the risk

Wah super bad trip, I was supposed to go with Mike and Gene to GK Bagong Silang to talk to the producer of our product. Pero hindi ako nagising, so hindi na ako nakasama. baaaad trip. Pero fine bukas na ako pupunta dun.

Remember my words of wisdom yesterday? And so, I did took “the risk” — pero wala.. It failed din. Okay lang. I wouldn’t know what will happen if I didn’t took the risk diba? Baka mamaya, biglang “okay” lang pala. Tapos, i didn’t took the risk. Edi isang malaking SAYANG at NAGSISI pa ako diba? Pero okay lang, ganun talaga. Nun time na yun naman, I was ready to receive the rejection part eh. Not really rejected naman eh. hehehehe. Yun lang naging ending. But then, at least I didn’t expect and I was prepared for that.

My ate ice and the baby, Akira Francesca will stay here in my house for a week. And it means, I have no room for the time being. Kamusta naman ako! hehehehe. Where will i stay. Yay. I guess, dun ako sa room ng sister ko magsleep. hehehe. Siya kaya yung first baby na

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