between love and dream

This afternoon, I watched Maja Salvador & JR Siaboc of PDA’s Your Song. Maja dreams of winning in Ms. Boracay so that she could help her family financially and pursue her dream of becoming a model. She has a boyfriend in the character of JR. He’s not really happy for what Maja wants in life. Maja gets mad at him for not being happy for her and telling him that he does not have a dream and eventually broke up with him. At the Ms. Boracay contest, she was asked with a question choosing between true love and pursuing her dreams. She said she’d choose her dreams especially when it’s already there, she’d not let opporunity pass and that true love can wait. After the contest, Maja didn’t win and JR coundn’t be found. His friend said that he left and pursued his dreams as a bartender in a ship. But after sometime, He went back and told Maja exactly what she said in the contest, that true love can wait. That’s why he pursued his dream and now he finally returned. Obviously they got back. =)

Now, if i were to choose between pursuing my dreams and true love, i’d do the same. I’d choose pursuing my dream/s. But I have a different reason why. My reason is that my dream is finding true love. And of course, if he’s already there, i won’t let that moment pass. Of course, true love waits. That’s why until now, I’m still waiting for that one true love. There are a lot of guys out there but i just don’t go with anyone. I only want the only one.

But then, my one true love is not only my dream. Baka isipin niyo, yun lang yung pangarap ko eh. Shempre naman, meron din akong ibang pangarap. Pero ito talaga yung pinaka top dream ko as of now. Kasi masaya naman ako sa studies ko eh, i’m sure in a few years, tapos na ako, may dream din ako about that, and alam kong matutupad talaga yung dream ko dun. Kasi ako mismo ang gagawa ng paraan para matupad ito. Pero yung dream ko of true love, kaya ko kaya ito mapatupad? Hindi eh, kasi dalawa dapat kami dito eh. Yun lang yung sad dun. Kaya when finally the time would come, i’d truly be happy, happier than the happiest moment in my life. x)

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