i used to believe…..

In our exl5 class yesterday, we had this poem making with the lines, “I used to believe.. and then i learned more“… here’s what i was able to make…. Cat & Mike.. post niyo sa comments yung sa inyo! =)

i used to believe in fairytales and fantasies
that my prince charming would come and rescue me
and then, i learned more

(ito yung totoo……)

i used to believe that we will be an “US”
but I guess, we will be forever a “YOU” and “ME”
and then, i learned more


i used to believe that i’m an ugly duckling
but i am a beautiful swan all along
and then, i learned more

(ito trip trip lang!!!!!)

i used to believe in everything that you say
but then you left and ran away
and then, i learned more

(ito hindi ko ito gawa, gawa ito ng bestilicious ko)

actually, madami pa ito eh, may 4 pa kay mike, tapos kay cat meron pang iba. but hindi ko maremember yung iba eh. hehehe.. sayang naka compile sana dito. after that part of the class, we were sorta oriented with our latest project. OO, tama me bago nanaman kaming project. NAX. haha. Bagong pagbubuhusan ng dugo’t pawis, pagod at pagmamahal. nax. ito ang Teenpreneur Challenge. Next week ko na lang ito ieelaborate sa launching nito. =) after class, nagka meeting pa kami abt dito.

then, we went to Galle, kaming 4 lang. as usual… food trip at Cafe ‘d Angelo. Then, watched Agent X44. Our most awaited movie for the week. Ay grabe super tawa lang ng tawa. Favorite namin na part yung natutulog si Pokwang in her room na naka underwear lang. Tapos yung dumating si Junior Eskaliber aka Mura nasinabayan pa namin yung lines na “look at you, Pikachu” sabay tawa. hahahaha.

we went to CHeers for the despedida of Ces. We sang songs, lots of songs, Juana (don’t say goodbye…) was even in the house, ang cool. and of course we had our pictures taken with cessie who’s leaving for Uk tomorrow to pursue her dreams of finishing abroad.

i’ve class today. I thought pa nga wala yung teacher namin eh. buti dumating. but there’s only 3 of us in class, bridget, Jp and me. And we wont have class on saturday. buti na lang, in time for the launching of Teenpreneur!

oh.. happy birthday bosschief! — we already greeted him last night. haha. Narinig niya nanaman ang maiingay. kinantahan kasi namin. hahaha.

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