certified social entrep na talaga…….

Very early to school to meet up with my classmates in exl6 because we’re going to GK Baseco. There were only the 6 of us – me, gretz, pap, jr, maynard and richard plus halmen and jaja. We bought BIG BREAKFAST at Mcdo. hehehehe. Then, after 1 and a half drive to BASECO, we finally arrived. We had a small discussion first at the community center then we went to the house of the parang leader of the cluster. We stayed there while waiting for berna and lara who have the food we were supposed to eat for lunch. Tapos we made christmas lanterns, that’s actually our agenda, we thought we would be working and build houses. hindi pala. we made 12 parols. and it’s so cute. Sir Joel and Ms. Vivien also went there 🙂 We also spent time with families there. My family was also the one i had when i first went to BASECO, the one where tam and i stayed before. So, cool. wala lang. kasi shempre, kahit papano, at home na ako sa kanila. hehehehe. it’s so nice to meet them again, yeah, after 5 months. ito pang nakaka-aliw, hinahanap ko yung place where we were dropped off before, hind ko makita, pagtingin ko nakatayo na pala yung bahay. wahahahahaha. cool ano!? and there’s Starbucks na there. though it’s not called Starbucks. it’s called bayani coffee. but the price is the same as Starbuck’s and everything in there and the coffee itself are all from Starbucks. But ESA will run that coffeeshop na. so cool. that’s where the money we got from the bazaar will go. Hindi ko pa alam kung ano pa ilalagay dun basta part na yan dun. kaya ayan. pauwi. bagsak. tulog. oh well, i still had fun making the parols. kahit na, ampf. napagalitan. hahaha. wala. ang sarap talaga ng feeling helping others in our own little way. certified social entrep na talaga ah. haahahaha….

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