KDrama: Go Back Couple

This KDrama is really powerful. It tells the story of how a couple’s marriage fell apart (divorce!) and how they came to realize that they were really meant for each other. It shows the reality of some marriages that we can easily relate to.

Here’s my take away from watching Go Back.


As someone who married young, there may be a phase that would make one feel lost and lonely. The feeling that you have been missing a lot of your youth because you had to be an adult. Ma Jin Joo sees young girls in nice clothes and full of life. She orders herself a nice dress and decides to send it back because since she is now a mother, it won’t suit her anymore. NO, we shouldn’t hinder ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun anymore, now that we have a child. It is always healthy to think of our own happiness at times. Why? How can we take care of our family if we are unhappy?gobackcouple3

When Jin Joo and Ban Do traveled back in time, they were able to do something about the things that they regret that they didn’t do before. Like when their friend Sul left without telling them. In the present time, they still don’t know where she is. But when they traveled back, they were able to find her. Jin Joo also regrets all the time that she wasn’t a nice daughter to her mother and not being with her when she died. So, when she traveled back, she made sure to do the things that she wished she had done with her mother before like drinking and karaoke-ing. Ban Do on the other hand tries to be frigobackcouple7end his “first love”, trying to form a relationship with her but ends up being good friends with her. It makes you think and look back on the relationships you have, be it your family or friends and makes you realize that you should really value and cherish them, because you would never know when they will be gone.

Be sensitive about the feelings of the people around you. If you are married, be sensitive most especially to your partner. Jin Joo’s mother died and shgobackcouple4e has been grieving for months. Ban Do goes to work, comes home with a happy disposition as he walks towards where grieving Jin Joo is. He walks to his room, and cries at the sight of his grieving wife, as well as the grief he also is feeling. They didn’t know that this act of theirs could be one of the reasons of their breaking up. What Ban Do wants is to see Jin Joo smile again, what Jin Joo wants is for Ban Do to comfort or hug her. Jin Joo also thought that Ban Do doesn’t care or grieves her mother’s death, but in Ban Do’s part, he misses her too. Clearly, a sign of miscommunication.

gobackcouple5One of the couples mistakes in the story is their failure to communicate and because of that problems arise. As I mentioned about, Ban Do and Jin Joo fails to communicate their life’s complaints and if they were there for each other and has talked about it, maybe they wouldn’t reach to the point of divorcing each other. That is why during the time slip, and certain events occurs to them, they would realize that the way they kept their feelings from each other were what drove them apart.

Focus on the ones who care for you, because they are the one who truly matter. Not gobackcouple6those who you want to be with or those who are not here anymore. See, Jin Joo, after her mom died, focused only on her. Yes, it is okay to grieve and cry. But she still has her husband, her son, her sister and her father. She should have focused on them. When her mother knew about the time slip situation that they were in, she advices her daughter on what she will do after she passes – take care of her father and family.

gobackcouple9For the wives who are stay at home or work at home like me, we may not know it, they  may not show it but our husbands are always trying their very best in providing for the family and that there might be a possibility that they are just enduring some of the tasks that were given to them just so they could provide – for their family, only for their family, they would do anything. The least that we could do is nag them.

Before Jin Joo and Ban Do returns to the present time, Jin Joo and her mom were talking. gobackcouple10Her mom tells her to endure the hurt and the ache when she is gone. Jin Joo tells her that she can’t do it. Her mom tells her “If you were able to raise a child, you can do anything” True enough, giving birth we are always at risk of dying even, if we can endure the pain of giving birth and everything after it, we can endure anything.

gobackcouple8They say, “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long”, it’s the same with this story – the minute we want to give up, think of the reasons why you married each other in the first place. Literally, Jin Joo and Ban Do traveled back in time to remember the reasons why they love each other and why they got married. Yep, this too shall pass. Whatever it is that you can be going through in your life, you will go through it because if you won’t be able to handle it, He wouldn’t put you in that situation.

Honestly, there are times when I want to go back in time. When I was still single and gobackcouple11living the life. Would have I date another guy? Would I be working in an office? What if I studied abroad? What would I be today? But with all these thoughts, it will all bounce to the day, I had my son, Coco and I wouldn’t have it in any other way. The same reality that Jin Joo and Ban Do is facing when they went back in time. The sad reality of not having their son Seo Jin by their side, and each day that they haven’t gone back to the present time, would hurt them a thousand times fold. Of course, we know what happened next. They went home, and be the family that they really ought to be.

Go Back Couple is about marriage, family, friendship, regrets and what ifs but there’s always hope and love. Yep, its how beautiful memories and love would triumph over our disappointments in life.

