Bounty Fresh Takes Lead in Promoting Health Benefits of Eggs

Bounty Fresh, the country’s top egg producer, is taking the lead in promoting the health benefits of consuming eggs daily in the country through various initiatives including spearheading the celebration of World Egg Day this month. This year’s event will be the onset of Bounty Fresh Eggs’ yearly celebration of World Egg Day. Similar efforts have been done in other countries like Australia, USA, The UK, France, Brazil, Austria and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.

“We are optimistic that by leading events like the World Egg Day, Filipino consumers will become more familiar with our products, especially the nutrition-enriched Bounty Fresh Eggs,” says Architect Edwin Chen, Managing Director of Bounty Farms, Inc.

“Despite their affordability, the Philippine consumption of eggs is among the lowest in Asia. This is because of the misconception that eggs are bad for the health because of the cholesterol. We want to correct this misconception,” Chen adds.

Architect Chen explains that an egg has 187 mg of cholesterol, way below the recommended limit of 300 mg per day, or only 200 mg if one has diabetes or heart disease. While table eggs may cause mild increases in Total and LDL cholesterol levels, this is not a cause for alarm. Eggs, he adds, consistently raise HDL (the “good”) cholesterol. In fact, studies show that up to three whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people.

So how does Bounty Fresh achieve high quality eggs? It starts with giving its layer hens the best care and comfort by housing them in environmentally controlled and fully automated houses that are tunnel ventilated. These hens are also given complete vaccination against diseases and are subject to a medication program designed to boost their immune system.

The layer hens are also given the best nutrition formulated by the company’s nutritionist to ensure that it meets the nutrient requirements for body maintenance and optimum production, that is, they can lay the number of eggs expected from their lifetime; with the eggs at the optimum size and covered with high quality egg shells to prevent the entry of bacteria and contaminants; and good quality albumen (white egg) and yolk rich in finest nutrition found on eggs.

Once the eggs are produced, they are brought to storage facilities using a fully automated conveyor. From the chicken house straight to the egg rooms, the eggs are fully secured to make sure that they don’t get in contact with contaminants and bacteria. This procedure will ensure that eggs are fresh and clean, making them safe for human consumption.

At the egg storage facilities, the eggs are then selected and graded by a fully automated computer programmed grading machines. This process ensures that:

–       Dirty eggs and eggs with cracks or “hairline” cracks that are not visible to the eye are removed when they pass through the so-called “candling area” section of the conveyor.

–       Eggs are sorted by the machine and not by human hands to prevent contact with contaminants.

The eggs are stored in optimum temperature that will ensure freshness and quality of the albumen and yolk. A quality assurance team randomly inspects the eggs to confirm meeting the standard quality that the company has set or fixed.

As attested by credible agencies such as the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), eggs are very good source of affordable, high quality protein. They are rich in vitamins D, B2, B6 and B12, as well as a good source of minerals such as zinc, iron and copper, as well as choline.

Because of the vitamins and minerals found on eggs, consuming them will help strengthen muscles, boost the health of the brain, bolster energy production, promote a healthy immune system, as well as lower the risk of heart diseases mainly because of choline, which helps in breaking down the amino acid homocysteine that is associated with the development of heart diseases.

Eggs are also healthful for pregnancy as the nutrients help prevent congenital disabilities such as spina bifida. Moreover, eggs aid weight loss and maintenance, improve eyesight and promote healthier skin.

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Happy World Egg Day 2017

World Egg Day? Is there even such a day that is needed to be celebrated? Ah-huh! Just like you, I wouldn’t know it if I wasn’t invited to grace this event. There is World Egg Day everyone!

So, what is World Egg Day? World Egg Day is celebrated to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world. We are celebrating World Egg Day because we have to be aware that eating EGG is healthy.

How does eating eggs become healthy? At least how many eggs should we eat daily?

First and foremost, I was really looking forward to attending this event because I have a picky eater. Aside from the occasional meal he has of fish, chicken and even more rare, pork – he only eats egg – scrambled eggs only. We could never run out of eggs. On my part, since I am finally serious with my weight loss, one of the constant ingredient of my meal is an egg.

Here are some of the things I learned about the wonders of an EGG – one that would be beneficial for a mom and housewife like me:

1. There are lots of uses for eggs aside from its culinary needs – pest control, soil fertilizer, in vaccine incubation, and in beauty products. I personally use egg whites as first aide for burns.

