Indeed, the Magic Lives Forever at Enchanted Kingdom

Solid, it’s been more than a decade since I last set my foot at the most magical place in our country, Enchanted Kingdom. I’ve been wanting to bring Coco to EK but since we don’t have a car, transpo problems. Good thing dada’s office has a “family day” trip to EK for the whole month of May and we chose last weekend, which was also Mother’s Day.

Dada’s office had EK closed down from the public every weekend of May, imagine that? I actually thought that we will have to endure long lines since it was Mother’s Day, but nope. It was a lot of people, but they all came from Dada’s office.
We came in super early, as in around 7:30AM. We were able to go inside around 8:00AM. But the park was still close. We are only able meet Eldar and friends and eat from the snack shops around. It was only till 9AM when we were able to start with the rides.
They measured Coco at the entrance. What I appreciated most was when they gave us, aside from the map, a height restriction list, after that. It’s a list of the rides that a child can ride. So they don’t have to disappoint themselves when they want to ride one and they aren’t allowed yet. At least, we can save them from disappointment. HAHA. Good job EK. Here’s how it looks like. The encircled column was the list that Coco can ride, the ones with C meant that he needs to ride it with a chaperone.

First stop, adrenaline rush for the baby boy – Dodg’em – he was so excited to drive the bump car. It was supposedly his first time. But nope, even with a chaperon, he can’t yet. Good thing he didn’t fuss over it and just enjoyed the ride. Better luck next time boy!
Second stop is Up, Up and Away, this was my favorite when I was a kid. That’s feeling that seems you are flying.
Next is Bouncing Boulder that I wanted him to ride alone, but he won’t let me go. You know, this kid loves to ride roller coasters, but is afraid of heights. Ironic isn’t it?
Then we finally gave in to his whim, a roller coaster ride aka the Roller Skater. I wanted to ride with him at the front like we always do. But I gave it to dada because we could always ride RCs together anyway, with dada is a rare chance. Dada was hesitant to ride in front, but his boy didn’t bat an eye at all.
I wanted to ride the Anchor’s Away and Coco isn’t allowed yet, so I got to ride it alone and just enjoyed it by myself. I wanted to buy my pictures then but I don’t have extra. HAHA. I’d rather buy food.
While they were riding the Bump N Splash, which Coco didn’t like because he got wet and he hates getting wet, I was doing some selfie shots by the Wheel of Fate, which we weren’t able to ride.
Dada and Coco rode Jungle Log Jam next and I’m just so proud of this brave boy, as always. We just told him to shout at the top of his lungs, so he won’t get scared. Dada even looked more scared than him in their picture. As for me, I’ve rode it before, but I swear to never ride these type of rides ever… because of the feeling like your heart drops and as dada would tell me, I’m not afraid of roller coasters that feels like your soul escaping your body. HAHA. Well.
We took a short break from the rides, while waiting for dada. We took some photos using my tripod, yep, all the pictures here were just taken by my Samsung A50, amazing shots, isn’t it?
We then decided to ride the Rio Grande Rapids, while it’s almost noon, so we would dry up since we’d get wet. Coco decided to hate both Log Jam and this one because he totally hates being wet, although he said this was a fun ride, if he didn’t get wet, which actually forfeited the whole point of this ride. There is this dryer that you have to pay 200 or 300 php? I can’t actually remember, but when I saw how expensive it was, NOPE, I’ll just use the natural way – sun drying myself. Haha.
Sun drying and riding Flying Fiesta, which most people do ride consecutively. I believe right after Dodg’em, this one was Coco’s 3rd favorite ride, which at first he was scared to try. But he loved it. I didn’t notice that there’s a double swing where you and your child can ride.
I can’t actually remember the exact time it opened that day, it’s either 12NN or 2PM, but Coco waited for Fun Kart to open and actually threw a tantrum when he realized he can’t. HAHA. I understand you anak, I know you wanted to, so we just pacified him. I think he had to be around 48″ to ride the twin cart with a companion that will ride with him, as he is below 18 years old. He can’t drive it as well. Fun Kart is around 380php-470php.
It was noon time already and it is getting hot, as we started our day early. I ate rice in the box for lunch, while Coco and dada got Shakey’s. A lot has changed with the food choices, it got better actually. Aside from popular chains like Shakey’s, there are a lot of kiosks that aren’t priced too high. If you buy mineral water though, it could be expensive, but there are water fountains with drinkable water. It’s warm though.
Coco got tired and he and dada took a nap. We stayed at the Space Port area, right beside Dairy Queen. When he woke up 2 hours after, we went to Brooklyn Place, until we saw that they were starting the parade.
We then went to Agila the EKSperience, although it was amazingly beautiful, it seemed bitin for me. I was expecting more of the best spots in our country. Nevertheless, Coco loved it. He said it is his favorite ride (Now I can’t wait for him to get to ride Soarin’ Over America). You actually pay 500php for this ride.
We had Rialto for our finale, it was the ride that we had the longest waiting time. I sort of missed the Rialto from 2 decades ago. The one they had now was quite long and is in 4D. Coco enjoyed it though.
We didn’t wait for the fireworks that night because we were already tired. But right when we left EK riding our shuttle, the show started.
It was still as magical as ever, even if I got to go there a couple of times when I was younger. Maybe because I was with my baby boy enjoying it, oh, of course, we were with dada too. You know, it brought a lot of memories of my childhood and even college when we just cut class and drove over to EK just because. You would realize how different the experience would be when you have your most precious one with you. Right?

