Nestlé NANKID takes Families on a Fun Summer Glamp to Reshape the Future’s Possibilities

The future holds many opportunities and challenges; and parents can help their children navigate through these so that they can become the best version of themselves. To accompany families in their journey to the future, Nestlé NANKID, along with its ambassadors hosted the NANKID Reshape Glamp.

Nestle NANKID Executives, along with brand ambassadors, parents and guests unite to #ReshapeTheFuture by fostering an Optimal Growth Mindset at this year’s NANKid Reshape Glamp


Nestle NANKID executives, along with brand ambassadors, parents and guests unite to #ReshapeTheFuture by fostering an Optimal Growth Mindset at this years NANKID Reshape Glamp

The NANKID Reshape Glamp was a summer event that brought together parents and children in a camp setting filled with activities that aimed at fostering an open mind, cultivating a positive attitude, and showcasing optimal nutrition– the essentials of setting up a child’s optimal growth and development.


To ensure that the guests gear up for an exciting adventure ahead, parents and their children met with their camp masters that explained the camp rules and were given camp essentials they can use at every campsite activity.


My son, Coco, met and played with NANKID brand ambassador, Scarlet Snow Belo at the NANKID Reshape Glamp

Fishing for Nutrition

NANKIDs and their parents go fishing for nutrition tips and advise during the NANKID Reshape Glamp held at The Courtyard at Enderun

Parents and kids gamely went fishing for nutrition tips. Here, they learned that good nutrition, such as that provided by Nestlé NANKID, plays a major role in ensuring that an individual grows up to be healthy physically and cognitively.

Play Mountain

Kids actively learning and having fun while playing with a giant board called POSITIVITY TRAIL at the NANKID Reshape Glamp last May 21, 2019.

Parents and children threw a giant dice to get to the summit and finish the positivity trail. They could land on a space that makes it faster for them to reach the summit, but they could also land on a space that would force them to go back several notches. Each space had a message for the parents and kids to make them reflect on the moves they have taken. Through the game, children realize that challenges and difficulties can actually be growth opportunities.

Storytelling Sessions

NANKID ambassador, along with her friends, intently listens and participates to the story telling session during the NANKID Reshape Glamp at The Courtyard at Enderun

Everyone gathered together for a short and interactive storytelling session. Led by a camp master, kids had to run, hop, jump, and interact with others to tell stories. This fun-filled activity showed the parents how kids easily mirror their actions and the people around them.

Dear Future Child

This is my #DearFutureChild Commitment that I wrote at the NANKID Reshape Glamp

Parents also reflected on their aspirations for their children, where they wrote letters expressing their commitment to do their best in helping their children prepare for life’s ever-changing challenges and complexities in the years to come.


NANKID Ambassadors and Executives come together for a photo

A camping adventure allows children and their families to encounter obstacles from which they can see as growth opportunities, especially the importance of staying positive and thinking creatively.  Skills and capabilities are traits that can be developed if one has an optimal growth mindset, which is what this Reshape Glamp intends to do.


NESTLE’s VP for Premium and Specialty Milks Marketing, Ms. Jean V. Espino, ends the program by thanking everybody and making a pledge that NANKID will always be there to help parents #ReshapeTheFuture for their kids

These, along with optimal nutrition with the help of Nestlé NANKID, aids in continuing the advocacy to reshape the future and open a world full of possibilities,” said Ms. Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing, Nestlé Premium Milks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help reshape your children’s future and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow, today. Visit NanKid Optipro FOUR in FACEBOOK for more details.

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of the RESHAPE GLAMP from our POV


NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR are not breastmilk substitutes. These products are for healthy children above 3 years of age.
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GoodWork.PH | A Marketplace for Services

Tired from a day of household chores and you aren’t even finish with a day’s work yet, and you wake up the next day doing them all over again. It’s a vicious cycle. I tell you, it will never end. You will never get time to rest and pamper yourself a little.
screen-shot-2019-05-09-at-8.06.01-pm.pngYou can now have the time to do both. Here me, you don’t need to fret now. GoodWork.PH is here to the rescue. It is a marketplace for local skilled service providers from independent freelancers and small businesses. What I love about GoodWork.PH is that they partner with small time ones that gives them the opportunity to grow. Another reason is how savvy it is to use the app, aside from the fact they’re a really great help to someone like me, a mom, who’s juggling a lot in her hands.

