Today is the first official day of the legitimacy of AIESEC in the Entrepreneur School of Asia as a local committee. I am so happy because after all that we’ve been through, it finally paid off. Thanks to all the existing LCs- UA&P, DLSU, ADMU, UPD, ADDU, & Cebu for the unanimous votes. And of course, thanks to the MC (Hi Tabbee!) for having faith in us. Sayang I wasn’t there sa NatCon to experience the rewarding feeling of an @er. So touchin’… awww…

TO THE PIONEER TEAM: Ces, JP, Cat, Gretz, Gene, Mike, Kelvin, EJ, Pris, Eugene and Me – we did it.

So now, what we have to do is to plan for our year. And also, magka pera!!!! Good luck! hahaha. Well, I know kaya namin yan. Kayang kaya.

Do i or do i not? Hindi ko pa alam. Bahala na tomorrow sa decision ko. — si sir joel? isang sign yan eh.

But I want to share this – AIESEC brought out the best in me and invoked me to do the things I thought I would be unable to. It gave a great impact in my life, my growth as a person, and boosted my self-esteem. And Hindi ko ipagdadamot yung mga naexperience ko because of AIESEC to the newbies, especially sa mga papasok ng june 2007. ehem ehem. Nirerecruit na namin kayo. Hahahaha!!! Ayun nga, sana pagnagsimula na ang term ma grasp niyo na ang @ world. Na you joined not because of andre. — ehem ehem.. nagpaparinig ako sa inyo– candy girl, bry, mira, resa, che, mikey, rean, etc — hahahaha. nagpaparinig talaga ako. hahahaha.. Sana masaniban kayo ng @ tulad ng pagsanib sa amin. haha. Or matuwa kayo dito gaya kung gaano kami naging masaya dito. Sana maexperience niyo kung ano man yung naexperience namin. x)

Basta i’m so proud of AIESEC ESA

and i’m so proud to be an AIESECER


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