2. Eggs are the cheapest source of high quality protein, contains all essential amino acids, choline rich (a nutrient for the brain) and a good source of unsaturated fat. Eggs are also healthful for pregnancy as the nutrients help prevent congenital disabilities such as spina bifida. Moreover, eggs aid weight loss and maintenance, improve eyesight and promote healthier skin. So, yes – eating eggs are really healthy!

3. A regular medium size egg has 187 mg of cholesterol which is way below the recommended limit of 300mg per day. There are studies that show that eating 3 eggs a day are perfectly safe for a healthy person, given that they take less meat intake.

As a mom of a child who wants to eat eggs, almost always but worries that it is unsafe, I kind of relaxed a bit knowing that it is safe even for kids to eat an egg a day, as what was mentioned by nutritionist, Dra. Ailyn Del Rio.

4. Quail eggs has higher cholesterol content, if you eat excessively. But if it’s just 1-2 pieces, it’s okay.

5. Brown eggs and White eggs are all the same in terms of nutritional content. The only difference they have aside from their color as well as the type of chicken that laid them. Brown eggs are laid by bigger chicken with red earlobes while the white eggs are laid by smaller chicken with white earlobes.

6. The clearer the egg white is, the older it is. Fresh eggs has compact egg whites. Another way to know if an egg is fresh is when you put in in a glass of water. If it sink, it is fresh. If it floats, don’t eat it. It is unsafe.

7. The green discoloration in eggs, especially when we cook it hard boiled, is not a sign of spoilage but a sign that it is overcooked. It is Ferrous Sulfide, a chemical reaction during overcooking.

8. Store eggs inside its egg carton when you put it inside the refrigerator because an egg’s shell is porous, it may absorb what ever odor is it inside the ref. Store an egg with its pointed end on the bottom, so as not to destroy the yolk when you crack the egg. The air cell on top provides better protection of the yolk.

9. Don’t wash the egg before storing them because there is a natural bloom the surface of the shell that keeps air and bacteria from coming in, as it will keep the eggs fresh.

10. The best among the rest that I can relate to because I am dieting, it is best to eat a hard boiled egg an the morning, because you will fill full. Protein has the highest satiety value, that’s why!

If there’s one that I trust with eggs not since forever, but since I had my own family it is Bounty Fresh. Why? Because of its consistency and freshness, not to mention that fact that Bounty Fresh has been known for its high quality eggs.

So how does Bounty Fresh achieve high quality eggs? It starts with giving its hens the best care, comfort and proper nutrition. Thus, healthy and happy chickens, produces healthy eggs, which bring us to The Golden Yolk – better nutritional value, indicates the excellent health and immune status of the laying hens, signifies freshness and adds richness and color to culinary applications. The orangier the better.

Bounty Fresh also produce Specialty Eggs, aside from their Premium white eggs in Medium, Large and Jumbo sizes.

1. Omega-3 filled Specialty Eggs – protects the heart, decreases risk of cognitive disorder, decreases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and decreases ADHD.
2. Vitamin-E filled Specialty Eggs – defends against oxidation, reduce risks of heart decease and antioxidant effect in lungs
3. Organic Selenium filled Specialty Eggs – better absorbed in the body, support thyroid/immune function and prevents oxidative modification in cognitive disorders
4. Nutri-filled Specialty Eggs – are the first lay in the batch, contains all necessary nutrients formed in eggs.
5. Free-range and Cage free Specialty Eggs – are healthier because their chickens are happier as they are not caged, could run freely, has more sunlight exposure.

It is actually the first time I learned about these types of specialty eggs. It is so good to learn that there are eggs that we can eat that can fit to our needs.

As a mother of a 4 year old, I am now more confident and at ease in letting my son eat eggs – Bounty Fresh eggs! Even if he asks for this everyday, no fret, IT IS SAFE!

Meanwhile, this is what happened during the first ever World Egg Day that happened at Eastwood Mall.

Hosted by Bettina Carlos, Introduced Dra. Ailyn Mae Kuan-Del Rio to share some facts and trivias we need to know about EGGS – those are what I shared in the above paragraph!

Bounty Farms President, Mr. Edwin Cheng talked about how they produce healthy eggs, introduced to us The Golden Yolk.

Toasted for a Happy and Healthy life, through egg eating perhaps!

Chef-Mom Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi shared an easy to cook recipe that, of course, involved eggs – Frittatas (an Italian-inspired omelet) and we got to taste it as well!

Child wonders, The Voice Kids’ Nathan Bautista and the dance floor prince, Nhikzy Calma performed for the crowd with their awesomeness.