Here are the services that they have partners with:

Home Services – Keeping your household clean, especially when you have kids is hard but a clean home can happen with GoodWork. They have cleaners, plumbers, technicians, carpentry repair, and much more.
Carpentry – Whether it’s renovating your home or fixing a hole in the roof, you can find professional carpenters here on GoodWork.
Massage Therapy – Stressed out? Give your body a nice massage with GoodWork’s talented home massage therapists.
Nailcare – Get your nails professionally treated and cleaned by one of GoodWork’s home service providers!

To book a service, here’s what you see once you open the GoodWork.PH App.
Rates vary depends on your service. House cleaning has a minimum of Php349, Laundry Service at Php199, Massage Therapist at Php350 and Nail Care at Php299.

Once you have chosen the particular service you need, entered other details needed, GoodWork.PH will match you with their partner service providers within your area. Service providers will contact you, negotiate if no fixed price and after which, your service is confirmed. You will see your submitted, confirmed and completed jobs at the JOBS tab.
You can communicate with your service provider via the MESSAGE tab.Screenshot_20190509-193922_GoodWork

GoodWork Guarantees that service providers have submitted verified Government ID/s, has been personally interview, has trained Service Partners to have the best customer service and GoodWork covers up to Php2,500 in repairs in case of damaged work.

You can download the GoodWork.PH app in Google Play and Apple App Store.
If you are a service provider, and you want to be part of GoodWork.PH, you can visit the website to to register an account. Click here.

GoodWork Rewards – you will earn credits for every service you or your friends complete to earn a free service. You heard it right! Once, your friend log in your custom code with their confirmed service, you will also earn credits.
After earning 10 credits, you can choose which free service you would want to avail. Either Home Cleaning, Laundry, Massage or ManiPedi.

So as you can see, I already earned a credit. I have tried the House cleaning service and they arrived on schedule. The service is just good enough for me, and there are a lot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, it’s a nice time – to have rested while there are 2 lady cleaners in my home, helping me to have it spic and span.

Here’s my custom code: MAXPUN — don’t forget to enter my code when you confirm a service, ok?

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Pampers Launches the #BetterForBaby Advocacy to Support Unhindered Movement and Development

Rockwell.  May 2, 2019: Pampers and celebrity mom, Sarah Lahbati, hosted over 100 moms to launch their new nationwide advocacy called Pampers #BetterforBaby Movement. The advocacy is a call-to-action for everyone in the Philippines to help give babies a world of unhindered play and movement, so they are free to learn and explore the world. This starts with helping babies to move comfortably by wearing less lawlaw diapers like Pampers.

Pampers #BetterForBaby 4

Mommy Sarah & Kai, new Pampers Ambassadors |Photo from Pampers PH

During the event, Sarah shared why she partnered with Pampers: “I’m so excited to launch the #BetterforBaby campaign with Pampers. I’ve learned that the more our babies play and move, the more it helps them develop their skills. We need to pay close attention to the small yet critical things that can help them move better, such as the right diaper. I chose Pampers for Zion, and even now with Kai.  I know they are able to move better and with greater ease because Pampers is less lawlaw compared to other brands.”

Pampers #BetterForBaby 3

Demo of the newly improved Pampers | Photo from Pampers PH

Pampers invited a panel of experts to talk more about the importance of movement for baby’s development, and the many ways families can help.  This means giving babies plenty of time to play, advocating for more galaw-friendly public spaces, and ensuring babies move comfortably in a less lawlaw diaper.

Pampers #BetterForBaby 5

Sarah Lahbati & Kai Gutz, Ms. Ragene Palma, Ms. Bambi Borneo of MCNAP and 

Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) shares, “2-3 hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day will not only help them develop physically, but cognitively as well. It’s important for babies to move comfortably without much bulk hindering their movement. So, a good diaper na less lawlaw is very important.”

Pampers #BetterForBaby 2

Pampers PH Brand Ambassador Sarah Lahbati, Influencers Mommy Janice, Mommy Princess, Momi Berlin, Mommy Pehpot, Mommy Omni and Panel of Experts

As part of the launch, Pampers unveiled the microsite where everyone who wants to show support for the advocacy can share the badge, and share stories of how they are making life #BetterForBaby. These all add up to points in the microsite, and for 10,000 points and more, Pampers will be donating newborn kits and galaw-friendly play areas to hospitals across the Philippines. Reaching 30,000 points will enable Pampers to donate to 5 chosen hospitals across the Philippines. Those who join can also get a chance to win up to 3 months’ supply of Pampers.