EK Schedule:

The open hours varies depending on the days and season. But the usual schedule is that it is CLOSE every Mondays and Tuesdays and opens at 12NN-7PM on weekdays and 11AM-9PM on weekends.

Schedule may change, as the park might be close for a private event, maintenance or any weather related concern. Before planning a trip, you should check their park hours and schedule, HERE.

Tickets Prices:

Weekday Rates:

  • Regular Day Pass: P800 (Unlimited park rides with Agila)
  • Junior Day Pass: P500 (Unlimited park rides with Agila) – between 3 ft to 4 ft
  • Senior Citizen & PWD: P500 (Senior Citizen or PWD ID is required)
  • Junior PWD: P350 (PWD ID is required) – between 3ft to 4ft
  • Kids below 3ft: FREE except for Agila

Weekend/ Holiday Rates:

  • Regular Day Pass: P900 (Unlimited park rides with Agila)
  • Junior Day Pass: P600 (Unlimited park rides with Agila) – between 3 ft to 4 ft
  • Senior Citizen & PWD: P600 (Senior Citizen or PWD ID is required)
  • Junior PWD: P400 (PWD ID is required) – between 3ft to 4ft
  • Kids below 3ft: FREE except for Agila
Enchanted Kingdom Tickets are sold at SM Ticket Outlets located in all SM Cinema branches nationwide. They are also available KLOOKSM TicketsTRAVELBOOK.PHTICKETNET and TICKETWORLD.



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Experience the Four Seasons with BLK Scents

BLK Scents Pop Up StoreDo you want to experience the scents of the four seasons in just a blink of an eye? Head over to BLK CosmeticsSpecial Pop Up Store, the first of its kind in the Philippines, where they bring to life, BLK Scents, their new baby and get to introduce them to everyone in a more interactive and fun way.
BLK Scents
SUMMER Pomegranate
Everything that is summer to you. Sunshine cheers. Bright as a sun. Your Sunlight in A Bottle. It is both fruity and floral with blends of magnolia and peony.
BLK Scents Summer PomegranateBLK Scents Summer Pomegranate
SPRING Sweet Pea
Romantic. Literally felt like I am in a bed of a indulgent bouquet of flowers in sweet pea scent, blended with the fragrance of Apple tree leaves, yellow freesias and the lush notes of linden blossom and white orris
BLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet Pea
Experience Autumn lights to infinity and beyond. Fragrance blended with fresh wisteria, red peony and sweet musk.
BLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn Lily
WINTER Jasmine
No fret, winter wonderland in the heat of October. Coolness and freshness of winter with notes of winter jasmine peppermint and green tea.
BLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter Jasmine
Beat the SUMMER heat, smell the romance of SPRING, see the lights of AUTUMN and experience WINTER wonderland, starting TODAY, October 12, 2019 up to November 30 at the C-5 Wing of Market! Market! MONDAY to SUNDAY 12NN to 9PM. ENTRANCE is FREE and you get 10% discount when you post your pic with the hashtag #BLKScentsPopUp #BLKScents.

