Happiest Place on Earth: Hong Kong Edition | Springtime 2018

Twas the peak of summer heat when we arrived HK and with few hours of sleep since we arrived our hotel at 2AM in the morning – our sleepiness and exhaustion was really evident. But we still headed to our family adventure to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – Hongkong Style with all smiles, either way.
As mentioned in the main HK post – our main goal for this year’s family vacation is to visit and watch my sister as she embark her journey to return the heart to Te Fiti, yes, she is our Moana (Yep, your Moana is Proudly and Pure Pinay) #PinoyPride it is.
With that said, our schedule is focused on Moana’s schedule – we had to watch the show, Moana: A Homecoming Celebration (12:15NN/first show) and have a meet and greet (3:30PM) with her. I worked around all the other shows and parades around that chosen schedule.

TIP: So, it is important that you get a copy of HK Disneyland Times Guide and Map upon entering the park – it is located on the right side of the Mickey frontal garden (most likely there’s also one on the left side).
You can also download the HK Disneyland App for digital map, schedules of the meet & greets, show times, parade times and queue times for all the rides. You can download it at the iTunes store here.

First things first, while we ate breakfast in one of the umbrella-d areas by Main Street – Market House Bakery (It is where you will be able to buy the famous Mickey Waffles, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available when we were there, totally heartbroken here). I finalized our schedule for the shows and parades and went to Space Traders (Tomorrowland’s merchandise shop) to schedule Coco’s Jedi Training – it is important that your child is with you when you register and pick a schedule.

Here’s the schedule that we followed for your reference:
12:15NN – Moana: A Homecoming Celebration (Adventureland)
1:30PM – Flights of Fantasy (Main Street)
2:00PM – Festival of the Lion King (Adventureland)
3:30PM – Moana’s meet and greet (Adventureland)
4:30PM – Mickey and the Wondrous Book (Fantasyland)
(We skipped the Disney Friends Springtime Processional at 4:30PM)
5:30PM – Jedi Training (Tomorrowland)
7:45PM – We Love Mickey Projection Show (Main Street)
8:30PM – Disney Paint the Night Parade (Main Street)

Note that this was the schedule on May 27-Jun 2, 2018 – there may be changes whole year round, especially if there are thunderstorms. You can check the HK Disneyland App, the website or the Times Guide for most recent schedules.

Meet and Greets
Some meet & greet schedules are not in the app, so it is better ask Disney cast members for the characters next appearance. Upon entering the park, we chanced upon Goofy and Pluto.
Donald and Daisy was about to leave but posed for some photo ops while Mickey and Minnie line was extremely long so we didn’t fall in line since it was almost lunch time and we couldn’t bare the heat.It’s just sad though, it’s the first time in 6 times I’ve been to Disneyland that I don’t have a picture with Mickey. We chanced upon Buzz Light Year in Toy Storyland while waiting for our companions. Up’s Russel was about to leave when we saw him, that’s why I was only able to took this photo.
And of course, we finally met our Moana. We weren’t able to see the rest of the crew anymore as we were preoccupied with the schedule that we had to follow.

Amazed because it only took us 5 minutes to ride Hyperspace Mountain when I remember the last time we were here, it was a good 45 minutes wait and the line was super long – and we got to ride twice! Didn’t bring Coco though coz I’m not yet ready, though he has already reached required height.
The Iron Man Experience, which we also did twice, became Coco’s favorite ride right there and then. Luckily, too, there was no line.
We went to Mystic Manor, as they say it’s one of the best and it is new – but I liked Haunted Mansion better than this one. We rode the Slinky Dog Spin for Coco and it was stopped twice because someone opened her umbrella while the ride is on-going. My gosh. Coco rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh with Mama and Dad while we rode our second Hyperspace Mountain.
And of course, Disneyland ain’t complete without riding It’s A Small World.
We didn’t really ride the others especially those that were in DLR to be able to try different things – like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad hatter Tea Cups (Mad Tea Party) and Orbitron (Astro Orbitor).
But since we also ran out of time, we missed some like Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Though there is an opportunity for the RC Racer, I wasn’t able to because my mom didn’t go with us in Toy Storyland, so I don’t have anywhere to leave Coco behind. So while waiting for the boys who rode it, we chanced upon Buzz Light Year there- GOOD THING because we only got to meet Woody last year. We wanted to ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars ride but it was closed during our visit.
We ate at Star Liner in Tomorrowland – that’s the only area where we kind of like the food choices (western), also the least expensive food available. I researched for the menu of the different restaurants inside HKDL prior to arriving to know if Coco would like anything. I brought food and snacks for Coco, since he is a picky eater, none of the kids meal in HKDL is in his preference.