Note: All images where collected from Google.com | I do not own these pictures.
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Nicholas Sparks |Two by Two

twobytwoJust so you know, I’m a longtime fan of Nicholas Sparks, and I haven’t read his books since 2009 – the last one was The Last Song. Although I have a copy of Best of Mesigned by him even, I haven’t read all his books after that. So I’m not sure if this was the first book, but this is the first book of his that I’ve read that doesn’t focus on a couple falling in love, rather it’s telling a story of a couple falling apart. It has an entirely different feel than his greatest stories  and I just don’t know how to feel about it.

Honestly, it took me half a year to finally finish it – if it wasn’t for our delayed flight and that it’s the only E-book on my phone that moment, I wouldn’t even remember to finish this. The first half of the book – Russ talking about his job and all – justifying his resignation – for me is useless and pointless. It was too dragging. I’m all for him starting on his own – I could relate – we have the same profession. But whaaaat is this. It’s tooooo… But when the part about Russ’ job is over, it started to grow in me. I started to feel his domestic problems and I started to empathize with him.

But I love all the parts that have his daughter in it. I adore London so much. I picture her as a little girl with long golden brown wavy hair with a crown and in a pink tutu plus her fairy wings, of course. She is the sweetest and my heart broke during the times that she is sad and I’m glad that she has a best friend, Bohdie to play with. I always think of my Coco and his bes tfriend, Astrid whenever London and Bohdie are together. My favorite parts of the book are those of her and Russ together. I very much can relate to Russ, taking care of London all day every day even if he has work to do, it is so me. I totally see me in him in all those London-Russel spots.

“Two by two, they came in pairs, from all over the world.”

Anyway, it just tells us that despite the storm that would come in our life, a rainbow will always be there at the end and that there will always be that someone who will be there for you in times that you would need anyone the most. Two by Two maybe full of heartbreaks but it is bittersweet and still full of love.

“Friendship isn’t about how long you know someone. It’s about who walks into your life, says ‘I’m here for you’, and then proves it.”





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Disneyland 1991

Found these scanned pics of my first time at THE Disneyland in Anaheim back in 1991, when I was 5 years old. Of course, I don’t really remember anything – except meeting those who are in the pictures, riding the Dumbo ride, buying a baby mickey mouse stuff toy, going there with my ates and mommy and papa. So here- just a photo diary of my first Disney trip in California!

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#NationalSuperMomsDay2018 Digital Media Conference

It was a very intimate gathering at Gringo, Maax Building, Pasay with other media moms and our special guests, Chyna Ortaleza, Princess Velasco, Ms. Sandy Andolong with daughter, Mariel De Leon. Also joining them is Mr. Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing.

Each Super Mom shared different stories and insights on motherhood that we could all relate in one way or another. Here are some of my take away from our heartfelt discussion:
DSCF4432Chyna says, when asked what a #SuperMom is, “If a mom is able to take care of herself, have a good career, a good relationship with your husband and take care of your child – yun yon super hero ka para sakin
DSCF4443Princess shares that “motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, wala yang instruction manual, you can research all you want before you give birth, but it is still different when the baby is there.” She also added that “When you become a mother your patience really stretches and your heart grows, making seemingly impossible things possible.
DSCF4440Ms. Sandy comments about how young mothers are lucky now because of modern technology. “In terms of communication, research on certain things that you need to learn and know about millennial moms are more conscious, aware and careful on how to deal with their children and how to bring them up in a proper and loving way. Unlike during our time, it was a hit and miss thing, also with the mothers now, you will make mistakes, and you learn from that and you do better. With us we learn from our mothers on how to take care of babies, you take in some, some you don’t, it is important that children know and feel that they are loved.” She also shared, “Moms now enjoy being a mother, they give more time, unlike our time when we work hard, now they put so much time, and get involve in every little thing and development.
DSCF4434Mariel, on the other hand, shared how she admires her mother’s strength through the trials that they, as a family had to endure, when it comes to his brother and mother’s health. Ms. Sandy, would agree, while both of them teary eyed, that a mother would do anything for her family, and that you become selfless when you become a mother.
DSCF4446What #SuperMoms really want on Mom’s Day? Everyone agreed on ME TIME – because believe it or not, each and every mom needs a break! But better yet, why don’t we bring our moms/wives to your favorite SM Supermalls and see what’s in store for them this  #NationalSuperMomsDay2018! Visit this link to know more.

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Celebrate #NationalSuperMomsDay2018 at SM Supermalls

SM launches nationwide #SuperMoms Code Hunt Game
smmomandmeMother’s Day is known to be the second most popular holiday for gift-giving following Christmas as people continue to dedicate this occasion to express their love towards their mothers and mother figures worldwide.