Sneak Peak Here:

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Breastfeeding Made EASY with Milk Easy PH

Milk Easy

Photo by Cocoon Studio

I breastfed Coco for 3 whole years. I remember looking for affordable and comfortable nursing bras but I never found the perfect one. I ended up buying cheap nursing bras from the department store, just to have something to wear when I go out. I don’t wear bra when I am at home. TMI, sorry!

Don’t tell me what the latest is in these area, because I don’t really know what are INs and OUTs in today’s breastfeeding fashion, because I’ve been out of business for more than 3 years. But I just got to know, MilkEasyPH, from the glamorous and fun mommas of Momzilla. It was created by breastfeeding and working moms who needed to find better alternatives on how they could nurse and pump more easily, efficiently and less time consuming by creating these practical products.


Milk Easy Products
Milk Easy Nurse and Pump Easy Bra
It has a two-layer feature to let you nurse and pump at the same time. Its unique design makes this an everyday staple that provides support and function without sacrificing comfort or adding bulk. It is the first combined nursing and hands-free pumping bra that looks and feels like a regular bra, as it frees up your hands which allows you to multitask while pumping.

Milk Easy Strapless Nursing Bra
This essential STRAPLESS T-shirt bra is seamless and provides full coverage for any sleeveless, tube or off-shoulder outfit. Its functional and streamlined style allows for nursing on-the-go without sacrificing style. It has easy snap-on buttons to breastfeed anytime. It has no underwire for maximum comfort.

Milk Easy Flow Easy Flange
Constructed with the perfect angle and continuous form, the flange’s innovative design gives comfort, enhances output, and encourages milk to flow more easily – a necessity for pumping moms to lean back and relax. It stimulates better flow, reduces constriction of milk ducts, helps prevent mastitis and other breast infections caused by clogged ducts.
It fits breasts more naturally with its wider and rounder design and has a seamless connection of funnel and tube reduces irritation to the nipple and areola. It is best used with Milk Easy’s Nurse and Pump Easy bra for a more relaxed and productive pumping experience.

Milk Easy Breast Milk Storage Bag
It is a pre-sterilized and double-safety sealed milk storage bag that is guaranteed to store your liquid gold securely and hygienically. Equipped with a spot for easier pouring and allergen icons for fast labeling, it’s a great asset for every mom’s pump life. It is self standing, leak proof, 100% BPA-free and has an Allergen icon label. It comes in 8 oz/240ml bags.

Milk Easy Insulated Pump Bag
Keep your liquid gold and/or pump parts cool for up to 10 hours with this chic and stylish bag.

I love everything in Milk EasyPH‘s chic and pink launch. It was a no-program event, just to gather moms, learn about the products, chill, drink and pose. Yep, I literally just had fun with the girls. Here are some lovely photos from me, my friends and Cocoon Studio.
Milk EasyMilk EasyMilk Easy

Milk Easy

With Kato, in white, one of the ladies behind Milk Easy PH

And the Coco had fun, of course, thanks to FunNest!
Milk EasyMilk Easy
Milk Easy

You can shop Milk Easy PH at, Rustan’s, The Parenting Emporium, Urban Mom, The Baby Ville Iloilo, Baby Stork Bacolod and Storked Davao. Follow their Socials via Facebook and Instagram.

I would also like to commend the brands that made Milk Easy PH Launch a success:
Event setup @The.Floralist | Venue and food @TheFoodHallPH | Photographer @CocoonStudioPH | Hologram photo booth @SpinCam360 | Play area @FunNestPH @FunNestParties

PS. Credits to Cocoon Studio for the official photos of the products: flange, strapless bra and insulated bag, as well as first two pictures of Coco and the first 3 group shots.