HK Disneyland Parades and Shows
Never ever miss the chance to watch the Festival of the Lion King show – it’s a musical re-telling of the story of Simba, Nala and Scar to The Lion King himself. There’s a lot of dancing, giant animals, dancing animals, acrobats and singing to your favorite Lion King songs. And of course, there’s Timon and Pumba. It is located in Adventureland.
Mickey’s Wondrous Book showcases a lot of your favorite Disney characters and their most famous songs. It is located in Fantasyland. Note that the dialogues are spoken in Chinese but there is an LED for subtitles.
And of course, Moana: A Homecoming Celebration, featuring our newest Disney Princess – Moana. She retells the story of her journey to return the heart to Te Fiti to her tribe in Motonui.
Throughout the day, people of all ages look forward to the different Hong Kong Disneyland parades. It is the chance to get a closer look at your favorite Disney characters as they pass by, whether they are waving at you on their float or as they dance past you. For me, during this time is when I truly feel the Disney vibe, when everyone pause and just enjoy the moment.

The “Flights of Fantasy Parade” is Hong Kong Disneyland’s regular day time parade. It opens with Dumbo – who else could it be? It is followed by Mickey and friends, Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Lilo and Stitch, Toy Story to name a few. It happens every 1:30PM – every day along Main Street.
Disney Friends Springtime Processional” is part of the Spring Time Carnival which happens every March – June. This is when Mickey, Minnie and friends are dressed in full bloom and is usually correlated to activities regarding Easter. (Every 4:30PM)


Photo from the Hongkong Disneyland Website

The Sleeping Beauty Castle is still under renovation, so “We Love Mickey!” Main Street Projector Show replaces the nightly fireworks for now. It is a showcase visual effects and lighting all over the buildings of Main Street, paying tribute to Mickey Mouse and his milestones. At the end of the show, Mickey Mouse, in all his glory will appear in a pedestal. (Every 7:45PM)
After the projector show, don’t move from where you are located, the “Disney Paint the Night” Parade is coming right up. It is kind of familiar with Disneyland Resort’s Main Street Electrical Parade. Enjoy your favorite Disney characters boarded glowing floats.
Photo 5-29-18, 8 50 52 PMPhoto 5-29-18, 8 53 21 PM
Photo 5-29-18, 8 55 27 PMPhoto 5-29-18, 8 56 57 PM
Photo 5-29-18, 8 57 22 PMPhoto 5-29-18, 8 59 42 PM
Check the website for the latest Hong Kong Disneyland parade schedule.

People start sitting down along the pavement about 15-30 minutes before the parade starts. I suggest that you find a spot in front of the shops so that you can catch the cold air that comes out when the shop door opens. Believe me, it saved us!

More tips:

Is one day enough at HK Disneyland?” I think this depends on the age of your kids and how much of the park you want to fit in. HKDL is the smallest Disney Park, and people who went there would usually say that you can finish the park in one day. So, what are my thoughts on this? Yep, you can actually roam around the park in one day – but you can’t finish everything in one day. We have always visited in one day at both times that I went to HKDL. First, when I was in my late teens and we were a very big group of mostly tweens and teens (cousins) and the parentals. We were able to ride together and all.
DSCF4816But now with my son in tow, it was quite hard because he would also get tired and hungry. Both experiences are very different. I think we were able to maximize the time in HKDL better before than now, even if waiting times were super short (as is less than 5 minutes!) when we were there. I think additional factor was the weather condition when we were there. It was really hot, so at times we opt to stay indoors instead of going around. Coco didn’t nap during the time we spent in HKDL compared to when we were in DLR and we even got to finish until the end of the nighttime parade. So, if you really want a better experience, I suggest spreading your visit for two days. You can also stay at the HKDL hotels to further complete the experience.

