my weekend.

FRiDAY. Feb 23.

Early morning bad trip.
Class. Worked on Teenpreneur stuff.

IDOL. Watched the indi film in skul with cat, gretz, rap, sha, rean, nikki, drew, mira and tin. VERY HILARIOUS. tamaan na ang mga tatamaan. aray. hahahaha. amp. eh required kasi most student in skul na manood nito eh. ako naman hindi, gusto ko lang manood. the best line: “i did not cheated!

MEGA. POWERBOOKS. Finally had the chance to reserve for my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows book that would be out by July, yes, and again in time for my birthday. While scanning books – because i was supposed to by Mates, Dates and chocolate cheats, but it’s not available then i saw the 4th book of the sisterhood of the travelling pants and i went to national to check on the mates book, but nakita ko naman ang 8th book of the princess diaries. Edi my reaction was really really surprised at nanlaki ang mata. Kasi those two are my favorite book series aside from HP. And i didnt know na magkakaron pa ng 4th and 8th book sila. Kasi i thought that the ones i have are the end of it na, especially with the travelling pants. I’m just so happy na malaman na meron pang kadugtong. And soon mapapasakamay ko rin yun.

Went to cavite to visit my lolo and lola and cousins and aunt and uncle and niece! hehehe… Coz we’re missing aki aka sky na. She’s now Sky, hindi na aki. And in a span of a week, nakakatuwa, tumaba na siya. And really growing fast. On the other hand, i haven’t seen my other niece, born a few days before Sky was born. Soon, i’ll see her. hehehe.

Watched Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maxino Oliveros. (had 2 indi films in a day ha…)

So, here are our two baby girls. Kim & Sky
Stefanie Jianne Kimberley (Feb 2) & Akira Francesca (Feb 11)

Well, actually, in my blog the day Kim was born, iba ang whole name niya pa nun, pinalitan na siya ng mas better. hehehehe…

Saturday. Feb 24.

still in cavite. baby sat Sky. Ate. Watched TV.

went home to manila.

Mega. went to mass. bought my 8th book of Princess Diaries. woot woot. waited for my mom and sister who had their hair cut. Ate Rotimum (a singaporean coffee bun).

Galle. Saw Isabel Blaesi, so happy to see her again. watched the Messenger.

went home. online. talked to Jill and benj, our very first 3-way convo c/o jill’s fone. hehehehe. it’s been a long time since we last had a long talk. hehehehe.. Dami chika at balita… weeeh…

slept at 3 am.

SUNDAY. Feb 25.

People Power Day.
it’s the day, 21 years ago, that i first moved inside my mom’s tummy.

food trip. Nagpadeliver kami sa Mcdo. Waited for 30 mnutes. Kamusta naman yun, pagdating dito, kakaiba yung food. Hindi yun yung inorder ko. Ang labo. haha. Edi i called Mcdo again, pinalitan naman nila yung inorder. Kaya ayan, ang dami naming food. hahaha. Yummy.

I finished na pala yung Spongebob na paper clay na bigay sakin ni mom and pap nun friday. thanks mom and pap. hahaha. Nakakangalay pala yun!

Nakakalahati ko na rin yung PD8 ko na book. weeh.

im watching PBB 2 right now. hehe. Ang gwapo ni Ezekiel. I can relate kay Gee-an. nakakatawa. Ako din supposedly meron na kong 19 year old twins – si Adam & Stef. Na literal na muka talagang baby – size and all. Kaso pinaampot ko na sa tita ko eh. Taz si Kim na dapat 13 na. Pero nakatago na siya since lumipat kami ng house. Shempre naman, si Muffy at Ollie ko. hehehe. Hay. Kaloka. Manonood nanaman ako nito for sure. hahahaha.

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