Sneak Peak HERE:

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SKYcable pumps up the adrenaline this October for sports aficionados as it serves up a heady dose of action from basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, to tennis. Until October 15, SKYcable offers an all-access pass to various sports channels at no additional cost to subscribers.
Fans can also enjoy the latest happenings in the Baseball world as the 2019 Major Basketball League starts its playoffs this month in Fox Sports Channel. See which teams makes it one step closer to winning the World Series. Meanwhile, racing fans can check out what is next for the British racing champ, Lewis Hamilton after winning the latest Russian Grand Prix in Formula 1 and who will win in the Japanese Grand Prix 2019 also on FOX Sports Channel this October 13.
In Tennis, World Number 1 Novak Djokovic will try to defend his title in the 2019 ATP Masters 1000 in Shanghai starting this October 6 live on Tap Sports 1. Tennis enthusiasts should look out for former world No. 1 Andy Murray, who recently received a wild card invite to the competition and see if he can steal the title from Djokovic.
Moving to Football action, the La Liga season is starting to heat up! Follow the Spanish football league and see if Real Madrid can retain the top spot or will defending champions, Barcelona make its way back on top before the much anticipated “El Clasico” late October.

Sports fans can also watch the live coverage and updates on the preliminary rounds of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League and the semifinal rounds of the Philippine Volleyball League on Liga Channel.
These are just a sampling of the wealth of sports content that SKYcable carries,” says James Dumlao, SKY’s head of programming. “We strive to have premium shows on various sports coverage so that, whatever your interest is, there is something for you on SKYcable.”

Don’t miss out on your favorite teams and players in the most exciting live games and matches in the various sports channels this October. For more details, visit

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HUGIS ATBP: 40th PSID Exhibit Calls for Alternative Designs for Alternative Housing

A celebration of 52 years of excellent interior design education, the Advanced Class of 2019 presents HUGIS ATBP. The exhibit coincides with the 40th year of the Philippine School of Interior Design has been mounting graduation exhibits that showcase the mettle of its graduates, the first of which was in 1979 with only 9 graduates.

This year, the young visionary students are building homes using geometrically inspired spaces for alternative types of built spaces spanning the 5th of Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong City on October 1 until the 31st.

“In this day and age of evolving residential needs, it is important that we push our visionary students to keep thinking outside the norms of design and keep exploring beyond the limits of traditional spaces,” shares IDr. Victor Ruel Pambid, PSID Vice President for Accademit Affairs. “In congested cities, we prove that more than the size of the space, practical and inspired designs prevail to be of utmost importance in giving Filipinos the quality of life we all deserve.”

HUGIS, ATBP. features 12 different design spaces under 30-sqm, in 3 habitat styles, which are innovative, ingenious, inspired and globally-adaptive. The exhibit showcases the concept of how design and functionality can co-exit in alternative spaces of varying shapes, such as round, rectangular and triangular. These spaces aim to inspire and spark conversations on how design impact the future urban, suburban, and resort living.

“We don’t usually see homes that are circular or triangular, but this year, we would like to present to you that these are not only possible, but beautiful and functional,” explains Mr. Pambid. “This exhibit aims to inspire people to utilize the spaces they have, no matter in what shape of size. In this time of rapidly increasing property values, design and practicality make a huge difference.”

From square to round to triangular architecture, local to sustainable materials, luxury to economy, the interior design students explore stylish solutions for compact yet comfortable living.

Parisukat at Parihaba Gallery
Pushing the limits of what can be done to an urban space under 30sqm, this gallery features four modern and sophisticated designs. These spaces become rendezvous points where design meets function for the always to go city dwellers.


Making Spaces




Art Deco in the Metro


Bat Wait, there’s more

Bilog Gallery
Curves and all, this gallery features four spaces, each under 25 sqm, which explore the free-flowing lifestyle of the suburbans. These feature a contoured and cohesive approach to design that is fitting for quiet living, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.




Balai Habi: A Modern Treehouse




Cuatro No Canto

Tatsulok Gallery
Three-point spaces exude exoticism, fit for a restful retreat. Often woven within natural landscapes, the 4 triangular spaces feature resort-style design wrapped in refreshing and rejuvenating textures.




