i hate it when they are like that!

For me, it’s okay to sleep for another hour after my cellphone alarms. hahaha. dapat one hour eh noh? naubos ko nanman yung snooze. kasi ganun talaga ako pagnapapasarap sleep ko eh. i actually woke up four times before i was supposed to wake up because my cellphone keeps on beeping. i received messages from jen and karla, greeting me -about yesterday’s post. i just read it and forced my self to sleep again because i’m still too sleepy.

ces and i planned to meet in school at 12 noon, supposedly at the 2nd floor of our library. she isn’t allowed to leave that place until i arrive because her demented cellphone crashed yesterday. on my way to school, i received a text message from our teacher that she won’t be able to see us today because she still have yaya problems. foine- we understand. as long as she told us earlier. at least we don’t have to go to school anymore. when i arrived at school, we met up with some friends because ces has to get their payments for our airfare to bohol. then, Ces, Ej and me waited for Cathy to arrive and then she dropped us off at megamall.

we went to semicon to have ces’ fone fixed. then, we ate at Cavana. then, we went to St. Francis Square to check on some clothes we can use at Bohol. turned out that Ces had a mini shopping spree and swore not to buy anything until Bohol’s done. as if kaya niya? hahaha. mine’s only this pink kikay skirt, and it is soo me and a black tube top. hihi. gotta shop next time.. it’s not my time now. hahaha.

Then, we went to Metrowalk to buy a copy of Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line. we went home to watch Brokeback. finally!!!!! napanood ko na din siya. wala lang. ew. okay lang. ewan.

kanina, my mom texted me when will my class end daw. i asked why. then she said that they were planning for our US Trip. nainis ako. kasi they already set the date na april 29 na eh. tapos biglang they were asking me when my class ends. eh shempre since sinabi na nila, a month ago pa, na 29 ang alis namin, may mga naka-plan na sa mga remaining days ko dito. shempre sino bang hindi maiinis dun diba? oo nga for us naman yun pero kung sa kanila kaya gawin yung ganun shempre sila din maiinis diba? i hate it when they are like that talaga!

nakakabanas. alam niyo naman siguro yung feeling na napakaganda ng araw mo tapos bigla na lang masisira before mag-end ang day. i really really hope i’ll have a nice day tomorrow even though, basta. siguro naman i will diba? okay i think i have to leave na muna and read my report on Media Comm about Media and Politics. wish me luck 🙂

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