This year, you can make this celebration more special by bringing mom to her favorite SM mall for a fun day of pampering and treats as SM Supermalls delights shoppers with ‘National SuperMoms Day 2018’ on May 13 with fun-filled activities, deals and finds in 69 malls across the country.

“SM has truly become one-stop destination for families to bond and create special memories together,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing. “We want to make this year’s National SuperMoms Day celebration as SM more memorable with awesome experiences and deals for all the strong, hardworking and loving moms out there.”

From May 4 to 13, you can take mom on a date and let her indulge in SM’s Treat Feast for Moms dining deals and freebies. If you don’t have a gift for her yet, you can drop by the All for Moms bazaar for gift ideas that include sweet treats, beauty items, flowers and greeting cards.

The season’s must-see happens on May 5, 6 or 12 – the Mom and Me Fashion Show that features twinning moms and their kids in participating SM Malls. On Mom’s Day weekend, you can then show how much you appreciate mom by spoiling her with spa treatments with the Wellness Treats for Moms pampering promos.
NSD_POSTER_with_DTI_1_smallAside from onstage events and pampering treats, SM Supermalls also invites all families to celebrate this Mom’s Day weekend (May 12 and 13) by playing the nationwide #SuperMoms Code Hunt, which is part of the ongoing #LetsPlayNowAtSM interactive digital experience campaign.

In celebration of #NationalSuperMomsDay2018, SM Supermalls invites all families to celebrate this Mom’s Day weekend (May 12 and 13) and play the nationwide #SuperMoms Code Hunt.

Part of the ongoing #LetsPlayNowAtSM interactive digital experience campaign, the SuperMoms Code Hunt game encourage SM shoppers to play by simply opening their favorite QR Code Readers and hunt for #SuperMoms Code stickers that will be scattered around the mall. And just like that, they will have the chance to instantly win Mom’s Day SM gift certificates.

Aside from instant prizes, #SuperMoms Code Hunt participants are qualified to join the Mother’s Month Car Promo that will run from May 12 to May 31, 2018, wherein 1 lucky shopper will win a Suzuki Celerio! Deadline for registration of entries is until May 31, 2018 at 9PM.

The #SuperMoms campaign was launched in 2016 to pay tribute and connect with the silent superheroes of the family. Always putting their families first in everything that they do, these are the Super Mommy shoppers who have been largely part of SM’s story over the years.

Don’t forget to spend time with mom on Mom’s Day and celebrate #NationalSuperMomsDay2018 at SM Supermalls on May 13!


For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your Mom’s Day memories at SM, the use the season’s official hashtag #NationalSuperMomsDay2018.

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Netflix Original: The Let Down

theletdownSo, I started watching the Netflix Series, The Let Down – it starts with Audrey, a new mom of a few months old baby, still hasn’t adjusted to her new life I suppose, breastfeeding, looks like on the brink of having PPD, a stay-at-home mom,, husband is working, and certainly, she is having a hard time with her life…

She joins a parent support group, but felt judged on day 1 but in the end she went back and the rest is…

Well, I just finished the first episode. I was enticed to watch it because it is about motherhood, and I can totally relate with the parent support group part of this series.


I became a mom to my son, Coco, 5 years ago. I was a stay-at-home mom, a mompreneur, a breastfeeding mom, a cloth diapering mom, a baby wearing mom, baby-led weaning, (yes, almost all of what a millennial mom 5 years ago does). My husband is working, and was always out of town for work. I was caring for my son by myself, with super duper little help from my mom and our helper in Coco’s first 9 months of life, and totally, all by my self beyond that 9 months, when we moved out of my mom’s and lived on our own. I was very independent then, I would baby wear Coco, commute to Megamall with his stroller. Then when we arrive Mega, I’d put him down in his stroller. There was no Uber or Grab that time, imagine how we commute! Imagine that. Just us two.

But NO. I thank heavens, that despite of having to care for the baby almost alone every day, he didn’t give me a hard time. He was such an angel, he was not a cry baby. Hindi sanay sa karga. He would just kick and giggle to amuse himself beside me while I work or relax my self. He was clingy that he just wants me arms reached or just beside me, or he was hungry and wants to feed. I didn’t reach the point that I was too haggard for life like Audrey.

There was also a time when I want to go out with friends, but I can’t. Since, I got a baby, I can’t just dress up and just leave. It was always a no. It came to a point that I was never invited anymore, I live in my bubble, and they have new friends. I felt left out. Some were too busy with work, some were abroad. But I am always thankful for friends who drops by my place to visit us, when I can’t join them, that’s when you feel the love.