Pampers #BetterForBaby 1

Pampers PH Team

Everyone at the event was very excited to be a part of the #BetterForBaby Movement and sign up on the site. Ms. Ragene Palma, Urban Planner and one of the panelists of the event, shares, “Thanks to Pampers #BetterforBaby, we can raise awareness of how important movement is for a baby’s overall development. We can create more galaw-friendly spaces in more communities which is crucial in aiding in the development of babies.”

There are many ways that the general public can support this advocacy:

  1. Watch this online video and share it via social media:
  2. Share the Pampers #BetterForBaby badge here to show support for the movement:
  3. Share a personal story on the site, or how you have used less lawlaw diapers for your baby

While each baby moves and learns at their own pace, it is everyone’s job to make sure we let each baby be free to move as freely as they please.  Through the #BetterforBaby movement and through advocating for less lawlaw diapers, Pampers and Sarah hopes everyone can do their part to make life better for baby.

For further information on Pampers, please visit:
Pampers® #BetterforBaby Microsite
Pampers® Philippines Website
Pampers® Philippines Facebook
Pampers® Philippines YouTube
About Pampers®
For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Every day, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pampers. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development. Visit to learn more about Pampers products, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.
About Procter & Gamble (P&G) 
P&G serves approximately 4.8 billion people around the world with its brands. The Company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Ace®, Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Duracell®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Fusion®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Iams®, Lenor®, Mach3®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Prestobarba®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks®, Wella®, and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brands.
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Millennial Moms PH: #ProjectDomestication – Upcycling and Upcrafting + Living a Toxin-free life

#ProjectDomestication is one of Millennial Moms PH‘s projects for us mothers, which focus on how to be the Queen of the household. It is my first time to attend such, I’ve only been to #MomTribe events, which focuses on motherhood.
Yesterday was all about, in Mari Kondo’s words, “tossing away what doesn’t spark joy” but with a twist! One is not really throwing away, but by adding value to some items that we may want to discard, and turn them to something of more quality, basically giving an item “New Life” which is called Upcycling.

Teacher Ada Mella, who dedicates her advocacy of upcycling and upcrafting to her daughter, started with this as a hobby after she realized she had to let go of some of her stuff but thought of what she could do to some items, so it wont end up in the dump. It was a hobby, and giving those upcrafted projects to family and friends and then, started to earn from it. She then initiated Upcycle This, Philippines group, where she met other people that share her advocacy.
She showed us an upcycled necktie, which she turned into a mobile phone pouch, unused swatches turned into coin purse, old denims turned to brooch and bookmarks from old sheets of papers, cardboard, planner pages and the like. There are a hundred of ways to create something new and every piece would end up with its own story to tell. Not creative enough? She shared her once of her secrets. PINTEREST! Teacher Ada emphasized, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant, we can always start small. Just make it simple, so you won’t be overwhelmed. It can start with as simple as just reusing the good old ice cream container and turn it to art materials organizer or sewing kit.

Upcycling has always been there. We’re just aren’t aware that we are actually doing it. By upcycling, we celebrate conscious living and teaches us to be mindful of what we purchase. It doesn’t mean that since we upcycle, we just buy and buy items for our home, especially if you are sharing this advocacy, you should always think twice or thrice in buying something – if an item can still be repurposed after it has served its purpose in our lives, then go buy it. If not, let’s just not add items that we dump in the landfill.

This is very timely, people has started to become conscious of the world’s condition. One of the most immediate concern is the amout of trash we have, since it doesn’t go anywhere but here, just staying here on our planet. Upcycling would bring a good impact in the environment because less non-biodegradable items would go to the landfill.

For queries and workshop schedules on upcycling, you can join her – Upcycle This, Philippines.
Most of us grew up using commercial personal care products, home care products and cosmetics and is still doing so now that we have our own household to run. We just use them without even reading and knowing the ingredients. Little did we know, some of those could be harmful to us. Ms. Tina De Guzman, had an ultimate lifestyle change when she started to live a toxin-free life. How do we start? Check the ingredients and ditch those that aren’t toxin-free.
She also tells us her ultimate secret – and it was that when she started using essential oils. For her, it was Young Living Essential Oils, that changed her life. She uses essential oils in just about everything, as it has a lot of uses. She started using oils in her beauty rituals, even buying commercial perfumes. Her kids slept better and their immune system got stronger. Commercial cleaners were dumped as we started making homemade cleansers, with essential oils. Using essential oils weren’t just healthier, but also more economical in the long run. Ms. Tina could go on and on and on about essential oils, especially with YL, just to convince us. But for now, you can head over to her group The Oil Natural Project in Facebook for more information.

