they assist me with the letter of authorization and other details that they will be needing, since I don’t own the credit card I used to pay.
RE CameraRE Camera
Our flight was rescheduled an hour earlier, that is why as early as 8:30AM, we were already in our resort, and as early as that time, we were already checked in. But before arriving the hotel, I was quite amazed of the difference 4 years could make, the airport arrival area looked really different, as well as the Caticlan Jetty Port. They were more efficient too.
RE CameraDSCF0077
As I was saying, we were at the hotel by 8:30AM, already checked in. Such a pleasant surprise, that not only we were given an early check-in perk, our room was also upgraded (which I only learned upon check out!). We were able to rest the whole morning, and went out in time for lunch. Our friends hasn’t arrived yet by this time.
DSCF0443 What I also love about the rooms here in Residencia, is that it has its own dry room. I’m not sure if the other hotels has it too (well, its the only resort that I have stayed at that has one, both in Boracay and in other places). I hate the sand that stays inside our hotel bathroom. Since our room has a dry room, I have less problems with sand. We also dry our wet clothes there, and because of that our main bathroom isn’t too cluttered. Did I mention their breakfast buffet? Yes. It has been one of my favorite breakfast buffets since I first tasted it last 2013. I also commend their friendly and accommodating staff. Here’s there latest rates, in case you are interested.
RE CameraDSCF0085DSCF0092
We ate at Boracay Toilet for lunch, and ohhh before you go ewwie on us, just no! It is the only toilet in the world where you come out full! We were seated in real toilet seats, with sinks/bath tubs as tables.
Our order arrived in tiny toilet shaped ceramics. Plates shaped in toilets, as well. I cry. I haven’t eaten rice since June, but I had to eat this time, sayang yung masarap na Pee-Stek Tagalog (P329) – just the perfect bistek and probably the best one I tasted my whole life. Something Piss-y (P229) for Coco and Steamed rice (P100) for sharing + a can of Coke and 10% service charge. Do the math. Haha!

While waiting for our food, we played around with their photo area, a huge toilet and urinal. Honestly, I even asked for a real toilet, I was already having confused on what is real or not. If you check the top photos, the wash area is also a urinal and a toilet. Whut.
Boracay Toilet is located at Balabag Plaza in Station 1 – it is quite hard to find, honestly we passed by it already and we didn’t notice it. But once you have know where it is located, you won’t miss it anymore. Always look for the building with a toilet seat hanged on its front and the restaurant is located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building.
DSCF0095DSCF0096RE Camera
After lunch, we just rested in our room, since it was too hot to stay under the sun. We just went out of our room late in the afternoon as we await for the majestic sunset.
We rode a tricycle from Station 1 to Station 2 to look for a place to eat – we ended up eating at Andok’s in D’ Mall for dinner. Then we walked back to Station 1, and had our dose of Jonnah’s Shakes – can’t not have those when here in Boracay! Mocha Rhum, Banana Mocha Rhum!
Then we headed back to our area, went to Sur Beach Resort, where all our friends are staying for a fun night of bonding and over flowing drinks.
Our morning started with the ala carte breakfast the our hotel.
RE CameraRE Camera
I’m not sure though if they only serve ala carte if they have few guests or they only have buffet on weekends. But upon check in yesterday, they have a breakfast check list that made us answer to prepare for breakfast the next day (which was a Thursday).
RE CameraDSCF0289
Our friends, Cris, Mitch and their son, Tsuna waited for us to finish breakfast then we walked around till we reached Station 2, where Jhe had his hair braided (for around 200-300php, I forgot how much haha)
We were supposed to meet up with our friends in Puka Beach, but they already went to Puka Beach. They were island hopping, and we didn’t want to join them. I, myself, didn’t want to join because I have been to lots of island hopping in Boracay in the past. We just rode a tricycle going to Puka Beach instead.
As much as Coco loves the beach, he didn’t enjoy Puka Beach’s because of the very strong waves. He couldn’t swim! But it was really very pretty there. One of my favorite spots in Boracay.
After our trip to Puka Beach, we had our late lunch at Tilapia ‘N Chips. I found this restaurant online that said they have set meals for 99php, but they didn’t have it when we went there. We just got the group meal which cost us less than 300php each – for a cup of soup, a cup of coleslaw, a cup of rice, beer battered dory/chicken planks plus a glass of iced tea. I can’t remember the whole meal nor the price, my bad! But I remember they lacked something that day, so they exchanged it for more chicken i think. Then I ordered a fish n chips kids meal for the kids to eat. It is actually great tasting for the price that we paid. We left satisfied and ful. I also like the ambience of the restaurant, it was happy and bright.
We went back to our hotel after and took a nap. Coco and I went to watch the sun set after. He went back to our room after a short swim. I went out for a walk or/and just sat by the shore. Then I saw our friends and chitchat with them until it was around 9PM when I realized Coco hasn’t eaten yet, so I went to Jonnah’s and ordered burger for me and pan cakes for Coco, plus shake. It was an early night for us.
DSCF0393RE CameraRE CameraDSCF0350
For our last full day in Boracay, we were able to enjoy the buffet breakfast. Tip: so you wouldn’t get easily hungry, maximize your breakfast, especially if it is a buffet.
DSCF0429RE Camera
DSCF0425DSCF0395RE Camera
We just spent the whole morning at the beach. It was just a chill kind of day – just swam and played in the sand.
RE CameraRE CameraRE CameraRE Camera
I also had my own sand name made for 170php with tip! Actually, they don’t allow this anymore, I don’t really get why. They are really talented and they earn a living for that. In all fairness, I think they don’t overcharge.
RE Camera When it was too hot to stay under the sun, we stayed at Sur with our friends – with free flowing drinks as early as 11AM. YAZ! As part of their company outing, our friends played games yesterday and the prizes they got are activities that they can do in Boracay – like fly fish, ATV, parasailing, helmet diving, etc etc. So, some were just chilling in Sur, while others do their activities. When most of our friends left, Jhe, Coco and I just walked along the shore until we reached the Grotto (Willy’s Rock). I think it’s my first time to actually climb it, even though I’ve seen it so many times.
RE CameraRE CameraRE CameraRE Camera
And we just swam and swam and swam until it was time for our paraw sailing.

