a long daaaaaaaaay

I went to school an hour earlier than what caro told us. wala lang. hehe. just wanna be early. hmm. but around 12 kami umalis ng school to go to the GK site, Concepcion Village in Makati. Me, Ces and JP sumabay kay martin and barry. plus kasama din namin si sir gian. tapos, ayun nga, nagpark kami sa shopwise cubao then MRT to boni. grabe it took us two hours before kami makarating sa GK site. kasama na waiting hours ah, kasi shempre yung iba nawawala wala pa. wala lang. sana pinayagan na lang kasi kami mag car. edi sana, hindi nasayang yung 2 hours. eh there’s nothing wrong naman with what they wanted us to do, shempre para matuto and para ma-feel namin yung hirap or something. pero wala lang, super nasayang lang yung 2 hours. san madami na nagawa. hay.

one hour pa before kami nakabalik sa school. and another hour before kami nakarating sa Cardinal Santos, kasi we visited Kelvin. naka confine dun. aww. sana gumaling na siya, kasi miss na namin siya and ang dami na niyang namimiss na class eh. then more than an hour before kami nakabalik sa eastwood. meron kasi ako meeting with Schela and people from GK eh, para sa program namin sa Tiende Bazaar. Then, nagkita na ulit kami nina JP and Ces then naligo kami sa house kasi naman super lagkit na talaga namin. hahahaha.

Taz dinaanan namin sina Show sa Eastwood and then we went to Ayala Heights na for the Stamm/NLDS reunion. Took us another hour to get there. eh, we haven’t eaten dinner yet, so after we drop show there, we went to Mang Jimmy’s first and ate dinner. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy. kaso wala yung favorite ko dun eh. hmmm. then, another hour, 10 pm na kami nakarating dun. Chillax lang sa party and puro photo op. hahaha. wala lang just good to see them again. 🙂

Home at 1 am. Online till 4 am. Asleep till 12 noon. hehehehe.

kumusta naman ako ano?

happy birthday Renz, Pauleen and Mika.

…november 10…

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