Bike Day

For the last few years, I’ve known that MMDA closes an area of Ortigas (F. Ortigas Jr Road or formerly, Emerald Ave.) to the public to encourage Carless Sundays. I never knew what was going on on that area at those times, since I was never in that area. In fact, they also close Flood way every Sunday too for the same purpose. As far as I remember, I never saw the purpose nor appreciated it at all. I was even pissed one time because we had to do a detour, which was a longer way going to a certain destination one time that we went out and happen to pass by the area.

But today was different. My mom told me that she was taking my son out today for bike day. I thought it was in The Ayala Mall 30th because she was also talking about it that time. She mentioned that there were bicycles for rent. So, I didn’t bother to bring Coco’s bike. I just though it was one of the kid’s recreation amenities inside the mall.

Then, we were dropped off at the corner of Garnet and F. Ortigas. From there, I can see a closer view of what was in store for my little boy.

Kids were riding their bike, scooter and go-cart. Teens were skating, some were riding their hover board. Adults were riding around in their bike as well. I was worried, we didn’t have our bike. Lucky us! They have bike, side car, go-cart for all ages for rent – Php 100 / hour only!

I told my mom that she should have told me, we could have brought Coco’s own bike. But I think it’s all good, he was able to experience driving a side car. Some were even playing badminton and volleyball.

It was an hour of biking for my little boy, and he got super tired after driving from start to end of F. Ortigas. He totally passed out afterwards.

Bring your kids and their bikes to F. Ortigas Jr. Every Sundays – 6AM to 6PM for some FUN Family time – cheap at that! Hooray for Pasig!

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It’s Showtime Experience!

Around a decade ago, I was always in ABS-CBN. Either I’m with Kuya (Carlo Aquino) or Rox (Roxanne Guinoo). I walk around the halls of the studios, the area between the Talent Center Building and the cafeteria or The Dolphy Theater. Hanging out at the Gram’s Diner for hours and hours.

It’s been a long time since I entered the ABS-CBN compound. It was very nostalgic. Especially when we went in the Audience Entrance. I remember assisting all the other fans as they enter the Dolphy Theater every Qpids Heartbreak Night. So many memories to remember.

Actually, I have never watched any noontime show, live, well except for one Wowowee episode, since my kuya Dominic has passes. I think it was the only time I did. I was able to have a picture with Dolphy that time! I came with Kuya when he was ASAP (or any other variety/noontime show) guesting. But that’s just it, I just go inside the studio when it’s his turn, then leave right after his prod.

A lot has changed in the last decade. Gram’s Diner is now Grub and ABS-CBN Mobile store. You can’t easily come inside the ELJ Building because there’s a security upon the entrance – even if you just want to go to Starbucks. The audience who watch during live shows no longer stay and wait outside for a chance to be able to watch. Imagine the heat and how tiring it can be waiting there outside. There is now a very comfortable Kapamilya Audience Lounge – all air-coned, comfortable seats and rest room. The marshals and security were very accommodating and pleasant. Hindi sila masungit like dati haha! There’s WIFI but I couldn’t connect anymore. Hehe!

Tita Maila (Gumila – Clarita of The Better Half) hooked us up for passes. My Grand Aunt from California wants to watch It’s Showtime live. We were at the ABS-CBN compound a little past 9AM. They let us in the Audience Entrance, stayed at the lounge and waited for us to be assisted going to the studio at a little past 11Am.

Today was a special day, because it’s my ultimate idol, Anne Curtis’ birthday. Although it was her birthday, her birthday prod wasn’t until the weekend. Parang now lang ulit ako nakanood ng It’s Showtime from top to bottom. I didn’t know na aside from the opening prod, they only have 2 segments – Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagsayaw and Tawag ng Tanghalan. The hosts has limited time na pala on stage and they don’t interact with the audience that much anymore unlike before.

But it was a super fun show. Walang kupas ang pagpapatawa ni Vice Ganda plus all the other hosts. We definitely enjoyed, add the fact that I got to say “Hi!” to Anne Curtis and Liza Soberano was their to judge! Both girls are just the prettiest of them all. Happy to see both my favorite girls!

Thank you Tita Maila and Tita Lydia!

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Feb-ibig 2017

“Love isn’t about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes with love banners over stadiums and giant proposing words in the sky. Love is about going an extra mile even if it hurts. Letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn’t even know was there”
— Little Manhattan

Here’s my yearly tradition of DIY shoot for my little Valentino.

