don’t wake me up from my sleep

sleep. sleep. sleep.

don’t wake me up from my sleep. sleep. sleep.

i’d rather sleep. sleep. sleep.

coz in my dreams, i have you.

so i’ll just sleep. sleep. sleep.


Then again, i should wake up from my sleep because in reality, i have work to do. And be in school for our meeting. And get stressed because of the pressure in doing the tarp for teenpreneur. And i’m not really good in photoshop. Just that ako lang kasi talaga ang marunong. Eh i’m not really good at that and ang dami ko pang kailangang matutunan na tricks. At hindi pa ako sanay using other people’s pc. I’d be more confortable doing some photoshopping if i’m using my own pc, using my mouse and sitting in my chair-slash-throne.

We- Gretz, Rap, Louie, Sir Gi and Lop went to mass kanina at Eastwood. Actually, nun end na namin kasama si Sir Gi and Lop kasi mahabang story. Well, anyway, it’s my first time to attend mass there kaya nag wish akow. x)

We went back to school after coz badminton sina mommy. I aslo watched the futsal games and played badminton for awhile. Hindi naman ako na-stress ngayon, kasi hindi ko naman naiintindihan yung game eh. hahahaha. Kasi first time ko lang din manood.

But then, i’d go home. Spend time here in my so called reality, the cyber world. Do my own thing here and in a few hours, i’d go back to my sleep coz in there, i have you.

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