thank God i’m still alive

Ang sad ko kagabi, kasi na-expell na si kuya RJ sa PDA. Siya lang yung reason kung bakit i watch once in a while nun. I don’t usually watch it eh. He shouldn’t be the one na na-expell. nakakainis. Even my mom said he’s good.


Ang weird ng dream ko. sobrang kakaiba. Feeling ko tuloy ako si Elizabeth aka Reese Witherspoon of Just Like Heaven aka one of my favorite movies. Ring a bell? yeah, i died and i am a ghost. No one sees me except my nieces, the little girls, who don’t know how to talk yet. Nobody knows that i am dead. I still do my regular routine- wake up sleep, text, go online, go to school, etc. It’s really sad that i try to talk to the people i love and no one listens to me, understands me, feels me and sees me. It’s so sad to be alone. Also in my dream, I went to Disneyland, I was quote and quote enjoying and having the time of my life. again. I was with my family that time. I sat with my sister in the Dumbo ride but she’s ignoring me. I was buying this balloon for my niece, Sam, but i can’t hold the string and the vendor can’t see me. What the hell, I’m really really sad with my dream. I don’t want to die this early, i still have so many things to do, wanting to do and dreams yet to be fulfilled. I still want to love and be loved, that happening in the same time.

And if i die, i don’t want to be a ghost. =( i want to be an angel. hehehehe

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