Since HK Disneyland is the smallest among all the Disney parks, it can be very busy. If you can, visit during a weekday – we went in the park on a Tuesday. I heard that it is much better to avoid public holidays in China (usually on Chinese New Year, early May and early October) as most visitors would come from the mainland.

A must: fan, portable fan, umbrella, caps and iced water during the SUMMER!

You can save your time from lining up for your tickets by purchasing your tickets online through the Hong Kong Disneyland website, buying from your travel agency or if DIY, you can also check Klook for discounted tickets.

Traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland
From our hotel – Harbour Plaza Resort City in Tin Shui Wai – it was 14 stops with 3 interchanges until we reached the Disneyland Resort Line. (Approximately $33.5 for adults and half for child, we travelled for almost an hour) I think it is better, faster and cheaper to use the MTR if you are coming from the city.

From Hong Kong airport to Disneyland is easy, a taxi will only take around 15 minutes. Public busses are also available; it depends on your location, just like with the MTR.

Yes, there is WIFI in the park. I repeat, there is WIFI in the park. You can easily use the HK Disneyland app, as well as communicate with your companions using the WIFI.

Do you have any more questions, feel free to comment, I may be able to help you out!

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Make kids’ tummies happier with this 2-in-1 supplement


Although I am not proud of it, Coco is a picky eater, that is why most of the time he eats processed food or fast food, although he eats fish too. Erceflora Probibears came at the right time for us. We are in darn need of probiotics to help Coco strengthen his immunity, especially now that he just got sick. Thank God he loved it so much, as if he is just eating milk chocolate. It’s a 5-star for him! I just need help in telling him that he could only consume 1 per day. yikes!

Let’s be honest, most children would prefer a meal consisting of fried chicken nuggets with a side of fries from a fastfood place to one with rice, meat and vegetables from a home kitchen.

Sadly, our favorite fastfood items are loaded with fat, carbohydrates and little to no fiber. Kids and adults alike need to eat foods that are rich in fiber for good stomach health.

Good stomach bacteria have been found to protect against different diseases and conditions, including constipation, diarrhea and flatulence.

Mothers have been hearing a lot about probiotics for kids. Probiotics are food products that contain enough live bacteria to change the composition of the consumer’s gut bacteria, and have the potential for health benefits.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. A human digestive tract has about 100 trillion healthy bacteria. Bacteria aids in digestion and helps the body defend itself against illness. Probiotics are foods or supplements that strengthen immunity and help protect you and your family from common colds and flu.

Every person needs a balance of good bacteria in the body but this balance is easily upset by a number of factors such as a poor diet, stress or by taking antibiotics and other medication.

Probiotics can be found naturally in foods such as yogurt, whole grains, bananas, leafy green vegetables, onions, garlic and soybeans. The amount and quality of probiotics these foods may not be enough. Probiotics can also be added to some foods and are available as dietary supplements.

Erceflora ProbiBears is a yummy tummy supplement with the combined 2-in-1 PROBIO-BOOSTER of not just Lactobacillus acidophilus, but also Bifidobacterium lactis – good bacteria that help prevent gut problems such as diarrhea, upset stomach and other digestive illnesses.

Lactobacillus is good bacteria that are present in a lot of food. A study has shown that Lactobacillus is an effective treatment against infant colic and even helps improve immunity. Bifidobacterium, on the other hand, eases digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence.

ProbiBears, from the makers of the World’s #1 Probiotic, are yummy chewable bears that kids will love. Erceflora ProbiBears is the 2-in-1 Probiotic Supplement (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) that will help improve your child’s digestion.DSCF8155
Erceflora ProbiBears is available at select Mercury Drug and South Star Drug branches for only Php540 SRP per Box of 20s.

