good bye cUrse works! see you next term!

finally! i’m done with my four courseworks! it’s all printed na and ready to pass on the 20th. i’m so free. free as a batafly. hehehe. oops. not. i still have one more report to do in my Media Comm class. foine. i am almost done with T1-06.

as usual, i overslept again kanina. but then, i wasn’t late in my Media Comm class. i was even too early. hehe. we just had reporting. i wasn’t able to do mine coz i thought it’s done na. so, i’m doing mine sa last meeting day namin, which is on thursday. i went home right after my class. i finished my print prod coursework, the cd jacket and the paper about it. i was really rejoicing because i’m done. and na-beat ko pa deadline ko. sabi ko two days ago, tomorrow pa right? pero i finished it today!


so, ganun na lang ba talaga palagi? hindi kami nakakapagbatian sa tamang araw? ganun ba yun? hahaha. actually, february pa lang, ready na kami ni jen sa day na ito. ewan ko ba’t nagkalimutan nanman. haha. i’m so sorry i forgot to greet you guys. i am sure kayo din lahat. hehe. kasi kung hindi, nag-greet kayo sa YG natin. haha. well, we still have next year diba? hehehe.

“Distance Isn’t a Barrier for a Friendship that would Last Forever”

ehem, i actually coined that line for the new page Jen and i started for KKG. actually, hindi na namin ito natapos. pero tatapusin din namin yun. soon.

so, sino ba sila sa buhay ko? I met these girls mga 2002 sa berks yahoogroup na ni start ni kat. kung sino mang nakakakilala sa akin ng sobra, alam dapat niyo na sobrang minahal ko ang Berks barkada. as in the show in ABS-CBN, 2-3 years ago. =p But we started being as KKG, march 13, 2003. after that? history na. hehehe. they’ve been few of my most trusted friends. they’ve always been there for me in happy or in sad times. basta ang masasabi ko lang, hindi man kami magkakasama sa isang country, hindi man kami nakakagimik, hindi man kami madalas mag-usap (dati super lahat na lang ng araw na ginawa ng Diyos magkausap kami, kaso busy-busyhan na sa mga kung ano-anong bagay ngayon eh)– pero mag REUNION naman tayo soon. We’ll always be friends no matter what. for ONE DAY we would all be together. hehehe.. and i am hoping to see the three of you in May. ‘Wag niyo akong bibiguin. hehehe. love you all, Karla, Karen, Maian, Jen and Margz  will be forever. muah. thank God i have you guys….ü

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