happy people are beautiful people

It is said in Yahoo! and in TV Patrol awhile ago that my forever favorite actress, Drew Barrymore is in the top of People’s Magazine’s list of 100 most beautiful people. Like DUH! Obvious ba? Eh kahit 32 na si Drew, she doesn’t look like one. She uber damn pretty.

Her secret? It’s just that she is just happy. She said, “I just think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”

and I AGREE.

Well, I may not be as beautiful as Drew, I may not be tall as a beauty queen, I may not be as white as snow, I may not be as flawless & sexy as magazine cover girls, I tell you all. I am Beautiful. I am Beautiful because I am HAPPY. I am happy because my life is turning out the way i wanted it to be – perfect yet unperfect. I may be having confusions, obstacles, fallbacks and heartaches but to hell with that! I’m loving it because without them, my life would be boring. I wouldn’t be this strong. I wouldn’t master the art of facing my fears. And with that, I succeed. I am able to overcome them all and after that i become happier and beautiful than I’ve ever been.

happy happy!

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