enrollment na

i was supposed to enroll for t2-06, but then, my request forms needs to be signed. i fixed my schedule for next term. i’m going to enroll 5 subjects only. i’m not too underload this term. haha. funny as it could be, my classes would only be every tuesday, late in the afternoon, for ITM. even if it’s too late, and i would surely be too lazy to go to school, i know i won’t because i’m with my friends, yes. not only ces and gretz.. but also with jp and gene. and my next class would be every saturday, lunch time. that’s my only schedule. WOW. i’m too busy next term. haha. so, how about my other 3 subjects? independent study na kasi yun eh. i already took those subjects in my previous terms. but because of my kapabayaan at kalokohan, i dropped the other one, i wasn’t qualified in the other one and i didn’t take the UCLES of the other one. stupid noh? nagsayang lang ng oras. I SWEAR I WON’T THIS TIME.

it’s confirmed, may 15 ang start ng classes. may 15… papunta pa lang ako ng LA. 18 days pa lang ako sa america. may nalalabi pang 16 days. AT ibigsabihin nun, absent ako. nakakainis. uy, nainis? pero diba, sinusubukan kong maging matino sa class na sinimulan ko last term pa. sana lang pagpasok ko maintindihan ko pa rin yung lesson. hehe. isa din toh sa reason ko kung bakit ako mag-iindependent studies eh. kasi if hindi,. patay. sayang ang 7,500 ng isang subject. yung dalawang naka enroll ako, walang problema dun. swak na swak lang. yun nga lang, hindi na ako pwede mag cut. sa tingin ko naman hindi na ako mag cut eh. hehe. baka batukan lang ako ng mga barkada ko.

punta kami kina JP-ces, me, gene & cathy. nagbonding. kumain. yellow cab. sarap. natulog. tapos, i have to go home na, kaya hinatid nila ako. hehehe. KJ ako eh. kasi naman mommy ko.

ito ako ngayon, kain popcorn. bored. haha.

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