time to study!!!!

today’s goal was to study for my UCLES on the 8th of April. but i wasn’t able to do it. as i was online and uploading pictures this morning, i was also chatting with cathy and gene. cathy was in her house and gene was in school, waiting for jp who was at that time, not yet finish taking his progtest. gene wants me to go to school because us two and jp will be going daw to cathy’s house. cathy will cook for us daw before she leave for masbate tomorrow morning. i was too lazy to go to school and i’m supposed to study but then, hindi ko natiis eh. sabi ko, sunduin na lang nila ako. and they did. Cathy cooked Bicol express for gene, na nasarapan din ako kahit na hindi pa ako nakakakain ng ganun, lumpiang shanghai for me and soup for JP. grabe super busog kami. we just sang our favorites the whole day with matching pag-guitar ni gene at pag-beatbox ni jp. we even recorded some. haha. kwentuhan. picture picture. and kantahan. till nag-aya na ako umuwi after gulong ng palad. kasi i really have to go home na and study. shempre hinatid na nila ako. ang kulit ng day ko noh? walang magawa eh. sakit nga ng ulo ko ngayon eh. haha. naku, mas sasakit pa ito tomorrow dahil todo study na ako nito. kailangan eh. for sure hindi ako makak-concentrate niyan pag nagtetest na kami. buwahaha. good luck na lang sa akin noh.

happy birthday to my cousin, Claudean Navarro. 🙂

i got this one in friendster.. might as well post it here too. 🙂

For every letter in the alphabet, put the name of the first person who comes to mind and what you think about them.

AimeeSanchez: she’s my bestfriend since highschool, from prettyfriends. we have a lot in common, sobrang parehas pati sa taste ng bikinis. hehe.. she’s very smart and talented. you’ll never have a dull moment when she’s around. i love you forever

BeaDedicatoria: she’s one of my closest friends in uap, she’s so smart and a good leader. very dedicated.

CathyDy: she’s my bestfriend in college, we’ve been together through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, from uap to thames. i love her so much.

DreanSabuco: he’s one of my childhood friends, very maabilidad and a very responsible son and a caring kuya.

EfrenBeliran: he’s one of my closest friends in uap, he’s a very friendly guy and very smart especially in math

FayeCirineo: she’s one of my closest friends in highschool. she’s so smart especially in math. she’s so mahinhin. hehehe…

GretchDeleon: she’s another college bestfriend. she’s my mommie gretch in our grrkada. she’s a good speaker. she’s game in doing a lot of things. she loves papap so much.

HazelCañita: she’s one of my closest friends in highschool. she loves purple. she hates chinitas. she’s my seatmate for almost forever in 4th year. she’s smart.

IsahPons: she’s my cousin. we have the same course. i think she’ll become a wonderful director someday.

JillYulo: she’s a very good actress, very talented, very sweet, totoong tao, she’s my bbyjill. she loves alwyn so much. happy 9th month!

KixDeleon: she’s one of my bestfriends since highschool, prettyfriends. she has really good fashion sense. she’s into pink. she’s very creative and smart. she’s very romantic.

LoraineTuazon: she’s one of my bestfriends since highschool, prettyfriends. she’s very sporty and smart. she’s maabilidad. she’s really masunurin sa parents niya. hahaha.

MitchLim: she’s one of my bestfriends since highschool, prettyfriends. she’s smart and talented and she’s really creative.

NicoleSamaco: she’s my one year old cousin and godchild. she’s a very jolly baby. she loves to smile and laugh. i see myself in her because i look like her when i was still at her age.

OnengSollestre: he’s one of my childhood friends. he’s my kinakapatid. he used to play the drums in his band. he used to be CHICBOY but then nagbago na siya. he’s responsible and caring brother.

Pal: marlontan. he’s my pal. nasakanya na ang lahat. he’s perfect. haha. magaling gumawa ng poems. nasa UK na siya.


RapRagodon: papap is my daddy in our grrkada. he’s very tahimik. he’s musically inclined. he loves my mommie gretch so much.

SakkiRomano: she’s my very pretty niece. she’s very smart and pwedeng mag artista. hehehe..

TeamStucky: they’re my friends in ua&p. astig and solid sila. hehe.. love ko yang mga yan.


VanessaGrindrud: she’s a good actress. she’s going back to norway soon. she’s very sweet and caring. she’s like a sister to me. balik na siya norway 😦

WynUytingco: he’s a very good actor. he’s a great dancer. he sings well too. very sweet. totoong tao, masaya kasama, he loves my bbyjill so much. happy 9th month!

Xyla: i met her at candymag. she’s a cool ate to us younger teentalkers. she’s good in advicing especially when it comes to health concerns since nurse siya.

YummyLedesma: one of my first few friends in thames. she loves music. she’s cool and smart.


baka may mga magtampo jan ha? lalo na si ces at seska. love ko pa din kayo… hindi ko kayo nalagay kasi isa-isa lang eh. mwa.

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