kung ako na lang sana

don’t get me wrong.

i won’t make drama drama about “some guy i like who likes another girl“…

it’s not that!!!

well, just a while ago, i was watching that Sharon and Aga movie. Honestly, it’s my first time to watch the whole movie. I watched it before but just some parts of it because i’m doing something. But today, I really stopped what i am doing to watch it.

I definitely can’t relate with the movie. Coz I don’t have a guy bestfriend who i run to whenever i feel blue, that i deny my feelings for him. haha.

But there’s one part that really struck me.

The ending part. The part where in Sharon hosted a reunion with her friends.

Why? It just so happen that it made my tears fall from my eyes.

You know, i love reunions, i so love reunions. But what made me cry is kung ano ibig nitong sabihin. It meant that, kaya may reunion, nagkaron ng time na those na nagreunion eh, nagkahiwahiwalay.

And that made me really sad.

Because you know, in less than a years time, it will be only me, gene, mike and jp in my life. I know it will just be for a while. Pero shempre, malungkot ring isipin. I’ve lived my almost every day life with Cat, Gretz and Rap. And it’ll be really hard for me not having them around, especially Cat kasi mas matagal ko na siyang kasama eh.

Sometimes, naiisip ko pa rin na what if sumama pa rin ako sa kanila. Pero hindi ko alam. Hindi ko kasi alam kung yun pa rin ba yung gusto ko. Kasi right now, iba na yung gusto ko eh.

But then again, life’s like that. I know my everyday life in ESA wouldn’t be the same without them.

Hindi pa man din sila umaalis dito. And matagal tagal pa rin naman din sila dito. Naiisip ko na rin kung what would our big reunion be like. Siguro by that time naman nakagraduate na kaming lahat. Maayos na tumatakbo yung magiging business ko. *ehem ehem ano kaya yun?* Shempre, yung business din ni JP, Gene and Mike maayos din ang takbo. Siguro si EJ and Ed kasal na and magkakababy na *Ninang/Ninong na kami!!!* Siguro si JP and Ces engaged na. Siguro si Mike at Gene already found there true love. *aawwww* Si Cat naman, ano kaya? Sila pa rin ni toot or ni toot or ni toot? Di ko alam who. Pero sana, meron na rin siyang true love by that time. Si Marlon *kahit hindi na niya naabutan yung iba dito; for sure naman na he’ll also be close to them na rin* eh, may true love na rin. Siguro pa, yung big reunion na ito eh, dahil na rin sa wedding ni Rap and Gretz. Nakakaexcite. Ako kaya? Katulad din kaya ako ni Sharon? Pagdating ng reunion na ito eh wala pa rin kahit manliligaw man lang? Ang sad naman nun. Maayos nga yung business ko, maganda nga yung career ko, unlucky naman in love. hmpf. Pero malamang nga ay wala akong Aga in my life, kasi wala naman akong Aga in my life now eh. Pero ang sad naman kung ganun. Lahat sila pagdating ng big reunion namin, mga inlove. Ako inlove lang. Inlove sa love.

Hay life. But then again, i don’t care. *medyo lang.. pero deep inside…. hahaahahaha.. sana si to0oooot.. wahahaha,* Again again, But then again, one things for sure, i’ll really really look forward to this big reunion. I’ll really really look forward to this time where everybody’s present. The most important people in my life. My closest closest friends. My second family. My best barkada in the whole wide world. My Grrkada. Love you guys. *tears rolling down my cheeks*

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