i think i got the answer!

pero hindi pa super full answer. medyo pa lang.

Napaka inspiring nitong araw na ito. Alam niyo naman ako, may pagka confused pa ang drama. Pero nainspire ako ng ilang speakers namin kanina sa TOYM Youth Leaders Forum that the Jaycees brought to ESA. But before the whole forum started, sir joel had a small recognition for us, Teenpreneur OrCom. We were given certificates of apreciation (which is actually a surprise to us dapat, pero nabuking ko last night, pero kunwari di ko na lang nakita. hahaha) and to the head OrComs, the Go Negosyo book. Though i gave mine to barry. so wala na ko ganun. Then, Sir Gi made a video presentation of the behind the scenes, a tribute like for us from him, sir joel, clarisse and caro. Wah. Shempre naman, medyo naluha ako, little tears in my eyes. hehehe. Shempre super na touch ako eh. Biruin niyo yun! hahaha. With the background music na Pop Goes My Heart! (ang istory kasi nun is nun nagsisimula pa lang kami sa aming mga meetings, eh medyo naaadik kami sa music and lyrics at sa mga kanta niyan, at sinasayaw sayaw pa namin ang Pop Goes. hehehe)

Then, TOYM awardees were our speakers for the afternoon.

First one was Leo Oracion, one of the first Filipinos who climb the Mt. Everest. TOYM awardee for sports. Nainspire ako sa sinabi niya kasi ng as of this moment, hindi ko na alam what i want. I don’t even have a dream. I don’t know what I want to do and what i want to become. He said, when we dream of something, like for him to climb Mt. Everest, we should get ourselves prepared with whatever obstacle we might face, strive hard to reach for that dream, sacrifice and lastly, when and if we already become successful in our dream, we shouldn’t forget to look back to the people who were along the path in obtaining that dream.

Second was our very own, Vivienne Tan.  TOYM awardee for education/entrepreneurship. She made kwento on her younger days, when she was still studying, when she was working while she was studying and didn’t receive any allowance from his dad. Naging responsible siya and faced the consequences of her decision. She took the risk. Just like what i think am gonna do, take the risk and be responsible and face what may happen to me. Sabi pa nga niya, we are different daw (kaming nag-aaral sa ESA) kasi hindi kami tulad ng ibang students na nagkakandarapa sa nursing just for a chance but we took the less traveled road which is entrepreneurship.

Third one was Atty. Mero Qiumbo, TOYM awardee n government services. Hmmm.. my bad coz i went to the cr nun time na ito. So di ko narinig ng buo yung sinabi niya, but i remembered him saying that we should give chance with the government, we should have faith in the government and that we should cooperate in the government.

And last but not the least, the person whom everyone’s waiting, TOYM awardee for contemporary music, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano. Todo!! Heavygat. hehehe.. Dati pa, idol ko na yun eh. Super ang galing galing niya kasi. Pero it’s the first time i heard him speak. And what can i say, i was inspired by him ng sobra. He’s the most Godfearing person i know. Sobrang pinaubaya niya talaga sarili niya kay God, lalo na ang health niya. And what ever he’s doing, it’s for Him. He said pa nga, hindi naman talaga daw siya si Mr. Pure Energy, but it’s really God. No matter what we do in life, there’s always a role that each of us play. We are all called for a specific purpose. His music, none of that were his dreams, but they all came true and he’s successful in that, what more pa yung mga taong may dreams who strive to achieve it. Tinamaan ako, kasi wala akong dream ngayon. Yung music, ang lakas daw ng power, it changes life, whatever profession ng isang tao, may music din yan, it would create a positive impact, uplift, build up, teach, touch and shine in the glory of God. He’s successful in his craft because he puts God in the center of it. What ever your goal/dream/strive for excellence for put God in it. And whatever will happen to that, whether it fails or not, it will still be excellent because God is in it. Some people are really really successful but they aren’t complete. Why? Because God is not in it.

And i leave it up to God, on whatever will happen to me, maybe it’s really destiny and that’s what He wants for me. Hindi ko alam if kaya ko, pero ang alam ko is kakayanin ko. And i found the answer. I think, THINK pa lang ah, na I know what I want na. Ang hindi ko na lang alam ngayon is, what?! But i’m not in a hurry, it’s a process, it can be learned. I may not be born with it, but i can learn it. I’ll just have to have the right drive, the passion and put God in it and I know, I’ll be able to make it.

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