love is when you learn to be unselfish

Life is indeed full of contradictions. Sometimes it’s crazy to be sane, you need to fall to fly, people suffer because you care.. You have to unlearn to know the lesson, you have to give up because you are strong, you have to be wrong to make things right. Nonetheless, life’s complexities are also life’s source of beauty. We should cry to laugh again, fall apart to be whole again, and get hurt to love again.”

I definitely agree. diba, i cried and cried muna before i was able to get to smile again naturally, hindi yung pilit na kailangan hindi ko ipakita na sad ako. Kailangan ko ring pumlakda’t sumubsob sa sahig para makatayo ulit sa bagsak na yun. Ngayon nasaktan ako, natuto akong magmahal muli. Unselfishly, i let go kasi yun ang tama, dun siya masaya. I let go and showed how strong I am to face everything. May nagsasabi sakin, ‘kinaya mo yun?’ sabi ko oo, shempre. kakayanin ko ang lahat, kasi yun ang dapat. Tulad din ng quote ni gretz sakin, “Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak; instead, it proves that you are strong to let go of things that are important to you. Love’s not what makes you complete but it’s when you learn to be unselfish.” Then again, i’d repeat, I’ll always smile because THAT happened 🙂

An excerpt from Meg Cabot’s Teen Idol:

And I knew. Just like that.
     Well, not just like that. I mean, my heart did some pretty serious turning over in my chest. And suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Those were pretty strong indicators.
It’s just that at that moment, I finally knew what they were indicators of:
     That I was in love with Scott Bennett. That I had been in love with him my whole life, practically. Suddenly, all of these images flashed before my campfire-dazzled eyes: Scott’s name above mine on the check-out card for The Andromeda Strain; Scott getting out of his car in the parking lot, years alter, that day we left for the retreat; Scottlifting me towards that log; Scott going over my ad copy layout; Scott chasing me around the Chi Chis’ parking lot with that bucket; Scott helping me rescue Betty Ann…
     And i knew. I finally knew. What Trina had known all along. Luke too, apparently.
But until that moment, I’d had no idea.
But I did now.

You know why I put the excerpt here? I just love that part. Because ang tagal bago nareailze ni Jen, the bida, na she is inlove with the guy. hehe. Parang ako. Yun nga lang hindi parehas yung naging ending namin. siya happy sakin, wag na itanong. Pero parehas kami ng way how we realized it. XD naaliw ako dun. PERO. wala na ito. wala na. kakatapos ko lang kasing basahin yung book kanina eh. kaya ayun inilagay ko dito.

Now, why am i this ^________________________^ happy????? Because i got my Princess Diaries 7th book. I didn’t know na meron na pala dito nun. Buti na lang i brought enough money kanina. Kaya nabili ko siya. I’m so happy talaga!!!!

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