Erceflora Probibears Unboxing:

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The Play Lab Experience

The newest ‘go-to” spot for kids has just opened in Robinson’s Galleria – Play Lab, which is a digital play ground. What makes it different among all other play grounds available?  Play Lab takes play time to a whole new level that both kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy.
DSCF7966Play Lab actually looks like you are inside a video game. It is digital, interactive and could possibly unleash your creative prowess. Instead of kids glued to their tablets playing their games, when inside Play Lab you get use physical movements to play a video game like throwing a ball, or smashing the meteoroid with your fist, and as well as interact with other kids while playing. Kids get to learn how to be patient and wait for their turn, as well as make friends with others.It also helps stimulates creativity and imagination, when kids color and draw and to their amazement, find their artworks on the giant screen right in front of them.
DSCF8032There are 14 areas that you wouldn’t want to miss, here they are:

INFINITY POOL gives us an illusion of infinite ripples of hues because of the floor to ceiling mirror that surrounds its area. I’ve noticed how kids mimics a frog leaping from one ripple to another, which actually make it like a pond.

DIGITAL PAINTER unleashes the Picasso in your child. It’s reminds me of Midas touch, everything he touches turns into gold. Here, with just one touch of the giant pen, colors will give life to the dull digital painting.

has a goal: to water the flower. To be able to do that, the child must create a way to change how the water would flow by putting tubes through lines, umbrellas and what not. I love how it encourages a child to be creative and logical. Of course, Coco doesn’t know how to do it, so he created a basin instead.

DOODLE AQUARIUM initiates a child’s creativity by drawing it own under the sea animal. What’s awesome is that your would see it in a giant digital aquarium after the Play Lab staff assists you in scanning your drawing.

THE GIANT leads you and your child in a giant chroma green background and brings you to different places, while popping bubbles and swatting pinatas.

With throwing soft balls to aliens and UFOs who are bound to still your toys, BALL STRIKE will give you real life video game feels in a form of a giant screen.

Paint your own flower and butterfly and see the butterflies magically fly to the giant BUTTERFLY GARDEN screen and flowers bloom at the tree in the middle.

LIVE DREAMS in a colorful and magical world by coloring your favorite magical creature – dragon, ginger bread man, unicorn, wizard, elf or fairy – scan it and watch them float by the giant screen of their magical world.

Be acquainted to another life form in ANOTHER LAND by playing with the flying jellyfishes and sea urchin-like creatures. Once you see yourself as a lightwave, you can now interact with everything.

Be your own super hero in PLANET DEFENSE by saving the planet from UFO attacks!

TAPTAP WALL is the last one you will see before you exit Play Lab. Create your own patterns by tapping the bulbs.

FANTASY SLOPE is Coco’s ultimate favorite, as he is a slide enthusiast. The slide itself changes lights and backgrounds every now and then, giving a children sliding an illusion of having a great adventure in outer space or under the sea.

And lastly, reminiscing of our good old tree house with an old tire as a swing in the middle of Play Lab, THE RAINBOW TREE. Sturdy and strong, children could climb it and pass through a webbed rope on top or swing by the tires that are illuminated.

Operating Hours:
10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Sunday – Thursday)
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Friday – Saturday)

Rates to Remember:
P450 per child for 2 hours (2 years old above)
P250 per adult
Free for babies below 2 years old
P100 for an extra hour or a fraction of an hour
P100 for premium socks for both kids and adults
P50 for regular socks for kids

Eligible to play:
Children 6 years old and above can play without a guardian.
Children below 6 years old SHOULD be accompanied by a guardian and entrance fee for the guardian is not inclusive on your child’s entrance fee

1. Bring socks so you won’t need to buy.
2. It is dark inside, keep your child in your sight.
3. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the premises.
4. It can also be rented out for a party
Bring your children to Play Lab and be with them as they discover the fun in learning through PLAY, because PLAY gives them the chance to practice what they have learned.

Watch how my son Coco had so much fun and hear what he thinks about Play Lab:

PLAY LAB is at the 4/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA corner, Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City
For updates, follow PlayLab PH on Facebook.

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SM Supermalls treats kids nationwide with the “Super AweSM” United Nations and Halloween celebrations

Header Image
After the successful nationwide #SuperAweSMKidsDay, SM Supermalls continues the #AweSMKidsMonth this October with back-to-back awesome events, namely United Nations Day and Halloween.

“SM Supermalls takes utmost pride in celebrating this awesome Kids’ Month with no less than the next generation of leaders and the future of SM, our SM kiddie shoppers,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls senior vice president for marketing. “The awesome deals and fun experiences continue this October, starting off with the nationwide #SuperAweSMKidsDay followed by the annual United Nations Day and Halloween festivities. We dedicate this month to you with everything that you love to do at SM: play, shop, eat, and win!”

