Done at last. Pissed as Hell.

yesterday, me and show plus kitkat were at val’s place to finish our ads for creative writing. we even went to Shang to shoot for our TV ad. hehe. So cool.

Then, show and I went to Sir Joel’s place na for the exl6 party he hosted. it’s quite early pa, around 7:30pm, we don’t wanna be too early and be the first ones to arrive that’s why we drove around the village for so many times that we already memorized the streets and all. When Clarisse texted me that they’re there, that’s when we finally went to Sir’s place. Not knowing there were already a lot of people there. hahaha. so much for not wanting to be the first ones to arrive. hahahaha. sayang nga eh, cathy weren’t there, wala tuloy siya sa family video that Clarisse took for the video for the christmas party tomorrow. tinatamad kasi eh. BOP.

So, today, finally, we were able to have our creative writing presentation. an applause to my groupmate val because she did almost all the work. sorry because i’m a little help. but we did okay with out presentation. I didn’t even fnish the class, i went to OSA na to do the thing with the Xmas party. hehehe. that’s more i like it.

and yeah, i’m pissed as hell. i don’t care if you’re gonna read this but i hate what you did.  sana you just told me that you can’t do it na. OR sana you told me kanina na wala naman talaga ikaw pa nagawa, hindi yung sinabi mo na it’s already done and that you’ll just email it to me when you get home. imagine i waited for 3 fucking hours, wala naman pala akong iniintay. sa lahat kasi ng ayoko yung ganun eh. i understand naman na you have a lot of work to do, kaya nga when you said kanina na it’s done na, nagulat ako. natuwa naman ako kasi it’s done na nga diba. so no worries na. yun pala, yung done na yun eh wala naman pala talaga. right? grabe super bad trip ako. wala namang problema din sakin yung kung hindi mo ko matutulungan, pero you said YES eh.

whatever. nawalan na ako ng gana. super duper bad trip.

oh yeah, finally, i’m done with term 3- 2006.

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