Unlike Aubrey, yes, she was invited by her friend to her birthday, but they were like giving her weird looks when the baby started crying. I thank God, my friends aren’t like that. I would always go out with friends when Coco was still a baby, for sanity’s sake. I bring him along with me. My friends understand, and they would adjust for me. We’d go to somewhere more baby friendly. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be bad days. Like nowadays, when I bring Coco along with me, there will always be a time that he will throw me an attitude.

And the support group, maybe life became really easier for me because I have a support group, even before I gave birth. In fact, we were already in a support group from the moment we knew we were pregnant. We all were giving birth during the 2nd quarter of 2013, that is why we could all relate to what’s happening in our body. Every little thing about our pregnancy, giving birth, new born, toddler up to now that the kids are now going to school, were shared among us. Honestly, they even know me more than my real friends. Years will pass, and that big group we had became a smaller circle that up to now, would listen to our rants and raves and rejoice with me and stick with me and be frank with me on some stuff. We’ve gone from just being in a support group to real friends, to our kids being friends as well.

I think in today’s world, a millennial mom – be it a SAHM, WAHM or a working mom – would not have life decoded, but it is very easy for us, because our support groups are only one click away. Aside from that, there are get togethers as well and lots and lots of mommy workshops and seminars available. Really, having a mommy support group nowadays is a treasure, especially if you joined the right group for you.

Sooooo, I’m gonna end this now, watch it also and now, I’m going to continue watching The Let Down in 3…2…1….

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Throwback Today


Throwback Today, a Cinema One Originals 2017 entry, is having a re-run via Cine Lokal. It is about Primo, a man who looks back at his life with so much regret. But due to a technical glitch, he gets a chance to re-write history (synopsis from TBT Facebook).

We watched this last year during its gala. After the film mapapaisip ka na lang din sa life, one from 10 years ago. If only I could turn back time.. I should have done this or that. Sana hindi na lang ganito ang nangyari, baka kung iba ginawa ko iba din yung situation ko. Impulse din kasi minsan, spur of the moment, di ka makapag antay or wala kang choice or you just settled with whatever.

But that was 10 years ago and you couldn’t do anything about it anymore, unless mahanap mo yung luma mong laptop or PC at makausap mo yung past self mo, tulad ni Primo.

Ika nga ni Jesse, “I am a product of my choices and my actions” (Yeeeess na ipasok ko ang #MeetMeInStGallen LOL) We just have to make do whatever we have now. Make the most out of it because we made that choice. We just have to accept whatever the outcome would turn out from the decisions that we’ve made. Remember, what is done, is done.


Me, Tita and Tito (Carlo’s parents) during TBT Gala, November 2017

Congrats sa aming Primo, my kuya Carlo Aquino sa re-run ng TBT through Cine Lokal. Mas marami ng tao ang makakapanood nito! Proud of you always.

Anyhoo, see what Primo does with his life when he would unearth his old MAC and be able to talk to his younger self.

Watch Throwback Today from April 20-26, 2018 on selected SM Cinemas – SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM Fairview, SM Bacoor, SM City Sta. Mesa, SM Manila and SM Mall of Asia. | 1:00PM, 3:30PM, 6:00PM and 8:30PM

Starring Carlo Aquino, Empress Schuck, Annicka Dolonius, Kat Galang and Benj Manalo. Directed by Joseph Teoxon.

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Learn and have fun this summer at SM Supermalls

All kinds of fun are here at SM

All kinds of fun play for super kids are here at SM!

Summer is finally here! SM Supermalls is inviting all parents to make the summer break more fun and exciting for kids and the whole family with exciting activities and workshops in 68 SM malls across the country!

“During summer, we at SM are reminded of the special opportunity that we have — the chance to be able to draw smiles on every child’s face and create unforgettable moments for families to cherish forever. We are blessed to have our dear shoppers as part of our one big happy SM family,” said SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing Jonjon San Agustin during the recent ‘Let’s Play Now At SM’ summer kick-off event at SM City San Lazaro.

“Our ‘Let’s Play Now At SM’ campaign that primarily aims to give families, most especially our kids a new kind of shopping experience where we can enjoy various fun digital games and be rewarded with exciting instant prizes, shopping discounts and lots of freebies,” shared San Agustin.

Perfect time for parents to bond with kids

Summer is the perfect time for parents to bond with their kids

Summer fun begins at SM with Summer Takeover workshops so kids can have fun, learn, and make friends this season! Happening until June 3, the interactive workshops include artistic fun workshops on arts and crafts, painting, drawing, and fashion design lessons; entertainment workshops with modeling, music, dancing and theater acting classes; explorers workshops which offer culinary, visual reality and interactive games, and photography; and sports workshops on basketball, taekwondo or martial arts, archery, and golf.