Its a small world

Visit http://www.smsupermalls.com now to check out
the United Nations Day activities at an SM mall near you!

Aside from the annual National Costume Parade and Contest, kids and families who will celebrate #UnitedNationsDayAtSM2018 can enjoy cultural performances from UN countries through the World Music Fest, grand display of flags from different countries, and face painting of colorful flags via Wear Your Flag.


HAVE A MONSTERRIFIC TIME AT SM. SM malls nationwide have different #AweSM treats for kids of all ages this Halloween. Check out the events at an SM mall near you via http://www.smsupermalls.com

Meanwhile, a fun and #MonsterrificHalloweenAtSM will delight super kids of all ages with various awesome activities including the Freaky Face makeup contest, Monster Ball Halloween costume challenge, Peak-A-Fun Fair with lots of thrilling deals, Vivo Enchanted Castle attractions in 57 malls and the much awaited #AweSM Trick or Treat.
All parents are encouraged to capture their kids’ special moments using the #AweSMKidsMonth’s Photo App found at http://www.smsupermalls.com. All promo participants will get a chance to win P5,000-worth of SM shopping money!

Visit smsupermalls.com for the full list of events and activities in store for our little ones this whole month of October!

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Power up your travel lifestyles with Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa Cards

Traveling to new destinations and discovering the wonders of the world is already a rewarding experience in itself. But, did you know that your daily expenses and shopping can get you more exciting benefits for your weekend trips and holiday vacations?

As more people are enjoying a lifestyle of travel, debit and credit cards are doubling as loyalty rewards cards to bring more thrilling and memorable experiences. The country’s leading local carrier, Cebu Pacific, offers a bigger fleet of GetGo cards powered by Visa and UnionBank to make traveling a rewarding experience in more ways than one. With your own Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards, you can enjoy the following:

DEBIT-Front-Design- (1)GetGoPrepaidCardGOLD-Front-Design-1PLATINUM-Front-Design-1

Cebu Pacific brings its exciting fleet of GetGo Visa cards which gives you points to fly for free and special access to travel benefits every time you shop.

Cashless transactions abroad
Most cards, whether debit, credit, or prepaid, are now accepted worldwide. This makes souvenir shopping more convenient and hassle-free as you don’t have to worry about carrying physical cash abroad. Cebu Pacific GetGo’s newest prepaid card also works as a multi-currency card that frequent travelers can reload and use at Visa-accredited merchants anywhere in the world.

First-class treatment
Cebu Pacific and GetGo also let you experience world-class accommodation while waiting for your next flight. Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit cardholders can have access to airport lounges in NAIA Terminal 3 where they can rest and relax before their international flights. You can also get priority check-ins, free 5kg baggage allowance, and even free travel insurance.

Early alerts on promos and seat sales
What also makes travel rewards programs worthwhile is the exclusive notices on seat sales to your favorite local and international destinations. When you have a Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa card, you can instantly avail of special flights with your points or earn points for free travels when you use your card to pay for your tickets. You can also enjoy exciting promos with partner merchants of GetGo and UnionBank.

Instant points for more adventures
Converting points has never been easier with the line of Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards. The cards provide one of the best earn rates in the country – one GetGo point for every P30 spent using the credit card and P88 spent using the debit and prepaid card. You can even earn twice when you purchase from GetGo’s partner merchants using your debit or credit card. GetGo points are also automatically transferred to your GetGo account every month so you can fly for free faster.

Amazing shopping benefits and travel rewards await when you apply for your own Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards.

Enjoy all these exclusive travel benefits when you apply for a card for your everyday lifestyle. You can select from CEB GetGo Debit Card (http://bit.ly/CEBGetGoDebitCard), Credit Card (http://bit.ly/CEBGetGoCreditCard), Platinum Credit Card, and Prepaid Card (http://bit.ly/CEBGetGoPrepaidCard).

Cardholders who will apply for a Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit or Platinum Credit Card from now up to October 31, 2018 can enjoy 8,000 GetGo points by spending P20,000 using their new credit card within 65 days from card approval date. A special 8,000 GetGo points promo code will be rewarded to Platinum cardholders who will spend another P20,000 within the same period. Go to https://unionbankph.com/8kgetgopoints for the full promo mechanics.