Co-Mommy blogger, Mommy Kalai Mendenilla shared to us how perfect Sweet Baby Diapers is for her son, Draco.
Kurin Ionized Water was also introduced to us. It is effective for cleaning and is safe to use even by pregant and breastfeeding women, kids and babies. We were also demoed by Kurin representative on how effective it is on cleaning jewelries. It has 4 variants – all purpose, bathroom, kitchen and fruits & vegetables. You can use it when cleaning your jewelries, watch, fruits and vegetables, shower head, stove top, cloth, toys, highchair table and a lot more.

Let’s all live a greener and cleaner life, not only for ourselves, but for our family and the Earth.

#ProjectDomestication is co-presented by Eastwood Mall, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Aveeno, Johnson’s Baby, Tempra, Betadine, Betadine Fresh Bliss and Sweet Baby Diapers. The lootbag and giveaway sponsors are Giant CarrierAmigo Sigurado, Ajinomoto, Cookmunity by Ajinomoto PH, 123BabyPH, Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing, Devondale Philippines, La Filipina, Lemon Square Cheese Cake, Lil Twinkies, Pond’s, Mercato Centrale, Kurin and VPharmaPH. Because of these #MomApproved brands, we got to take home lots of giveaways and game prizes. Thank you for your utmost generosity.


Sneak peak here:

For updates on the next Millennial Moms PH event, just join their Facebook Group.

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Kiddimoto Philippines Launch: Adventure Starts Here

This summer vacation, I started to have a biking sessions for Coco at least 30 minutes a day. Even though his bike has been with us since 2015, he weren’t able to use it that much, especially when we moved to our current place. His legs has been quiet stagnant from this kind of active play for the longest time, except for the time we used to have a condo unit in Ortigas and we get to bike at Emerald Ave every Sunday, as it’s roads are closed for bike day. My goal is for him to learn how to bike without the stabilizers.
Anyway, I got ecstatic when I learned about the Kiddimoto Philippines Launch, as I am really interested to let Coco try to ride a balancer bike. I am curious on how it is used, as well as if Coco can manage to ride it.

Kiddimoto Philippines, originally from United Kingdom, sells balance bikes, scooters and its accessories. What is a BALANCE BIKE? Actually, it is quite new to me, but as you can see in the photo, it has no pedals and it teachers children the key balancing and control skills needed to seemlessly progress to pedal bikes.




I think it was at least 2 hours of trying out the balance bike and the U-zoom scooter. He totally got the hang of it, especially with the balance bike since it is new to him.



While the children play, the parents were gathered for a small talk about the POWER OF PLAY!

Ms. Kathleen Chua talked about their company, Kiddimoto. Some parents wants to shy away their kids from gadgets, that’s why they thought of a good quality product that kids can enjoy. She’s always asked, “why a balance bike?“, little do parents know that once a child knows how to balance a bike, transitioning to a real bike can almost happen in a snap. I’m quite amazed also, because as young as 18 months old, babies can already use a balance bike.
Our Millennial Mom, Ms. Dette Zulueta shared how kids play time from her (our) time differ from kids nowadays and how to balance play time with the kids of this generation. We know how different it is now. Before, like Ms. Dette, I grew up playing outside, playing with friends, playing with limited toys and imagination – leaves that becomes bangus, bigas, sitaw, as we play tindatindahan. Now, we can’t even imagine having our children play outdoors, aside from there is little to no kids at all playing, it is very dangerous – reckless car and motor drives as well as kidnappers.
DSCF2778THREE THINGS that Ms. Dette said on how to balance with kids now that I strongly agree to believe in as well – ENGAGE in playing with them, INITIATE playing with them and INVOLVE yourself when playing with them.