So, Jhe, Coco and I did paraw sailing. Moana feels. It’s one of our favorites! Coco rode it when he was 7 months old, good thing, he wasn’t afraid of it now that he is 4 years old.
RE CameraRE Camera
We had a private scrumptious buffet dinner set up at Estacio Uno c/o our friend, Carla. It was great food, great ambience, great friends and great music.
estanciaunoIt was an amazing vacation and reunion with my “island home”. It’s so great to reintroduce it to Coco, since he was still an infant the first time we went there. I pray that he would love the island the way I love it and that we’d be back there soon!

Fees/Transport Cost to pay:
Tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port – P50 (max of 3 pax)
Boat to Boracay Island – P50 each
Environmental Fee – P75 each
Terminal Fee to/from Jetty Port/Island – P100 x 2 each
Tricycle from Cagban Jetty Port to Stn 1 Hotel – P20 each
(all of which excludes Coco, he is still free!)
Trycicle to/from station 1 to station 2 – P10, not private
Tricycle for 4 pax (and 2 kids) from Station 2 to Puka Beach – P100
Tricycle for 4 pax (and 2 kids) from Puka Beach to Station 1 – P100
Paraw Sailing – P500 for 5 pax

Disclaimer: Almost all photos are taken by my Fuji XA-2 Camera as well as our HTC RE except for some pictures (Puka Beach, Estancia, braid pics, and some of the pics in the 9-square) taken by Turtlefishphotography. You can visit their facebook here.

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SM Shoppers gets FREE Sundaes from McDonald’s this #NationalThankYouDay

FREE SUNDAE PROMO POSTER SOCIAL CARD (DTI)(1)All McDonald’s stores in 47 SM Supermalls nationwide will give away Free Vanilla Sundae Cone for every purchase of a Happy Meal from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. – a simple way to say thank you to customers in celebration of SM and McDonald’s National Thank You Day.

As an added treat to SM shoppers, McDonald’s will extend their exclusive in-store promo until Sunday so families can get to enjoy the offer during the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 24 to 26, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.).

Also part of the month-long ‘Pinoy Thanksgiving At SM’ festivities is the McDonald’s #NationalThankYouDay SM Caravan in select malls. After the successful caravans at SM Megamall, SM City Fairview, SM Southmall and SM Mall of Asia; the camapaign will culminate at the SM National Thank You Family Fun Day at SM Mall of Asia on November 26.

This November, SM Supermalls has teamed up with McDonald’s as part of its ‘Home of Global Brands’ campaign, inviting the whole family to experience the world through new and delightful happenings in SM malls across the country.

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