little treasures…

Wala ako sa mood magtula tula ngayon ano. Pero I have one in mind or two pa nga eh. Pero hindi ko pa siya napoprocess ng matino pero kakaiba ito. hahaha.

We sorta have a “reunion” today. Well, because of Julie. Seska, Deo, Angel and I went to her house to you know, damayan siya. And of course, her besty, Angel arrived too. Haven’t seen them for like more than a year? Angel Mateo, last april 2005 pa her debut, Angel Gueco & Julie during Angel’s 18th bday in 2005 and Deo, my birthday last year. And it’s sad na ngayon pa kami sa gantong paraan magkita kita. Biglaan. Pero yan ang friendship talaga. Not because we don’t see each other and we don’t usually text, it doesn’t mean na we’re not friends anymore. In times like this, i know there’s always someone who’ll always be there for you.

know what, isa sila sa mga super tagal ko ng friends, St. Paul Days, and these type of friends are the ones that are really hard to find. Coz even with no communication, you still feel the fire of friendship burning inside. nax. love you guys. Everything’s gonna be alright. mwa. till we see each other again. mwa…

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