Spread La-La-La-Love. Happy Day of Love to everyone!

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Sa Wakas, A Pinoy Rock Musical

Yung masakit: Pag yung taong mahal mo ay hindi na yung taong minahal mo. BOOM!
Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to watch around 15 minutes of the play, MEMA pa rin ako.

Simple lang. Ang feels, ang lala. Ang hugot, ang lalim.

Lahat ng emosyon damang dama ko eh, saya at lungkot, tawa at luha, pighati at mura, sakit at selos, lahat na. Lahat lahat na. Mixed emotions. Eh papano pa yung kaakibat nitong lahat ay ang pag-awit nila ng mga Sugarfree songs, which is the main reason naman talaga ng play na ito.

Vic, played Topper, the lead, the two-timer hahahaha! First time I saw Vic like that. *speechless* But He did great, super galing, emotions x awit. Malala. Literally, parang alternate ni Ebe.
Cara(Lexi) and Maronne (Gabbi).. their roles were perfect for them, parang they were made for them. They actually complemented Vic’s Topper.

Need not go into details of the story anymore…


Kung ikaw ay nagmahal, nagmamahal, magmamahal, nasaktan, nasasaktan, masasaktan, nagkamali, hugotera/o or fan lang talaga ng Sugarfree – pasok kayo dito. Kaso, last day na bukas, at sold out na ito. Pagdasal na lang nating merong 3rd run, para masimulan ko din naman. Diba?

PS. Yung akala ko namalik-rinig lang ako nun pinasok sa lyrics ng Wala si James Reid at Nadine Lustre (Oh, My JaDine Heart) at higit sa lahat, naisingit pa nila yung 2-piece Chicken Joy with Pineapple upgrade ng Jollibee sa eksena. Kaloks!

PSS. Sa Wakas – Vic & Cara (Topper and Lexi) gave a whole new meaning to Huwag Ka ng Umiyak (My Coco’s favorite song). Move over Cardo!

PSSS. Gusto ko ding makita ang Makati Skyline from the top of the building pag nag light up ito ng 6:30 PM.

Kung puso ko ay imamapa, ikaw ang dulo, gitna at simula. (Bawat Daan)


Nagsisising gigising sa katotohanan ‘di ka naman talaga akin

Magsimula tayo Sa Wakas.

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Kapamilya Gold: The Better Half

The full trailer came out Wednesday night, especially with the very last scene, Shaina’s line, “Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I’m having an affair with my husband.” it immediately created a buzz in all social media platforms that night.

Gagampanan naman ng apat sa pinakamagagaling na Kapamilya actors at actresses na sina Carlo Aquino, Denise Laurel, JC De Vera, at Shaina Magdayao, ang mga karakter na ipaglalaban ang mga taong itinadhana sa kanila sa kabila ng kasinungalingan, panlilinlang, at mga sikreto.

Huwag palampasin ang kuwento ng pagiibigan nina Camille (Shaina) at Marco (Carlo), ang mag-asawang nauwi sa trahedya ang pagsasama matapos bumagsak ang eroplanong sinasakyan ng huli.

Sa pag-aakalang patay na ang asawa, makikilala ni Camille si Rafael (JC), ang taong tutulong sa kanyang kalimutan ang nakaraan. Ngunit agad mapuputol ang saya ng kanilang pagsasama nang muling magpakita kay Camille si Marco.

Sa muling nilang pagkikita, kaya bang talikuran nina Camille at Marco ang buhay na mayroon na sila ngayon, o pipiliin nilang kalimutan na lang ang pag-ibig nag nakaraan? Hayaan naman kaya nina Rafael at Bianca na maging masaya sa piling ng isa’t-isa ang kanilang mga minamahal, o ipaglaban pa rin kaya nila ang kanilang karapatan? Ano ang kayang gawin ng apat na nagmamahal upang patunayang sila ang “The Better Half”?

Mula ito sa direktor na si Jeffrey Jeturian at sa produksyon na nagbigay ng mga dekalibreng seryeng “Be Careful With My Heart”, “Dream Dad”, “Ningning” at “The Greatest Love.”

Kasama rin sa “The Better Half” sina Epi Quizon, Nadia Montenegro, Rommel Padilla, Carmi Martin, Zeppi Borromeo, Maila Gumila, Bart Guingona, Mari Kaimo, Joyce Ann Burton, Regine Angeles, Delphine Buencamino, Lemuel Pelayo, Vincetn Lim at Johan Santos.

