message for Kareli’s 20th

Home Girl ako today. Linis sa room. Sound Trip. I started reading Angels and Demons na rin, mag 2 years na siya sakin. wala kasi ako time magbasa eh. so now, ito na siya 🙂

shopping tomorrow. wootwoot! i mean, LATER!!!

one month na lang…… =)

I met K online, sa MIRC. woot woot. MIRC days pa. I was introduced to her by a common friend. And this was the early days of her career. She’s humble, madaldal, makulit, mabait and very sweet. Online buddies turned real friends kami. Biruin niyo ang tagal na nun, March 2003 pa? if i’m not mistaken… Heto, pa rin siya, even if super sikat na niya, BIG STAR in her own little way.. she’s the same Karla Ysabel I met before. A very good friend of mine. Hindi pa rin siya nagbabago. We may have not seen each other for a long time na rin, we may not talk as often as friends do, I know she’s still kareli 🙂 And i’m lucky and blessed to have such a good friend like her. (Waaaah ang tagal tagal na ng picture natin na yan K.. I think that’s our last picture together, August 2005 pa yan GRABE! nun natanggal si Carlo & Vane sa Qpids..)

happy birthday K.. wala na ko mawish sayo, you’ve already got everything. alam ko na, stable career and more and more projects to come. I’m glad that your DREAMS are finally coming true. And i hope wag ka magbago. Stay as you are K, you’re loved like that. Wish to see you very very soon. love yah. ~ Margz

Kaya friends, abangan niyo siya as Gabrielle Montez sa Asian premiere of Highschool Musical ha? K, i promise to watch 🙂 mwa.

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