Thanks God my INTERNET is back!

Really waiting for this day, because for almost two weeks, I’m not in the cyber civilization, thanks to Ondoy. Actually, I didn’t know that it’s gonna be back na. I was just letting it be cause I don’t want to stress myself. I’ve been calling my server for the past 3 days since our electricity got back. At first pa nga, there was no connection because we haven’t paid yet our bill because of the typhoon. So we paid for it first then, they said the line’s okay already but there’s still no connection. Yun pala, there’s something wrong pa rin in the mother connection, may baha pa daw. That really sucks. Anyway, it’s all good now, it’s back and it won’t go away na! It’s so good to be back in this world even though I’m having a hard time catching up with everything.

Today is my very first goddaughter, Stephanie’s seventh birthday (But yesterday’s her real birthday). I can’t believe she’s already 7. And I can’t believe that I’m a ninang for 7 years already. To my first inaanak, happy happy birthday! You can always count on ninang whenever you need me. Ninang loves you!

Ninang for 7 years and in that span of time, I have 8 beautiful goddaughters and 3 handsome godsons! One hasn’t been baptized yet, Bella my munchkin, Jeneth‘s baby girl and 1 isn’t born yet, my ate twin’s baby girl, Ellana. So much for being ninang! I’m loving it (:

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4 Responses to Thanks God my INTERNET is back!

  1. ses says:

    daya, kami wala pa din, net & phone. tapos i can't call globe pa, sira ung customer service nila. weirdness. grabe, ambilis ng panahon, parang dati baby palang siya. siya ba ung baby na pinuntahan naten nun hs pa tyo? tapos ngayon, seven y.o na siya. oh my. ambilis! =]

  2. Margx R says:

    oo feel ko siya yun,, dun kina christian. siya pa lang naman yung baby nun and si kenji eh! haha! papalit na kay0 ng lines!

  3. ses says:

    oo! ung kila christian! =] oh my. ang laki na nya! =] magagawa na daw siya sa end of October, hindi ko na nga alam kung anong magandang line e. ewan ko sa mga tao sa bahay, ang globe kasi lagi na lang sira. =p

  4. Margx R says:

    kaya nga! ni hindi ko nga alam na me landline kayo eh =))oo laki na ano!yung pic na pinapakita ko sayo inyo dati na angel and santa, malaki na din ngayon eh. yun yung pamangkin ko talaga

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