blessed is me who has friends who love me dearly

the not muchly needed me arrived earliest, at exactly 11 am at eastwood. we have a lunch meeting for the jobsdb, i won’t be able to make it there because the event falls may 3 and 4. i just joined the meeting because i just want to see my friends. 🙂 Even if i have to wake up early, wake them up and have first day funk syndrome i still manage to join them. why? because i can’t help not seeing them. since they weren’t at Dencio’s, our homebase, i just strolled around eastwood. i’ll miss eastwood a lot. i’ll miss the cinemas, Dencio’s, Big Chill, Teriyaki Boy, Powerstation, citywalk, lahat talaga mamimiss ko. na-sad tuloy ako. when i was tired, i took a sit near the atms and waited for my friends there. Kelvin and Cathy arrived 50 minutes later then we went to Dencio’s to find Nikki, our new recruit already waiting there. Ces and Mike arrived 10 minutes after. we ordered our food, no sisig this time, as we were kinda stuffed with it already, even though it’s our favorite. not this time please. Gene arrived. we waited for our orders. cathy and i suddenly had a Big Chill craving. we went to the cinemas to find the still closed big chill. i was so sad because didn’t even have a chance to have a taste of my favorite drink before i leave. the disappointed us just went to fruitas to buy our shakes then went back to Dencio’s. a couple of minutes later the food arrived and we ate gloriously. JP arrived the last. forever na lang late. hmpf! okay, i was just glad to have my last lunch with my closest friends- even if kulang sila, no gretz and ej 😦 at my favorite restaurant, at my favorite place, eastwood.

next stop is our school, ESA. and i’m proud?. haha. hindi, basta, ano.. ayun nga, we just stayed at the lib while waiting for jp, gene and nikki because they have to talk to sir ed. when, finally they arrived, we had the meeting. we left past 3 because they have another agenda- the jobsdb prep sem. i won’t be able to join them anymore because my PF are also coming and i am not really needed. jp, gene and cathy brought me home before they went to ortigas.

Aimee and Kix arrived at four. As usual, kwentuhan, binulatlat again yung treasure box ko nung highschool. laughed at all the letters that kix made me. Then, we watched Little Manhattan with matching chips and coke. Seska arrived few minutes after the movie started. another late noh? then, budi and i went to the store in front of my house to buy halo-halo (and also, indian mango because cathy was craving it earlier). after the movie, kwentuhan lang kami while waited for Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition to start.

after that, we ate dinner, we haven’t even started, kix needed to go na. so, we stopped eating first and accompanied kix to get a cab. then seska and the aimee na malakas ang trip ay nagsabi na dun kami dumaan sa street na ayaw ko sanang daanan dahil baka may makita akong hindi ko dapat makita. sa di inaasahang pagkakataon, nakita ko nga ang hindi ko dapat makita. hindi ko nga sinasabi na ako ay aalis na, nasabi ko tuloy. nakakainis. anyway, at least, nakita ko naman si Gian na napagkamalan kong si matt. ang hindi ko maintindihan ay nanjan na yung gustong resbakan ni ses at budi, hindi din nila nagawa. talaga naman. hahahaha. ayan na nga eh. wala pa kayong ginawa. literally, inikot namin ang aking subdivision hanggang makauwi sa bahay nang biglang magtext si kix na nasa megamall na daw siya. nakakatawa, pinalipad yung taxi? naunahan pa niya kami. we finished our food and kix texted again na nasa house na siya. kix? si darna ka ba? we just rested for a while, then hinatid ko naman si ses at aimee.

30 minutes after, Cathy, Gene and Mike arrived from the jobsdb prepsem. we stayed at the lanai and they ate dinner. then, Gian and JV went to my house to say goodbye. nyak ang drama. we MIGHT not see each other na kasi when i get back because they’re going somewhere. An hour after, jp, ces and coni arrived with a Yellow Cab. so much for missing my favorites huh? they called it a night at around 12:30 am.

i’m so overwhelmed with happiness knowing that my friends would surely miss me. kaya guys, promise to text me, so that i won’t feel that sad for missing you all okay? thanks for all the love from my prettyfriends and my grrkada for i love you all as well and as much as i love… toot. joke lang… myself. hehe.. panget. pero basta mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat. even though, masaya toh, vacation, there is still one side of me that doesn’t want to leave because i’d really miss you all.

that’s it for my ‘despedidas’… so much for the drama. anyway, it’s only a month. hahaha.. one month lang pala noh? kala niyo yung drama ko eh hindi na ako babalik. hindi ko pa ata kayang hindi bumalik eh. 🙂

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