Tunghayan ang kakaibang pagsasadula ng kuwento ng pagmamahalan sa “The Better Half,” ang pinakabangong serye ng ABS-CBN na magpapakita kung hanggang saan ang kayang isakripisyo ng isang tao alang-alang sa pag-ibig, simula ngayong Lunes (February 13) sa Kapamilya Gold, pagkatapos ng It’s Showtime.


They aired the first two episodes of TBH for the invited press/media/guests to view. First two episodes pa lang, it was intense and powerful. Malakas ang dating. Yung 2 episodes pa lang eh, sobrang malaman na, malingat ka lang eh, mawawala ka na. It’s different. It’s wild. It’s engaging. Walang kukurap, bawal kumurap. Goosebumps ang bawat eksena, 2 days pa lang to ah! Cinematic. Kaabang abang. Mind-blown. Breath-taking. I want more. Literal, I can’t wait for the whole story to unfold.

As much as I want to write about what happened in the 2 episodes, I won’t. No spoiling. It’s just 2 sleeps away. Kaya tutok na tayo sa Monday, sabay sabay nating panoorin ang “The Better Half”! Ps. Here’s Kuya and I with Team Carloholix

Here’s me and ze brother from another mother, so proud and happy for you kuya! Supporting you all the way!

Ps. Photos were grabbed from The Better Half Facebook page. For updates, follow @TheBetterHalfTV on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Our Journey to a Diaper-free Life

My pockets has been very happy the last 6 months! It’s been exactly that long since we stopped using and buying disposable diapers. Coco was 3 years and 4 months old then.

How did I exactly train him? Did I really train him? Was he too “old” to still be wearing nappies at past 3 years old? When is the ideal age?

All I did was I followed his cues. I just don’t want me and Coco to be pressured. I want to do everything at his own pace. To be honest, I thought I’d have a hard time removing diapers in his life. I’ve actually thought of him as a kindergartner in diapers. But lo and behold, he doesn’t wear diapers anymore!

There was a time when he was little past 2 years old that he started to remove his diapers while he was playing. That was my cue. He doesn’t want diapers anymore during daytime. After his morning bath, he doesn’t wear them until the time I freshen him up at night before sleeping.

During daytime, he would play all day, almost never a pee accident on our floor. I was actually bothered. He wouldn’t pee at all. I would ask him every hour if he wants to pee. I had to drag him downstairs to pee. He would also tell me if he wants to do #2. I carry him all the way down, because I was so afraid he would mess up our floors and actually saving myself from another chore. But most of the time, he wouldn’t bother to pee or poop at all.

But at times, I would still cheat – when I am too lazy to bring him at our downstairs bathroom. So far, close to 5% accidents on the floor or with our mattress of the 2-3 months that he don’t wear nappies during daytime.

I remember one of his motivations before to not wet whatever bottoms he was wearing was having him wear his favorite “bottoms”. He loves wearing pajamas, he is addicted with pajamas. He’d wear it all day. This was during the time that he doesn’t want to pee or forgets to pee or was too busy to pee or was actually too lazy to pee. One time, he accidentally wet himself. He was wearing his favorite Mickey Mouse pajamas. Since it was already wet, I had to change it. He was crying and crying until I was finally able to have him wear his shorts. Since then, his laziness to pee properly lessen.

It was a month before we were diaper-free when we went to my friend’s house for a play date. My friend’s kid who’s the same age as Coco sat on his potty to pee. After that, the other kids got enticed to sit as well. One by one, they peed. Twas like peer pressure at its finest. Coco got attached to his friend’s potty, he didn’t want to stand up and leave it alone. After I encouraged him to play, he would again sit down and try hard to pee, even if he just peed. He would sit there for a good 10 minutes, making himself at home with the potty.

I didn’t think of buying him his own potty because we could just go down stairs for that. But after I told my mom about Coco’s funny attachment with his friend’s potty, my mom bought him his own potty.

Yes, he would sit there for minutes, lots of them, lots of times a day! He would “flush” it and it will play some nursery rhyme when he’s done. There came a time when I wouldn’t need to remind him to pee, he would actually do everything by himself- independently.