Teacher Gabby Limjoco of Playworks Pre-school spoke about how active play is not just only the physical development of a child. Like in the situation awhile ago, kids where all playing in a make shift bike ramp. Reality speaking, they weren’t just playing, they were also learning! They could learn to be persistent as they learn how to ride the balance bike; how to solve problems when they do not know how to ride the hump; reading signs; learning how to be patient and take turns, share, learn how to stop as exercising their social and emotional skills. They are active learners when playing.
DSCF2781Popular Vlogger, Isha Borromeo shares how she balances work (being a work from home mom, which I can totally relate to) to playtime with her son, Sky. Once you master, things will flow. It is important to set time for play, especially since, time fly so fast, our kids aren’t getting any younger. They same with her, I feel guilty when Coco asks me to play with him and I am working on something. That is why I see to it to allot time to play. As she mentioned, TIME MANAGEMENT is the key to a Happy Kid! She also mentioned about involving his son with what she is doing be it in work or house chores – it equates to more bonding moments with them, right?
Here’s a short clip of Coco’s Fun Day awhile ago at the launch:





Thank you Kiddimoto Philippines and Millennial Moms PH for having us!

You can buy Kiddimoto at any Toy Kingdom branch! Grab yours now!

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Experience a Magical Easter at The Manila Hotel

Easter is a time to celebrate with your family, friends and little ones. With its elegant combination of tradition, glamor and unparalleled service, The Manila Hotel is the perfect venue for making joyous memories this season. The hotel has created a range of fun, family-friendly activities that will make this year’s Easter an unforgettable experience.

April 15 to 21, 2019
There is no need to endure a long and arduous drive out of town for the Holy Week. Instead, our Easter Staycation Package lets you luxuriate in one of the hotel’s well-appointed Superior Deluxe Rooms for only PHP 6,999 nett a night, for two adults and two children ages 12 and below. Relish an indulgent breakfast buffet or take a culinary journey at one of the hotel’s specialty restaurants. The promo is inclusive of two complimentary tickets to The Greatest Easter Eggs-travaganza, our fabulous, fun-filled Easter fair (details below).

Superior Deluxe Room at The Manila Hotel

Superior Deluxe Room at The Manila Hotel

2:00 to 6:00 p.m., Tent City
April 21, 2019, Sunday

The Manila Hotel makes Easter a fabulous family affair with The Greatest Easter Eggs-stravaganza. Your little ones will experience all the magic of an Easter carnival, complete with an Easter egg hunt, a petting zoo, a bouncy castle, a magic show, plenty of Easter-themed games and activities, and a delightful selection of snacks.
• PHP 1,000 for 1 child age 12 and below, and 1 accompanying adult
• Guests who avail of the Easter Staycation Package are entitled to 2 tickets
• Guests with an accumulated PHP 5,000 in a single receipt, from any of the dining outlets, are entitled to 1 complimentary ticket

The Manila Hotel Easter Egg Chocolates 1

Easter eggs at The Deli

April 18 and 19, 2019

Take a break from the fast pace of city life. The Visita Iglesia Package allows you to cocoon in the comfort of a Superior Deluxe Room for PHP 5,800 nett, for two adults and two children ages 12 and below. Experience one of the classic traditions of Filipino Holy Week: the Visita Iglesia. Walk through history via this curated tour of seven churches in historic Intramuros and the surrounding environs, including Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. The hotel shall provide shuttle service, snacks, a map, and a guide.

• SCHEDULE. April 18, Thursday: First shuttle at 6:30 a.m., last shuttle will leave the hotel at 6:00 p.m. April 19, Friday: First shuttle at 6:30 a.m., last shuttle at 11:30 am.
• Prior reservation is required

Champagne Room
April 21, 2019

Let the elegant and romantic Champagne Room be the setting for a luxurious family brunch on Easter Sunday. Partake of an exclusive menu crafted by Executive Chef Konrad Walter and his team. Delicacies and savories include handcrafted veal and mushroom ravioli in light truffle cheese cream, a choice of elegant rosemary-seasoned rack of lamb served with potato gratin and young market vegetables, or black cod on a purée of creamed peas with quenelles of zucchini lemon risotto, and a delicate dessert of swan-shaped choux pastry with snow eggs. The Easter Brunch at Champagne Room is priced at PHP 2,780 nett.