I also dropped by the game booths for a little giveaway and got our take homes – eggs of course!

For more information about Bounty Fresh Eggs’ World Egg Day initiative, hop on this post! Follow @BountyFreshEggs on Instagram and Like Bounty Fresh Eggs on Facebook.

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SM celebrates Kids’ Month in 64 malls nationwide


With Bae-by Baste as Shopmag’s adorable October cover boy, SM Supermalls unwraps new and exciting happenings in 64 malls nationwide with the launch of SM Kids’ Month. Apart from kiddie treats and big discounts on kids’ toys, clothes, and shoes, this season packs three fun-filled celebrations especially designed for our beloved kids – SM’s first Super Kids Day on October 1, United Nations Day, and the well-loved Halloween. (Photo courtesy of SM Shopmag)

SM Supermalls unboxes new happenings for kids and kids at heart this October with the launch of Kids’ Month in 64 malls nationwide. At a media launch titled SM Super Kids Day held last October 1 held at SM City Fairview, the retail giant announced a season packed with fun-filled celebrations especially designed for kids like United Nations Day and the well-loved Halloween.SUPER KIDS UNITE FOR SM KIDS' MONTH 2017

A fun and exciting field day where kids and the whole family can shop, play enjoy, eat, and win prizes – SM Super Kids Day fittingly showcased what customers can enjoy in the malls this Kids’ Month. It’s also the perfect season to splurge on gifts for kids and avail big discounts on kids’ clothes, shoes, and toys at The SM Store Kids’ Month Sale and at the Baby Company. Also not to be missed is the amazing Toy Kingdom Halloween Sale.

On October 10 to 24, a grand display of world flags sets the mood for a two-week celebration of United Nations Day. SM’s “All Together for One World” features Dances Around the World performances, World Market food fairs, and the kids’ favorite, National Costume Parade Contest. Customers can also check out Art for Peace – an art exhibit by local artists and schools sending messages of peace for all.

Culminating Kids’ Month is SM’s “Spooktacular Halloween” from October 20 to 31. As the Monster Fun Fair begins on October 20 offering great deals on trick-or-treat needs, beloved pets can then join the excitement at the Petrifying Halloween costume party for pets and owners on October 21/22. Approaching Halloween’s Eve, everyone is invited to the much awaited Costume Contest on October 28/29 for adults, and on October 31 for kids. Also on October 31, the young trick-or-treaters can continue the fun at the photo Halloween Studio by Vivo, and by visiting SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, and SM Cyberzone for treats and goodies.

Lastly, there’s an online promo where parents share why kids rule at SM, then use hashtag #SMKidsMonth2017 on Facebook for a chance to win exciting prizes for their kids’ and fun adventures!

For more about SM’s Kids’ Month and exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

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Celebrate GrandParents Day at SM

I have 3 sets of Grandparents.

I never met my Lolo Danny (my Papa’s father) but I am very dear to my Lola Fe (my Papa’s mother) whom I only was able to spend time with when I went to US twice, once when I was 5 years old. I remember her baking for my 5th birthday cake, I remember harvesting her fruits from her fruiteria backyard. I remember her sending me a porcelain doll. I remember her sending me greeting cards during Christmas time. The last time I saw her when I was 20 years old, when I again went to US. That was the last time.

I had a few summers, Christmas and New Year’s celebration with my Lolo Ding and Lola Paz in Lipa. They’re my siblings’ grandparents. Despite the fact that I don’t have their blood, they didn’t treat me differently. I was technically their eldest apo (because I am older than their real eldest apo). They loved me the same.

Lolo Ding passed away in 2001 (I think.), my Lola Paz in 2010, 20 days after Lola Fe followed.

My life revolved around my mom’s parents – Papang and Mamang. I can’t not celebrate holidays without them. I grew up having them in my life, they were the constants right from the moment that I was born. Traveling from Cavite to Pasig to celebrate my birthdays. My summer vacation consists of spending it at their home in Cavite, playing with my ates and kuyas (cousins) and eating and drinking Mamang’s paninda. (Hihi) In 2009, they were transferred nearer to our home. I always try to visit them whenever I have free time. When they were stronger, we usually go to SM Megamall, to eat out, to just stroll from A to B and attend mass. 2 weeks ago, my Mamang passed away. I can’t imagine life without her. But at least, she is in a better place now.