So came the night of the night, I put him to sleep and did my work till the wee hours of the morning. Slept and was awoken by Coco because he was already awake. I just let him play and watch TV while I try to sleep again. When I finally woke up an hour or two later, I told him to remove his nappy. He just got back to our room after eating breakfast downstairs. He told me he doesn’t have one. I was surprised, I asked if he has already removed it by himself and he didn’t. I was so shocked that I sat up and checked the area where he slept for signs of wetting it while he was asleep. Nada. He didn’t wet our bed. He had no diapers the whole night and that was his first overnight with no nappy. I got so happy and excited for the thought of him as a potty trained toddler.

I tried again to put him to sleep without a nappy the following night. I made sure he peed before he went to bed. Since I sleep during the wee hours of the morning, I tried to wake him up to pee. He would cry hard for waking him up and he would tell me he doesn’t want to pee. I got to make him pee that time, but I never repeated that forceful way to make him pee again.

I’m not sure why or how he was accustomed to pee in sitting position. I never corrected him, because I feel, he’d eventually learn how to pee like a “real man” in his own time. As long as he’s able to pee properly, I’m good. Last month, I was awoken by a sound of dripping water – like the one coming from a faucet. I was surprised to see him pee “like a real man”. I was so startled, sat up and wait for Coco to finish. I asked him how he learned to pee like that, he said he got it from his dada. In short, he imitated his dada. Most of the time he still pees sitting down, but when he is in the mood, he stands up.

Last month, he started to wake up at night and pee. Since I am still awake around the time he wakes up to pee, I always get startled when he’s standing behind me, “mommy, wiwi..” He would go potty and then go back to bed and sleep. I noticed when it gets really cold early in the morning, he’d wet the bed. So, don’t get me wrong, he isn’t perfect. He could still wet our bed, after all, he is still a baby. So, these days, I ask him if he wants to pee before I finally hit the sack. He normally answer back with a yes or a no. And that’s what I am going to do now – right after I hit the publish button.

I didn’t really give you tips nor answer the most asked questions about potty training. I just shared our experience, but maybe you could also get a thing or two from our journey. And I hope you’ll have a successful journey, to the land of the (diaper-)free(baby. See what I did there?

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B’LUE – #SQUADGOALS with Anne Curtis

When your sister is with your ultimate idol, Anne Curtis in a TVC. WAaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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Benchingko/Films Presents: Fantastic Forks

It’s so cool to see my sister in one of Bench’s very much trending online ad. In just a matter of hours it gained thousands of views, comments and shares. Isa isa silang wish kung sino ang gusto nilang makita after a fork fell from the table.

Kudos to the brain of this ad!

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Movie: Sing

It’s a gamble for me when I finally decided to let Coco watch the newest kiddie film, Illumination Entertainment’s Sing. I’m kind of not at ease with the movies that they produce. I am not really a Despicable Me-slash-Minion films fan. As the matter of fact, I hated the movies so much. Don’t get me wrong, Minions are adorable and funny, and as a character you can’t hate them. But all the films related to the Minions are not worth watching at all. One when you still have to talk to your kid and tell him that they are not nice and not to be imitated. Don’t get me wrong. We will still be watching the upcoming Despicable Me film, but you know, it’s not something that I will always be talking about with my son. So here, we also watched The Secret Life of Pets and for me it is nothing but trash. The pets are so cute and all. When I first saw the teaser, it was funny and heart warming but the whole body of the movie was disappointing and terrible, not to mention, too morbid and inappropriate for kids. PS. We still completed the Happy Meals from McD’s of these films. Haha!

But here comes the film, Sing. I was in awe. The film was nothing but inspiring. It is heart warming and very positive, like you should never give up kind of thing. Never stop believing, never stop believing. Dream big and do something about it. Being Honest. It also reminds us parents, to believe in our children, to accept and support our children in whatever path they want to take, even as simple as encouraging them to pursue whatever hobby they have in mind. Team work. Facing your fears. Don’t be full of yourself, stay humble. Be your own person, who don’t need to rely to someone for you to be complete. If there’s a will, there’s way. You have to work hard in order for you to be successful. Lastly, family is everything.

So yeah, bring your kids to watch the movie, it’s so worth it!

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Remembering 2016

Survey Tradition: 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2014/2015

1) Where were you when 2016 began?
♥ At the Rañosa residence

2) Who were you with?
♥ My Coco, Jhe, Nanay, Tatay, Ate Celeste+4 kids, Ate Carol and Kuya LJ

3) Where will you be when 2016 ends?
♥ Still there!

4) Who will you be with when 2016 ends?
♥ Still with them!

5) What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before?
♥ Tried an online job

6) Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
♥ I think I didn’t have one as always – as always

7) What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016?
♥ TRIPS!!! I want my US trip to push through this coming year. PLEASE. Ilang years ko na ito wish eh.

