What’s up with Department of Foreign Affairs’ Appointment system? My passport expired last April. I didn’t have the time to renew it before the expiration. I learned that you have to have a schedule before you can renew it so I worked on the website. It was around May and there’s no schedule available for May and June already. The next earliest available was July 6. It’s 3 days after graduation so it meant that I’m already free.

Come the day of my schedule, it says to be at least 30 minutes early. If you’re earlier than that you won’t be entertained yet. Since I live in Pasig and I will just commute, I left early. I arrived DFA an hour earlier than my schedule. I walked in and had my application checked. Then I saw the 6 layered line that stretched around half of the building. It’s only the line going inside the building ha! It took me an hour and a half to get in and get my number. There was still 400 people before me so I went out again and went to Mcdonald’s in front of the building. When I got back, I waited for 2 hours before it was my turn for step 1 (checking out my files and application). Then I was instructed to go to the 2nd floor for payment – surprisingly, there’s no line! Ganun ba talaga pag bayaran, mabilis palagi? BUT I had to wait for another 3 hours to have my picture and thumbprint taken. Hello to my sabaw look in my passport. It’s a sucker. I’d definitely not show my passport to anyone. Kadire. I ended up so late that I wasn’t able to do the LBC thing to have my passport sent to me via courier. Now, I’ll have to go back to DFA on the day it would be released.

What’s nakakainis pa is that, it said 20 days – pero yung date ng release ng sakin, 28 days. Nakakainis diba?

Anyway, sana ayusin ito ng DFA kawawa naman ang mga tao, 5k-6k a day ba naman ang tinatanggap na applicants. Tss.

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