So, what are you waiting for? Live the best life with your own Cebu Pacific GetGo Visa cards by UnionBank and enjoy points for a free trip to your dream travel destination! Promo is extended until October 31, 2018.

For more information on memberships and partners, visit http://www.getgo.com.ph. Stay updated on the latest promos by liking GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Discover the winning formula for business success


Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker (by Harvard Business Review) will share his Executive Coaching Secrets, and his #1 NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book: Triggers during the conference.

World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, tells business executives to always take a step back and ask themselves one critical question – is it worth it? It is one of the things that most business schools do not teach but every CEO must know, or one can always learn the hard way.

According to Dr. Marshall, there are three life lessons that every person must learn, especially CEOs and business leaders, in order to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. The first is winning is not everything.

“One problem of the successful people I work with is winning too much. It is important for one to win – meaningful win, critical win, trivial win, and even those not worth it, we want to win anyway. Winners love to win. Problem is we want to win too much,” said Dr. Marshall.

A key to success is you don’t have to always win. The more you make others win, the more successful you become. In the drive to win all the time, most people lose out on life’s other equally important aspects.

Dr. Marshall adds another lesson – stop trying to add value to everything. “In most cases, when a person comes up with a great idea, the natural tendency is instead of saying it is a great idea, one would say it’s a nice idea but why don’t you add this to it,” said Dr. Marshall.

While the value of the idea comes up by 5 percent, the commitment of the person to executing the idea goes down 50 percent.

And the third lesson is – don’t judge too much. One of the key lessons that are not taught is to help others more and judge less. “Before making a judgmental comment, stop, breathe, and think if this is going to help your relationship. If the answer is no, do you really have to say it?” said Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Marshall will have a two-day, two-city tour in Asia this October and will be at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on October 26, 2018, for the CEO, HR, & Senior Leaders Conference. He will be joined by Dr. Peter Chee, ITD President and the 1st Asian ranked among the top 6 Global Coaching Gurus, and Serely Alcaraz, #1 master trainer and chief coach at ITD World.

The Conference is an ITD Mega Guru event that will let you learn from the best to be the best. Attending this one-day-only event is a must for top-level leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR, Organizational Development and Training professionals. For more information and registration, call ITD World Philippines at +632 887 7428, email at itdmanila@itdworld.com, or visit https://www.itdworld.com/ceoconference/manila/

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Being a mom is the toughest job in the world, it is indeed.

Ngunit hanggang saan nga ba ang kayang isakripisyo ng ating mga ina upang mabigyan tayo ng maayos na buhay?

Watch how these inspiring mommies did it para patunayan na gaya ng Orocan, walang katulad ang #TibayNgNanay anuman ang pagsubok na nararanasan. All music tracks in the video were created by Jason Shaw, available under Creative Commons License 3.0.

Wala man tayong sweldo, bonus at leave pero daig pa nating mga nanay ang naka-jackpot sa lotto tuwing yayakapin, i-kikiss, random na magti-thank you, mag-miss you, lalo na pag merong mga pa surprise na card. Pawing pawi lahat ng pagod sa maghapon. Anything and everything for them talaga, sipag, tiyaga at tibay ng loob.

For more inspiring videos and stories, visit https://www.facebook.com/OrocanPH/

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TuneCycle pumps up recycling experience at Coke Studio

For most people, waste recycling and creating music are simply two things that are worlds apart. But at the recent launch of Coke Studio Season 2 at the World Trade Center in Manila, these two ideas shared one stage to raise awareness about a growing plastic waste problem among the youth.

One of the highlights of the event was a live demonstration of the TuneCycle, a makeshift recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle grinder that is powered by a pedal mechanism – similar to those found in bicycles. The TuneCycle also has earphones for the user to listen to original Pilipino music (OPM) as they pedal away.

2018 Coke Studio S2 012

(From left) Coca-Cola ASEAN VP for Marketing Jose Luis Basauri, Coca-Cola Philippines Director of Public Affairs Jonah de Lumen-Pernia, and Vice President for Marketing Stephan Czypionka, try out the Coke Studio TuneCycle – a stationary bicycle that shreds PET bottles and other plastics to be used as ecobricks and previous pavers.

