Tapos na ang Laban, Ako ang nagwagi

Few of my friends knew what happened to us the past 2 weeks. It was totally an emotional wreckage. I cried and cried, as soon as I woke up and I also cry myself to sleep. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I just know that if I want this to be fixed, I should do it myself.

No classes yesterday. I gathered enough courage, strength and spiritual guidance. My Rosary from the Vatican even broke on my way to his place, that I thought of it as a bad sign. It was. I waited for 3 hours and hear nothing. I’ve already said everything, hurting words, crying, hating.. Until finally, I hear from him. One I’ve been dreading to hear for the past 2 weeks.

Wala akong ibang sandata na dinala sa gera na ito, kundi ang pag-ibig ko.
Pag-ibig at Pananalig.
Awa ng Diyos, ito ang nagtagumpay.

Wala ng mas titibay pa sa kung anong meron kaming dalawa.
Bumangga talaga samin GIBA!

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