Too much Happiness

grabe pala ako. pag sumobra yung kasiyahan. kung ano ano ang pinaggagagawa at pinagsasasabi. kakaiba ako. ngayon ko lang yun nalaman. bagong trivia about me. hahaha. Nasobrahan sa kakulitan. Nasobrahan sa kasiyahan. Nasobrahan sa kagalakan. kakaiba talaga ako. the Unique is with me talaga. ^_________________________________^

Kumain ako ng Arroz Cubana ng Jollibee kanina. Ang tagal ko na kasing niki crave yun eh. Tapos ang tagal ko na gustong tikman. Kasi it’s been years since i last ate that one, favorite ko siya dati actually but hindi marunong magluto ng ganun dito eh. tapos the first time i ate that was when we cooked it in school, i don’t remember when, but i think ng grade 4? not sure talaga. ayun, super sarap nun ganun namin dati. That’s why when i ate the one in Jollibee, hindi ako natuwa. Yeah, masarap, pero sabakan mo na ng banana nila, hindi na masarap, ang tigas kasi nan banana eh. i was disappointed yun lang.

OO na, yes. I am PBoX season 2’s OCP. I decided na kanina. Pagkatapos ako pilitin ni Ces, hahaha. JOKE. Kasi kagabi, before I finally agreed, I asked some close friends. Then, kasama na dun yung sign na hinihingi ko. sa aking kinagulat, dumating yung sign na hinihingi ko. HALA. wala na akong nagawa. Sign yun eh, and i asked that one kay God. So, HELP ME GOD. hehe. I know naman, JP and Ces wouldn’t leave me. They’ll always be there to guide me and to help me with everything. DIBA? Shempre, not only them, Cathy, Gretz and the rest of the team. I know I’ve Got there Back. as always. =)

Wah. hahaha. naalala ko lang kanina, nun Bus Law namin, Grabe! Ganto kasi yun, mga 3 meetings na ata ako hindi nakaka-attend, kami ni cat ha. well, excused naman kami sa mga yun. Kasi dahil yun sa mga meetings ng Tiende bazaar namin. Na super fast approaching na. TWO WEEKS to GO. Oopss.. ayun nga, pag enter namin ni Cat ng classroom, nag abot si sir nan quiz questionnaire. sobrang OHMY. it’s okie lang sana eh, knowing na open notes naman, pero naman naman!! wala akong dalang study guide at book ano!!! okay lang sana eh, madali lang if we were present. hahaha. pero ayun, we got to answer din naman, borrowed Sir’s book and Saki’s studyguide. hehehehe.

i had a chance to talk to one of who i call my “KUYA” in my life. We may have not met personally, since he’s not here in the Philippines, he’s always been so good to me… as much as he’s family was good to me too. He’s family were the ones i was able to spend time with, and who i really met first. He said so many kind words despite of what had happened, he may believe me or he may not, but still he still a kuya to me, when we chatted a while ago. here’s few words that he said that i love the most…. “That’s really nice of you…at the end of the day, the fights that you win are the ones that you walk away from. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the time and the trouble to argue/fight with someone. It makes you a better person than her. you’ve grown up a lot though (pertaining to my avatar dito sa friendster). you should travel as much as you can while you’re still young and single. there’s new places to explore, new people to meet…consider yourself lucky that you have the opportunity to travel… after you graduate, explore the world for a while. it’s time to break the cocoon and spread your wings…lol I’m pretty sure that you’ll have a good time” These kind words meant a lot to me. We also talked about fun stuff like diving and Bohol and he regrets that we weren’t able to meet when he went back here last christmas. haay. i really appreciate this and this kind words means a lot to me. =)

well, too much happiness, may kapalit din pala… si bestilicious called kanina, her tito died na daw. He’s been suffering na rin for months. He was even saved by Arielle, cathy’s chow chow. Kasi last August, Arielle died eh. Eh sobrang healthy naman niya. May superstition na if a dog died daw me nililigtas na life ng someone in the family. eh that time daw muntik na daw yung tito ni cat eh, biglang umokay pa. hay. so sad. my condolences to the Dy family or Santos Family. im not sure if mother or father side ni cathy yun eh. pero ayun nga. At least yung tito niyo hindi na mahirapan diba? He’s now in good hands and he’ll take care of each and everyone in your family na. Just be strong for each and everyone in the family na lang. and let’s Pray for your tito’s soul. *hugs for my best*

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