This is part of the global goal of The Coca-Cola Company of a World Without Waste. In January this year, Coca-Cola announced an ambitious goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can sold by year 2030. In the Philippines, one of the ways to reach this goal is to bring back PET bottles home through Coke Studio.

“This is an interactive way of making the public, particularly the youth, more involved in recycling. It may be a small step, but it helps inculcate the act of recycling in their lives. As we at Coca-Cola continue to find solutions to realize a World Without Waste, every action, no matter how small, actually counts,” said Jonah de Lumen-Pernia, Director for Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Philippines.

As one of the avenues that bring Coca-Cola closer to the youth, music is also being tapped to make recycling more relevant to the younger market. As part of the Coke Studio caravan, the TuneCycle aims to amplify how each recyclable PET bottle can have another purpose after the consumption of its content. In the case of TuneCycle, the shredded recyclable PET bottles will become part of eco-bricks that will serve as pavers for a public school.

2018 Coke Studio S2 022

The Coca-Cola leadership team initiates action for the global World Without Waste mission with the Coke Studio TuneCycle.

“Every action to breathe new life into recyclables matters. Every action brings us closer to realizing the vision of a World Without Waste. With the TuneCycle, we are able to inspire more people to find ways for recyclable PET bottles to come home and breathe second lives into them, instead of throwing them in dumpsites, or worst, ending up in our oceans,” said de Lumen-Pernia.

Watch out for future Coke Studio events and bring recyclable PET bottles to their home in Coca-Cola.

About The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is a total beverage company, offering over 500 brands in more than 200 countries. In addition to the company’s Coca-Cola brands, our portfolio includes some of the world’s most valuable beverage brands, such as AdeS soy-based beverages, Ayataka green tea, Dasani waters, Del Valle juices and nectars, Fanta, Georgia coffee, Gold Peak teas and coffees, Honest Tea, innocent smoothies and juices, Minute Maid juices, Powerade sports drinks, Simply juices, smartwater, Sprite, vitaminwater and ZICO coconut water. We’re constantly transforming our portfolio, from reducing sugar in our drinks to bringing innovative new products to market. We’re also working to reduce our environmental impact by replenishing water and promoting recycling. With our bottling partners, we employ more than 700,000 people, bringing economic opportunity to local communities worldwide. Learn more at Coca-Cola Journey at www.coca-colacompany.com and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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REP’s Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

reprapunzelRepertory Philippines reinvents one of our favorite fairy tales, Rapunzel into something whimsical and comical. I haven’t watched a REP show for a very long time, so when I found out about Rapunzel’s staging, I got so excited.

What to look forward to?

The twist. It has a different version than those we are accustomed to. Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped and trapped in the tower  in the deep, dark, dismal, and dreary forest by her evil aunt Lady Zaza (Lady Gaga?) who wants to takeover the whole kingdom. Sir Roderick, who is on the quest on finding another battle to win, and his hair stylist friend, Edgar, who is on the quest to reprapunzel2find another the perfect head of hair, learns about Lady Zaza’s plot. They rescue Princess Rapunzel with the help of a Gypsy Woman and Socrates, the old and not scary dragon who takes good care of Rapunzel.

Interactive. Rapunzel and the rest were talking to the audience, asking questions and suggestions. It was my first time to experience something like that from REP. The cast which includes Lady Zaza run around the audience at one point as they were trying to capture her. The kids and adults alike were cheering and pointing where Lady Zaza was hiding. Moments like this are what kept the show even more livelier and may have made us feel like we, the audience, is part of the story.

DSCF7242Not a damsel in distress. We’d always remember the prince saving the princess in most fairy tales. But with this, Rapunzel joins Socrates, Sir Roderick and Edgar to think of a way on how to save herself from the tower in the deep, dark, dismal and dreary forest.

Updated. Rapunzel knows the Disney Princesses. As well as references to Beyoncé and Princess Leia.

