Drew Barrymore marathon

When we fall in love the emptiness drifts away because you find someone with whom you’ll live forever with

How do you know that he’s the right one? It is when you envision yourself being wwith someone you can see yourself growing old with

All I want is someone to hold me and tell me that everything’s going to be alright

— All from The Wedding Singer

It’s like years since I last watched Wedding Singer and Never Been Kissed. But when I watched it again today, it’s like i’m watching it for the first time. I still feel kilig when Adam Sandler actually sang ‘Grow Old with You‘ in the airplane to Vegas. It still knocks me off my feet seeing Drew and his guy kissing in the center of the baseball stadium. Not to mention, I also watched Ever After earlier and 50 First Dates today. And of course, what can I say, kahit isang milliong beses ko pa yun panoorin hinding hindi ako masasawa. It’s my ever favorite movie – lovestory (other than, 13 going on 30 ha). It makes me believe in falling in love. nax. haha.

So much for my Drew Barrymore marathon today. I’m still not done coz i still have 3 more of her movies in my list to watch. Plus I’m excited to watch her upcoming movie, Music & Lyrics with one of my favorite actors Hugh Grant (same as with Adam Sandler na ultimate fave ko). Wala lang, super favorite actress ko kasi siya eh, aside from Natalie and Reese. x)

Caught up in this LOVE BUG. Kasi naman kasi naman. Lapit na mag Araw ngmga Puso. hahaha. Don’t worry I’m so smiling today. as in grabe lang. hahaha.

Dilaw ang mukha
at madaming ginagawa
kamusta ka kaya?
masaya na ako
na ika’y nakikita ko
pero mas sumaya ako
nun kinausap mo ako
Umaalog alog alog
Tumatalbog talbog talbog
Kumakabog kabog kabog
ang puso kong sumasabog
sumasabog sa saya
iba na itong nadarama
kakaiba talagang ligaya
Hay, gud nyt na!

hahaha. yung three lines jan, inspired by Willie’s new song na pinapatugtog ngayon sa Wowowee. hahaha… Sorry for borrowing it. Yan lang ang feeling ng puso ko ngayon. hahaha.

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