The Lobby
April 1 to 30, 2019

Held in the hotel’s stunning lobby, the Egg-chanted Garden is an exquisite display of Easter eggs painted by well-known Filipino artists. It’s a modern and sophisticated twist on the traditional ritual of painting Easter eggs. Hatch, a project of The Manila Hotel in partnership with Manila Bulletin, to support and showcase the Filipino art scene.
Hatch - An Easter Eggchanted Garden Exhibit

For reservations, visit the website at
Follow The Manila Hotel on Facebook and Instagram @themanilahotel.

Overlooking the South Harbor on Manila Bay, Philippines, the iconic 107-year-old edifice of the 515-room Manila Hotel Is a historical landmark, having housed many heads of state and celebrities for decades. The hotel boasts of an Executive Club Floor with butler service, as well as a delicatessen, Pool Bar, The Tap Room bar and three stylish restuarants, including the opulent Champagne Room. The hotel is also home to a pool, spa, and fitness center.

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The Manila Hotel in partnership with Manila Bulletin kicks off HATCH: An Easter Eggchanted Garden Exhibit

The iconic Manila Hotel, known to be the well-loved Grand Dame of the Philippines, brings joy to guests this whole month of April as the hotel lobby is transformed into an enchanting garden filled with colorful Easter eggs.

Hatch - An Easter Eggchanted Garden Exhibit

Hatch: An Easter Eggchanted Garden Exhibit at The Manila Hotel | Photo: @TheManilaHotel

The exquisite collection of Easter eggs is hand-painted by revered Filipino artists, some using innovative materials for a distinctive mixed media design, or going for a more classic look using oil or acrylic on resin; while some are even sculptures. The concept is to give life or transform an essentially static and lifeless object into a dynamic form of art.


Talented Filipino artists who turned the enlarged eggs into a canvass and produced their own masterpiece

HATCH, a project of The Manila Hotel in partnership with Manila Bulletin, is meant to support the Filipino art scene. Initially, this project was organized for local artists to gather during Easter. HATCH placed a modern and sophisticated twist on the traditional ritual of painting eggs by showcasing the exquisite talent of artists from various disciplines in painting on an unconventional and unexpected medium – an acrylic egg.
The success of HATCH since its initial launch on 2017 is the reason why the exhibit is now on its third year.  This 2019, the egg collection of Manila Bulletin will be hitting 98 in number where each egg has different personalities and stories to tell.
The batch of artists for HATCH 2019 is a combination of artists from Manila Bulletin’s coffee table book Filipino Artists in Their Studios Vol. 2 and artists from the Saturday Group.


My favorite egg of them all. Like me and Coco.

The exhibit will run at The Lobby of The Manila Hotel until April 30, 2019. You can also catch them at the Yuchengco Museum, Ilo-ilo Contempory Museum, Shangri-la (under Saturday Group), UST Museum and some other museums after its exhibit at the Manila Hotel.

For more information, visit the website at
Follow The Manila Hotel on Facebook and Instagram @themanilahotel.

Overlooking the South Harbor on Manila Bay, Philippines, the iconic 107-year-old edifice of the 515-room Manila Hotel Is a historical landmark, having housed many heads of state and celebrities for decades. The hotel boasts of an Executive Club Floor with butler service, as well as a delicatessen, Pool Bar, The Tap Room bar and three stylish restuarants, including the opulent Champagne Room. The hotel is also home to a pool, spa, and fitness center.


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Boost your Kid’s Immunity with Health Fusion

DSCF2109Coco got a little under the weather the day before his 6th birthday and these bottles of Health Fusion Vitamins C and MultiVites just arrived in time as it totally boosted his immune system. He got better in no time.

Health Fusion Vitamins C and MultiVites are made with natural ingredients, vegan friendly,DSCF2115 gluten-free, halal and GMP certified.

Coco instantly fell in love with these vitamins because of its gummy bears shape. Side story: He just recently started eating gummy candies. Yep, even with candies and sweets, he is also picky. So, sakto when I introduced Health Fusion Vitamins to him, it was easy peasy already.

DSCF2114As I’ve mentioned, Coco is a picky eater. I’m guilty of not giving him real nutritious meals. Aside from the convenience of cooking processed food, he doesn’t like beef and vegetables and he only eats banana and apple. It’s so great to get to know Health Fusion Vitamins, I am assured that he is getting a boost with his nutrition by taking these gummies. It’s not like the food that he hates eating or doesn’t want to even taste, but he gets the same vitamins and minerals from it. At least for now, while I’m working on the “eating nutritious food part”, I have a nutrition partner with Health Fusion.DSCF2117

Health Fusion Vitamin C or MultiVites has 90 pieces of gummies per bottle and is sold at P599 each. You can get them at the next Momzilla Fair on May 18-19, 2019 at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent and get the chance to buy it at only P1,000 for any 2 bottles as an exclusive treat. For more information, you can drop by their Instagram.

