Summer na talaga!

Since yesterday morning, i’ve been trying to finish my video for exl3 pero hindi ko matapos tapos kasi yung important parts wala pa sa akin. But i still tried to accomplish something na umabot ako ng 4 am dito sa harap ng pc at ng laptop.

Taz nun afternoon, dad and i went to lipa, nimeet namin sina mommy sa mcdo, alabang kasi umuwi sila dun. Di ako sumama this time kasi me class ako nun time na umuwi sila dun eh. Then, wala lang, naggawa lang ako ng video ko dun tapos nun night, we went to malarayat, to tito ron’s house and watched tv-PBB………… sad ako wala na si zekie!!!!

Then, this morning, since it’s palm sunday, we went to mass at carmel and had lunch at lola’s and ginawa ko lang ulit yung video ko. hehehe. nun afternoon na, we went to malarayat again tapos nagswimming kami dun. weeeeh. that’s my first swimming this summer.

so, ayun… back to reality again… tapusin ko na yung video ko. hehehehe.

summer na talaga!!!!!! wapak.

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