Mall goers can also relax at SM’s Summer Chillin’ on weekends of April and May. Featuring the country’s well-loved OPM bands and artists, the musical performances are set to treat customers with delightful summer experiences – complete with live art and a food bazaar!

There is also the Summer Fun Run every weekends of April and May where customers can get active and spend time with loved ones.

Another must-try experience is Summertacular Emoji Balloons Photowall, powered by Vivo, until May 31, where customers snap and show off their summer feels at SM!

Summer KV

Click on the image now to check out your favorite SM mall’s summer fun activities!

As part of the #LetsPlayNowAtSM campaign, customers can download the SM Mobile App to enjoy loads of fun summer games to get instant freebies and giveaways! For more updates about #LetsPlayNowAtSM and #SummerTasticASM, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com.

Don’t forget to experience summer fun at SM with new and educational activities for the whole family this season!


For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

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#EverydayIsPlayDayAtSM Kick Off Party 2018

It was like a huge play date at the SM North Sky Dome earlier today, as more than 200 kids were gathered to celebrate the Kick Off Party of SM Supermall’s #EverydayIsPlayDay with Globe G-cash and Paymaya.
DSCF3627As the management opened the party, Shopkins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, Hatchanimals, and Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick came to life – much to the kids’ delight, they danced with them and they actually met them.
Game booths, food, games and prizes were also available, much to my dismay, I wasn’t able to maximize our time inside, as my son was busy playing with his best friend and other co-models.
But aside from the mascots, Coco and his friends were in awe with the Nutty Scientist as they performed different experiments. Some kids were even able to participate in some sets.

With this kick off, during the next months, more than twenty global brands will be launching their latest toy collections in Sm City North Edsa. Likewise, more than 60 characters and brands such as Spongebob, Shimmer and Shine, Beyblade, Hasbro Gaming, and Shopkins, will tour all the 18 malls in a series of exciting shows and meet and greet sessions.

Pay Maya and Globe G-cash that will offer 30% off rebates on their loyal customers who wants to avail their favorite toys through mobile payment.
DSCF3603I have been very vocal of being an advocate on active and free play. Playing widens my son’s imagination – he can be anything he wants to be, and he can do anything he wants to do. With that, SM Supermalls is bringing all the fun to their malls, making it a venue for everything play.

It is indeed #EverydayisPlayDayAtSM. Thank you SM Supermalls for inviting us, MissDi Kids Models to your kick off party!

For more details, just visit http://www.smsupermalls.com or like them on http://www.Facebook.com/SMSupermalls
Fore more information about Miss Di Models, kindly send them a message via http://www.facebook.com/missdimodels or DM @missdi_models on Instagram.

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SM Little Stars 2018 has been Launched

Over P9.5 million worth of prizes at SM Little Stars 2018
SM_LittleStars_Presscon-951On its 12th year of celebrating talented Filipino kids, SM Supermalls unwraps a bigger and more exciting SM Little Stars as the kiddie-talent search gives away over PhP9.5 million worth of prizes, which include 2 brand new Chevrolet Trax, trips to China for 2, college scholarships from the National University, and PhP200,000 worth of cash and SM gift certificates – announced at a media launch on February 28 in SM Megamall.

SM Little Stars continues to be a platform for kids to share talents, enhance their personalities, and develop their confidence. The competition not only recognizes the shining and brightest kids, but it also celebrates the start of their journey in becoming stars in the future as they inspire more children to discover their innate talents.

The kids will also have the chance to be guided by celebrity mentors and a series of workshops to help develop their talents and boost self-confidence, as well as to encourage them to have fun and make new friends!

SM Little Stars achievers who are now making big names on showbiz include 2014 Girl Grand Winner Fil-Korean Chun Sa Angella Jung, who continue to win fans with her acting prowess and is a mainstay of a kiddie sketch comedy show on mainstream TV. Joining the celebrated kids is 2013 Boy Grand Winner Nhikzy Vheench Calma who was awarded as WCOPA 2017’s Junior Grand Champion Performer of the World last July 8 in Long Beach, California. Also not to be missed is 2016 Girl Grand Winner turned commercial model Sheena Kirtsten Bentoy who is all set to play a well-loved role in Disney’s The Lion King The Musical in March.

Don’t forget that auditions begin on April 7 in participating SM malls nationwide! For more details about SM Little Stars, check out https://www.smsupermalls.com/smlittlestars.

For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

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