It’s Grandparents day on September 10, 2017. Please date your grandparents, bring them to the nearest SM Malls to your place. Do this for me please, I’d date my Papang if he still can, but he can’t. I’ll just count on everyone who will be reading this.grandparentsdaysm2017
Visit this link to know the schedule of activities at the nearest SM Malls in your place.

And Don’t forget to celebrate a special #DateWithLoloAndLolaAtSM this September!

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Blog Hiatus

It has been almost a month since my last blog. I miss blogging. I sort of miss fixing this blog because of the Photobucket problem.

But the past month has been quite a roller coaster of emotions. I spent a couple of days with my bestfriend who will be leaving in a few days. My grandmother died. And all other stuff I neglected to do the past few weeks has been hunting me now, one of it is this.

SM has been inviting me to attend their Grandparents day event. But I really can’t. I might just breakdown if I’ll still go there. My grandmother leaving is and will never be easy for all of us, especially to my mom and siblings.

Anyway, I’ll try my very best to continue editing this blog for pictures to finally come back and to finally post my US 2017 travel series. Can’t wait for it to be share to all!

I’ll be back hopefully, next week. Gagalingan ko!

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Easy meals, baked goodies, and more with Midea

When people think of microwave ovens, it is mostMolten Chocolate Cake often that they think about it as a way to reheat their meals. While it does very well in reheating food, only a few would dare to cook their food in a microwave oven. Most of them are afraid that they may put in the wrong setting and as a result, have burned food instead. A better understanding of the microwave settings would definitely take off the fear that bothers most people in cooking with a microwave oven and gain more confidence in cooking quick and easy meals.

Midea, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances, understands such challenges for those relying on the wonders of a microwave oven and those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle. Midea is all about surprising their customers with home solutions that are very easy to use and give them the confidence in using these products in their everyday life. With all the quick settings at a push of a button, cooking meals in a microwave oven has been made very easy— from their favorite bacon and eggs breakfast and a hearty mac n’ cheese meal. Not most people know though, that they could also bake with a microwave oven, and Midea has one simple baking recipe that everyone can do.

With the help of Midea’s Microwave Oven, people can now enjoy a chocolatey molten lava cake in just minutes, from preparation to cooking. All they have to do is to prepare the ingredients – Cake Base, 60g All Purpose Flour, 45g White Sugr, 45g Cocoa Powder, 1 pc Egg, 45ml Milk, 30ml Canola Oil, 15ml Melted Butter, 3 pieces of 20g Milk Chocolate balls, pinch of salt, and a 1.5L Vanilla Tub Ice Cream – and follow these instructions: (1) Sift the flour, salt, and cocoa powder, then mix it all together. (2) Separate the yolk from egg whites, then whip the egg whites to peak and cream the yolk with sugar. (3) Combine milk, oil, and butter into the egg whites, then slowly add the flour mix into the bowl, after which, fold the egg yolks within the mix until every ingredient is incorporated.

Ceramic mugs, or alternatively, silicone molds can be used, (4) just make sure that it is lined with butter before filling it in with the mix. (5) Fill half of the mold then put in a chocolate ball in the center, before filling it up again with the mix. (6) Make sure to gently tap the mold to let the mix set properly in the mold. (7) It only takes 1 minute and 10 seconds in the oven at medium heat. (8) Let it cool down for 1-2 minutes before serving it on a plate or straight from the mug— (9) best with a scoop of Selecta Vanilla Ice Cream on top.

They could do all these and many other microwave baking recipes they could find online. All they have to do is follow the recipe and they are on their way to a great time at home indulging their favorite desserts with their family or friends. This quick and easy way of preparing and cooking food will also come in handy when the unsuspected happens like surprise guests coming over for a visit, or, the need to replenish party food on the table, Midea Microwave Ovens are there to keep things going without breaking a sweat.

Creating meals fast is just one of the friendly solutions a Midea Microwave Oven offers, it’s also cost-efficient. For both manual and digital models, the microwave oven will only cost you Php 1.00 on electricity per 3 minutes of cooking. That is already enough for several food items being cooked in a flash. Since cooking in a microwave oven doesn’t need much oil, the food comes with 10% less fat compared to conventional frying in a pan. Meals cooked from the Midea Microwave becomes healthier too because food that is cooked fast retain more nutrients than those cooked through the conventional method.

Cooking in a microwave oven shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Instead, it should be taken as a solution to the challenge of keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the world. With Midea’s lineup of microwave ovens, everyone can easily learn how to cook in a flash easily with flair and finesse.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

About Midea
Midea, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, covers a complete range of products from electric kettles, washing machines, microwaves to large commercial air-conditioning systems. Thriving in over 150 countries, Midea has now arrived in the Philippines! Midea is also a part of Forbes Fortune 500 companies with a market cap of $31.5 Billion as of May 2017.

In partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), Midea’s global strength in the appliance industry infused with CIC’s Integrity, Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction give the world class brand a better understanding of the Filipino’s needs.

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Bar Boys

IMG_3495[1]Never akong nag-kainterest sa Law. Ayoko ng mahirap na magkakabisado, ayoko ng board exams. Ayoko pahirapan sarili ko. Hindi ako makarelate sa laman ng pelikulang ito kasi wala naman akong background sa law (except sa konting business law, na isa sa mga subject ko ng college). Wala ding malapit sakin na nagla-law para maintindihan ko ito.

Pero nakarelate ako sa pelikulang ito. Kasi una sa lahat, naging estudyante din ako tulad nila, hindi man ako isang law student, pero ako ay isang entrepreneurship student. Hindi man ako nag memorize ng laws ng ating bansa, pero gumawa naman ako ng business plan. Hindi man ako nag board exams, pero butas din ng karayom ang dinaanan ko para makapasa at makapagtapos.

Dumating din sa punto na nahihirapan na ako, na gusto ko na mag give up. Na-ayaw ko na. Survival of the fittest, ika nga nila. Pero sarili ko lang ang kalaban ko, kaya fight si ako!

IMG_3494[1]Pangalawa, kaibigan. Sila ang mga taong nakasama ko sa hirap at sa ginhawa. Pero habang nilalaban ko ang buhay kolehiyo, yung pinakamatatalik kong kaibigan, ay nag tuloy ng pag aaral abroad. Naging mag isa ako sa araw araw sa school. Pero hindi yun naging hadlang, hindi porket mag isa ako, wala na akong kaibigan. I have all my best friends – from high school, si Erik ng pelikulang ito, silang mga nag-abroad, at ilan pa – who were cheering on me, hanggang sa ako ay nakapagtapos. Hindi ko man sila araw araw kasama noon, alam kong andyan sila para sa akin. Sila ang aking naging sandalan sa mga panahong hindi ko na kaya.

At huli, kung si Erik merong tatay at nanay na inaalayan ng kanyang pag-aaral at na nagsusumikap para sya makapagtapos, meron din akong Mama na kumayod sa pagtatrabaho para sa aking pag-aaral. Tulad ni Erik, dahil sa kanya kaya hindi ako nag-give up.

Isang pelikula ng pagmamahal sa pamilya, pag susumikap, pagsasakripisyo, pagtitiwala sa sarili at higit sa lahat, sa pagkakaibigan, Bar boys! Panoorin niyo ito sa Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017, mula sa August 16-22, 2017 sa lahat ng sinehan sa buong bansa. Kasama dito sina Carlo Aquino, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino, Kean Cipriano at marami pang iba. Directed by Kip Oebanda.barboyscarloaquino
Mga litrato namin noon Bar Boys Premiere Night – wala ka man kanina, andito kaming pamilya mo kuya! We love you and we’re proud of you! Bottom pics, with Team Carloholix!IMG_3497[1]

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KDrama: Operation: Proposal

What if one day you will be given a chance to re-write your life, to change what has already happened, to re-create an action to eliminate the mistake you once did.. would you?

I recently finished the Korean Drama, Operation: Proposal. It is about two childhood friends – Baek Ho and Yi Seul. They met when Yi Seul transferred to Hamuel Elementary School wIMG_2478hen they were 8 years old. Since that very moment, they were inseparable, up until middle school and high school, they were still together. Of course, feelings would be formed. But both weren’t honest enough to let each other know. After 20 years of friendship, one day, Yi Seul is getting married to Baek Ho’s baseball coach. Baek Ho regrets how he just let Yi Seul be wed to another man. After the wedding, he found a love letter that Yi Seul weren’t able to give him back in high school, it was a letter of admission, admitting how Yi Seul has loved Baek Ho for the longest time. Baek Ho cried so much, because he has always felt the same way. He regrets not being open with his feelings, he regrets the times he always make Yi Seul sad all those years they were together. The Time Conductor suddenly IMG_2479appeared. He gave Baek Ho a potion to drink to be able to go back in time, to re-do what he did wrong, to tell his feelings to Yi Seul. He may have succeeded at times, but the turn of events after he time traveled is something.