REP’s Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale is heart warming, hair-larious and is perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. It’s fun, entertaining and engaging. Definitely, recommending you to bring your kids and let them experience the magic of Rapunzel’s story by REP.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! runs from September 15, 2018 to January 27, 2019 at the Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1. For tickets call REP at 843-3570 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

Ps. Thank you so much Theater Fans Manila for the tickets, as well as the resched, since there was a typhoon on our first sched!

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The Pros of Getting Truck Covers

There are more and more people who are getting truck covers that will help carry the exposed portion of their trucks. There was a time when people would place a topper on their truck but this has already passed. What people are using right now are customized truck covers that will help their trucks stay protected even when the trucks are left outdoors.

You may think that you only need to invest in dash covers. These are covers that you can place on the inside portion of your windshield so that the sun’s rays will not be able to fully enter your vehicle. This can be useful when you want to keep the heat out. At the same time, you will prevent the interior of the car from looking old because of the exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These are some of the pros you can get when you are getting truck covers:

  1. You will have the ability to make your truck more secure. There is a certain part of your truck that you may use in order to carry all of your items. You do not want your items to be fully exposed especially when you are traveling. Even if you are not carrying any item, you still need the cover. It can improve your truck’s overall security.
  2. It will provide your truck protection from the weather. You cannot control the weather. You will find yourself using your truck even when it is raining and snowing. Not only will you be able to keep your valuables safe, you will keep certain areas of your truck safe from harm too.
  3. The right truck cover can increase your truck’s overall functionality. Let us say that you need to transport large items. What are you supposed to do then? The truck cover will make sure that you will be able to transport all of those large items in a safe manner.

There are different truck covers that you can purchase right now but if you truly want the best, order a customized truck cover for your vehicle. It will make your truck extra protected.

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Because We Go CRAZY over RICH GOYA Spreads

I’m always in the search of finding ways on how to fill up my Coco’s belly. As some of you know, he is a picky eater ever since he was a year old. One by one I try to introduce different kinds of food, some would be a hit, but most of the time it is a miss.

Coco is a growing kid and with that comes the “I’m hungry always” phase, one that comes right after a few minutes of his main meal. I already run out of ideas on what to give him – cereals, cookies, mamon. One day when he was 2 years old, he finally tried eating plain pan de sal. He doesn’t want anything on it. I felt that having just plain bread is too boring and that he might get tired of eating it.
DSCF6922When we went grocery shopping, I thought of buying Brand X. I loved it as a child, maybe he would too. I was right, he totally loved it on his bread but our pockets aren’t happy. We went looking for an alternative the next time we went to the grocery. While scanning the shelf, I saw Goya Choco Hazelnut Choco Spread. Checked the price and placed it in our cart. Ever since that day, we’ve been crazy over Goya Spreads.
Recently, we stumbled upon Goya Double Hazelnut Spread. Oh boooy! It’s silky and has a perfect mix of chocolate and hazelnut. We couldn’t ask for more. We did another switch! Nope, not a brand switch this time, but a flavor switch! So now, we’ve been juggling these two Goya Spreads and Goya Choco Hazelnut and Milk Spread.
Nowadays, I just stumble upon this boy, preparing his own Goya spread sandwich. It’s a joy in my eyes to see him eat – a lot and find how he is independent in preparing his own food. He’s gone so cray-cray over Goya, I swear!
Whether to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, spreading it to your fave bread or pan cake or induce it to your baked cupcakes or cookies, there’s no doubt that Goya Spreads, particularly, the Goya Double Hazelnut Spread can totally compete with other leading brands, in terms of its choco-hazelnutty taste, texture and most importantly, its price.
You can enjoy Goya Double Hazelnut Spread in many ways at only P154SRP for a 350g bottle (and P297SRP for a 750g). Shhhh,,, Imagine, the price of Brand X, you can already buy 1 750g bottle of Goya Spreads.
DSCF6914This has got to be one of the smart choices I made for my family, how it took me to realize that I could make something so ordinary like a sandwich became one special treat, all thanks to Goya Spreads.

Here’s a great treat for you – One Smart mom will win these Goya spreads triad. All you have to do is to COMMENT BELOW what is that ONE SMART CHOICE that you made for your family. AND Follow WanderWoMom, CAT PR and Goya Chocolates in Facebook and WanderWoMom in Instagram. That’s just 5 steps. Contest runs until September 30! SOooooo…. GO!

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