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Debit for points: What you need to know about CEB GetGo Debit Card

Debit cards are becoming an essential for every kind of lifestyle. It provides convenience for the busy and always on-the-go millennial who wants to have a little bit of everything instantly. And because most debit cards now offer cashless transactions with one swipe, many Filipinos can enjoy the things they want anytime.

debit article photo 1

Apply for your own CEB GetGo Debit Card and enjoy great rewards when you use it for dining, buying groceries, and shopping.

From GetGo’s large fleet of cards powered by VISA and UnionBank, the CEB GetGo Debit Card is the first and only debit card that rewards you with points to fly for free with Cebu Pacific. It is the most exciting debit card as it easily earns GetGo points for everyday activities such as dining in restaurants, buying groceries, watching movies, filling up at the station, and even shopping from your favorite brands in the malls and online!

DEBIT-Front-Design- (1)

Everyday purchases become more rewarding with points to fly for free with the CEB GetGo Debit Card.

More than the free Cebu Pacific flights, here are other features which you can enjoy with your CEB GetGo Debit Card:

debit article photo 2

With CEB GetGo Debit Card, you and your barkada can go on an exciting adventure and create new travel memories.

Be the first to book seats to your dream destination

CEB GetGo Debit cardholders have the amazing privilege to receive early alerts to the airline’s seat sales and promos throughout the year. Members can also choose to redeem flights with their GetGo points or pay using their debit card, earning more points to fly for free faster!

Enjoy discounted GetGo flights

On top of the year-round surprise seat sales and promotions, GetGo members can also enjoy discounts when booking flights. Whether you’re booking for that much-awaited summer trip or planning early for holiday vacation, you can redeem Cebu Pacific flights with 10% discount on GetGo points via the website or the mobile app.

Instant GetGo points for every kind of transaction

Members with CEB GetGo Debit Cards can get their rewards faster as every online or in-store POS transaction merits automatic transfer of points to their GetGo accounts. So whenever you’re completing an online purchase, enjoying shopping sprees, or booking for hotels and flights, you will receive points to fly when you use your debit card. Every P100 spend automatically credits 1 GetGo point to your account – giving you more points to redeem exclusive promos or hop on to a free flight!

GetGo members who don’t have their own CEB GetGo Debit Card yet can apply via and simply fill out the online application form. After completing the application form, you will receive a reference ID number via email which must be presented when picking up your debit card at any UnionBank branch nationwide.

For more information on memberships and partners, visit Never miss out on exclusive member offers and the latest news on partner promos by subscribing to GetGo email alerts. Just log in to your account, go to ‘Profile’, select ‘Preferences’, click ‘My Settings’, and choose ‘Count Me In’. You can also like and follow GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Battle has Begun at Lazer Arena

One of the go-to place for interactive fun and indoor recreation is at Lazer Arena in SM Megamall. I want Coco to do something different for his birthday. It will be his first time to play laser tag (actually, my first time too), so I’m sure it will be quite a challenge for him.
Laser Tag involves a use of high-technology laser guns that gives you points when fired accurately on your opponent. There are 5 target lights and if you were able to fire it in one, you will gain points, while your opponent will be muted from the game for 6 seconds. It is suitable for most ages and it will definitely give you that adrenaline rush, and of course, the fun feeling that you need in life.
Upon entering the premises, we were assisted by the staff in wearing our vests, gave us our laser guns and watched a video on how to use, do’s and don’t when playing laser tag.
It’s time to play! The black lit game area was so huge and there were only 5 of us at first. It looks like a cross between a barracks and an old warehouse with tires, drums, ramp, stairs, etc. We were actually against each other.
I was only following where Coco was going because that’s moms with little boys do. HIHI. And because I was just following Coco around I was a very easy target for everyone. Good thing, I wasn’t the loser. A session lasts for 15 minutes each.


Gameface ON

We were supposed to be grouped in 2 but we were 5 so they just made us go against one another, and I think if we were more, it will be merrier!


Vic, Rissey, Me, Coco & Mama

Ready to play laser tag? Go to the 5th floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall

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