No Ranting Today

i have been relaxing the moment i woke up til i prepared for school. our yaya did my nails and massaged it. i prepared for school 30 minutes before my class starts (my class is at 3). i was in a rush because i don’t want to be late even if it is okay. i took a cab. to my dismay, our teacher wasn’t there yet. the worst is, she isn’t coming. hmmp.. buti i was in a good mood. kung hindi magra-rant nanaman ako niyan.

ces wants to eat so we went to eastwood with marco, gwen and jet. ces and i went ahead of them because they have some *stuff* to do pa. ces treated me ’cause she wants to watch a movie. we texted gwen na we’re gonna watch and called us ditchers. hahaha. we bought our tickets. YOURS, MINE and OURS. bought food at Tizzers and Big Chill. as usual. waah! naiyak ako.. subrah.. the two youngest little boys there are so cute (Ethan and Aldo). mas gusto ko pa din maging kuya si Tom Welling (cheaper by a dozen) kaysa kay Sean Faris. i just noticed that everytime we are going to watch a movie, natatapat na naka sleeveless ako lagi. eh super lamig pa man din sa eastwood cinemas. wala lang.

i was viewing my cousin, Aina’s multiply a while ago. it’s full of year-end pictures. yung mga tipong kakatapos lang ng last exams. puro highschool and school stuff. wala lang. i felt sad because i remembered lang na ganun din kami ng prettyfriends 2 years ago, when we were about to graduate. naalala ko yung mga grad practices namin and early morning breakfasts at Mcdo. waaah! ang sad. i’m chatting with Budi pa man din right now, tapos kinukwento ko sa kanya yun.nakakamiss daw. grabe, parang kailan lang, naggraduate kami.. ngayon, almost third year na kami in college. ang bilis talaga ng panahon noh? thank God, bestfriends pa din kami ng prettyfriends. we still got each others back. we still are intact and inseperable. love you guys! ❤

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