Operation: Proposal is a story of love and friendship – it is sweet, funny, tender, heart-warming, moving and thought-provoking. Obviously, I don’t usually blog about K-Dramas, but here I am, writing in the wee hours of the morning after I finished the whole series. Watch this in Netflix to know what really happened in the end. So, many twists and turns, making me cry towards the last few episodes.

Going back to my question. Would I re-live my life again? It has always kept me thinking, not only because I watched this. It has always been in me, thinking about it when times are tough. Sometimes, I regret that I didn’t do something that I really wanted to do/have/be with before. I’ve got so many what ifs, really. But thinking about it now, I am scared of what I will be facing, of going back and getting to experience them all over again. As well as scared of the thought that what matters to me now may not be in my “new” present.

Should we regret? Maybe. No one can stop us. We can always regret. But we can always treat those regrets as life lessons. Every mistake in our life are meant to happen – to learn from it and to gather strength from it. Do I want to change my past? Yes, I want to. But I won’t. I believe whatever had happened to my life is because it was destined to happen, that if I will be able to travel back to re-create it, I will always end up to where I am now.

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Photobucket Hostage

pbhostageAs you can see, Photobucket has hostaged all my 8,000+ pictures in my account. So almost all pictures posted here in my blog are gone. Photobucket actually just out of the blue, with no notice stopped allowing 3rd party posting of images uploaded in their account.

yep. 13 years of loyalty with Photobucket, using their storage to upload all the pictures posted in more than 1,000 blogs available in my page.

I don’t know what to do now and how to fix it. I don’t want to pay $39.99 a mont/$400 a year but re-editing all my 1k worth of blog posts is too much.

I cry. I die. I’m so heartbroken now.

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Join the Upcoming Hakab na! 2017!

The best flash mob I’ve ever seen on TV is not some popular actor proposing to his longtime girlfriend, or those dancing prisoners, but a huge group of breastfeeding mommas flashing their breasts all at the same time, feeding their little ones in an event called Hakab na!
bfphakabnaYep, I was a breast feeding momma. No, unfortunately I haven’t been to one, but I saw it in the news every year. But yes, I am always, always for breastfeeding your babies for at least the first 6 months of their life. Better if beyond that, actually.

Hakab na! is an event organized by the Breastfeeding Pinays (group that I was also a member years back) in relation to the Breastfeeding Month (which is every August). It has been happening every year since 2013 and since then more and more mothers has joined the event, thus every year the venue gets bigger and bigger. It is also in coordination with the Big Latch On (an international community)’s event where in breastfeeding mothers will simultaneously breastfeed their babies all at the same time at around 10:30 in the morning. There will also be Hakab Na! areas (Like Davao, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Olongapo, etc) all over the Philippines for those who want to join but will not be able to go to Manila.

BUT the main event details are as follows:

Hakab na!’s 5th year will be on August 5, 2017 – Saturday – 8 AM to 4 PM at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum in Cubao Quezon City.

Hakab na!’s main goals are to normalize breastfeeding, spread awareness, educate Pinay mothers (all mothers, actually!) and protect breastfeeding. I remember breastfeeding my now 4 year old son, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Wherever I was, whoever I was with, I didn’t care, for as long as my little boy is full, happy and satisfied with his dear momma’s liquid gold.
cocobfingWe may have weaned already from breastfeeding more than a year ago – when he was exactly 3 years old – but it doesn’t stop me from being a breastfeeding advocate and from helping the community which I was a part of in promoting breastfeeding through my friends and family. View all my breastfeeding related posts here.

There will be lots of informative talks, that is why I also encourage even pregnant mothers to join the said event. You will definitely learn a lot from it. I swear. Wag tayong maniwala lang sa mga sabi sabi, mas maganda yung informed ka, please educate yourself. There will also be a mom and baby bazaar and other fun family activities that even your other family members will enjoy. Yes, not to mention the loot bag – be early it will only be available until supplies last!

Register HERE!!!!!

Registration fees are as follows:

P150 – mom and baby pair (member of a tribe)
P200 – mom and baby pair with no tribe
P250 – mom and baby pair – walk in
P50 – pregnant ladies and all other companions of registered participants 13 years old and above

For more information and inquiries, PLEASE VISIT THE Hakab na! 2017 Main event page.

So, come on mommies all over the Philippines and all over the world, let as all help each other by spreading this advocacy and get together and show everybody how it is done, Hakab na!

PS. A little bird told me that Marian Rivera-Dantes is coming!

(Hakab na! photo came from the official event page of Hakab na! 2017.)

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