woke up in tears

I woke up this morning in tears. As in i was crying. It’s because of my dream. I dreamt of my papa. Basta complicated kasi yung situation eh. And i ended up crying in my dream that’s the time i woke up and was in tears. Ano ibigsabihin pag ganun? To think na it’s his birthday yesterday pa. It’s related din kasi sa hindi namin pagkikita nun nagkaroon ng opportunity na magkita kami last summer sa california eh.

Pero pagwake up ko din na narealize ko na gising na talaga ako, at tingin sa aking fone eh, work agad ang bumulaga sa akin. hay naku! Kakaiba ang days this days. hehehehe. And I also have to do the invites for the bazaar on march pa.

And we have a meeting pa kanina. Too much information. hahahaha. Everything’s so hmmmm.. amazing? hmm… hindi eh.. i can’t find the right word to that. Ewan. Basta, sana in the end we would be able to accoplish everything, and i know we will. kami pa. there’s nothing we can’t do as long as we’re all together. “we’re all in this together” pa nga ang song namin diba. hahahaha.

Then the stressful basketball game gene and mike had awhile ago. hay naku. Super hindi na ko makahinga sa mga last points. grrrr…


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