8) What dates from 2016 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
♥ My 30th birthday, Coco’s 3rd birthday

9) What was your biggest achievement of the year?
♥ Moving to a new place

10) What was your biggest failure?
♥ I wasn’t disciplined enough with my work out

11) What was the biggest change in your life this year?
♥  We moved to a new place again. Contented.

12) Did you change at all this year?
♥  Kind of

13) Did you change your style?
♥ Not much

14) What was the biggest challenge of 2016?
♥ Saving

15) What was the biggest disappointment of 2016?
♥ When those important to you doesn’t know how to handle priorities

16) What was the biggest blessing you received this year?
♥ Super daming Wedding orders!

17) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2016?
♥ Wala naman yata

18) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2016 and change something, what would it be?
♥ When I would buy something I don’t really need LOL

19) What did you get really, really, really excited about?
♥ Coco’s 3rd birthday and my 30th birthday

20) What was your favorite month/s of 2016?
♥ March will always be my favorite – always

21) What was your favorite moment/s of the year?
♥ Coco and My birthday haha!

22) What was your least favorite moment of the year?
♥ I don’t know..

23) Did you still go to school?
♥ Been out of school since 2010

24) Did you travel outside of the Philippines in 2016?
♥ No. 😦 pa rin… still…

25) How many different places did you travel to in 2016?
♥ Lipa, Batangas (Went to my Grandparents’ house again after 6 years!), Nagsasa Cove in Zambales, Subic for Superdudes, Pampanga for the charity event,

26) Did anyone close to you give birth?
♥ My baby Jill to second born Lauren Ellie, Gretz to Ghianna Isabella, My cuzz Maoui to second born Mason Luke, Kumpareng Cloyd’s wife, Tin to Claire, Kumpareng Ryan’s Wife, Cris to Creisler Reeve, Ate Heidee to second born Benjamin James, Ate Yan to second born Amarise Yra, Auntie Ann to Robyn

27) Did anyone close to you die?
♥ None

28) Did anyone close to you got married?
♥ My college bff Gretch and Ghenier, Karel and Sean

29) Did you grow apart from anyone?
♥ Nah

30) Did you make any new friends in 2016?
♥ Team Carloholix

31) Did you fall in love in 2016?
♥ always

32) Did you break-up with anyone in 2016?
♥ nah

33) What was the worst lie someone told you in 2016?
♥ i cant remember

34) What kept you sane?
♥ Coco, always

35) Who is the person you wished you have talked to this year?
♥ couldn’t think of anyone

36) Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?
♥ Always happy

37) Who did you spend your valentines with?
♥ Coco and Jhe

38) What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
♥ 30th, I was surprised by my mom with a hotel party at discovery suites with my family and bestfriend, Aimee

39) How did you spend Christmas?
♥ With my relatives in taytay

40) What did you want and get?
♥ New camera, finally met Coco Martin thanks to my kuya Carlo’s Probinsyano stint, and finally face to face again with my ultimate idol, Anne Curtis,after a decade!

41) What did you want and not get?
♥ What I didn’t get this year was a trip to US AGAIN AND AGAIN. and AGAIN.

42) Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2016?
♥ more than last year’s i think

43) Did you have a job?
♥ Full time mom and part time mompreneur, still

44) Did you drive?
♥ No pa rin!

45) Did you suffer illness or injury?
♥ none.

46) What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
♥ nothing compares to having coco

7) Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
♥ Coco Martin forever

48) What political issue stirred you the most?
♥ 2016 elections

49) How much money did you spend in 2016?
♥ Don’t even want to know, as always

50) What was the best thing you bought?
♥ My new camera

51) What was your favorite TV program?

52) What song will always remind you of 2016?
♥ Beat energy gap? haha!

53) Would you change anything about yourself now?

54) Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2016:
♥ Ignore the nega vibes.

55) What did you learn about life from someone?
♥ People change.

56) Favorite quote of the year?
♥ Anything is possible when you believe in you “When you wish upon a star” – hi-5

57) Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
♥ Anything is possible when you believe in you “When you wish upon a star” – hi-5

58) Was 2016 a good year for you?
♥ Yup, super!

59) Do you think 2017 will top 2016?
♥ Praying for more travels this year and of course, more more sales!

60) Are you happy to see 2016 go?
♥ Yes, but thankful for the year that was and excited for 2017 – as always

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