The B’laan Retreat


The Spear


Gotipino” Bamboo Lodge

Proudly supporting the vision of the graduating students is Greenfield Development Corporation. “With our mission of building future ready, world-class, sustainable spaces, we are glad to provide these students the avenue to showcase their works, and together, shape the spaces of tomorrow.” shares Atty. Duane A.X. Santos. General Manager and Executive Vice President for Greenfield Development Corporation.

HUGIS ATBP. or Homes Using Geometrically Inspired Spaces for Alternative Types of Built Places,” opens on October 1 and will run until the 31st, from 8AM – 10PM daily at the Greenfield Tower, Greenfield City in Mandaluyong.

For more information, visit, visit PSID on Facebook and Follow on Instagram.


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P&G, National Geographic, Global Citizen Launch Groundbreaking Series, “ACTivate: The Global Citizen Movement” to inspire action around poverty, inequality and sustainability

Leading consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines premieres the fifth episode of “ACTIVATE: The Global Citizen Movement” rallying citizens to get governments, corporations, organizations and individuals to work together to address ocean plastic pollution. The episode will air globally on October 3, and in the Philippines on October 5, on National Geographic in 172 countries and 43 languages.

“ACTIVATE: The Global Citizen Movement” is a six-part docuseries from P&G and National Geographic, co-produced by Global Citizen and RadicalMedia. It raises awareness around extreme poverty, inequality and sustainability issues to mobilize global citizens to take action and drive meaningful and lasting change.

Each episode delves into a different issue connected to the root causes of extreme poverty, including sustainable sourcing, criminalization of poverty, disaster relief, girls’ education, plastic waste and the global water crisis.

The hour-long episodes feature different stakeholders like Global Citizen, amplifiers, activists, action-takers, corporations, non-profit organizations, government, and individual people whose lives are being changed. Episodes show different celebrity advocates and activists immersing in and amplifying a particular issue. The docuseries is shot across the globe in South Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria and across the United States. It also highlights what P&G and its brands – Head & Shoulders, Tide, Whisper (Always), Charmin – are doing with many of its long-time partners around the world in addressing these critical issues, including waste management in the Philippines.


Photo from NatGeo

The fifth episode of the series focuses on the need for different stakeholders to come together to address ocean plastic solution. Global Citizen ambassadors and advocates Pharell Williams and Darren Criss push for governmetns, corporations and individuals to step up and do their role in solving the ocean plastic waste problem. Shot in different cities in the Philippines, Criss travels and witnesses first-hand the impact of plastic waste on people living in poverty and calls on global citizens to urge their mayors to commit their cities to zero-waste futures. Experts describe the impact of plastic pollution on people in developing countries and the ways different stakeholders, including brands like Head & Shoulders, can work together to solve the problem.

The “ACTIVATE: Ending Plastic Pollution” episode shows the critical role of multi-sectoral collaboration to start solving the complex problem of solid waste, where all must play their part and the active participation of all citizens is vital. Organizations like World Vision and industry groups mobilize communities and create livelihood, companies continue to invest in more sustainable packaging solutions, government needs to implement effective waste management systems and infrastructure, and proper waste segregation and disposal must begin at home as each individual’s responsibility.

P&G has already taken a step in addressing the growing beach plastic waste. Head & Shoulders, the world’s no. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo, has created shampoo bottles made with post-consumer resins to reduce its eco-footprint. Since 2017, the brand has manufactured over 1 million bottles with recycled beach plastic.

Safeguard, P&G’s no. 1 anti-bacterial soap brand in the Philippines, is ditching over wraps used for its bar soap multi-packs to use recycled paper board cartons. This packaging change alone will reduce up to 8,500 kilometers worth of plastic packaging waste – approximately 1,000 times the length of Boracay island.

P&G and long time partner World Vision Philippines are executing the second phase of “Pag-asa sa Basura,” a school-based plastic collection program aimed at educating students and families, incentivizing their efforts and executing proper plastic waste collection. The waste collection and recycling program will be implemented in several schools across Metro Manila, starting with the below sea-level city of Malabon. To date, nearly half a million sachets and almost 150,000 bottles have been collected under the program.

P&G is also the member of the Philippine Alliance for Recycling Materials Sustainability (PARMS), a multi-stakeholder partnership led by the National Solid Waste Management Commission. It is a multi-sectoral coalition of corporations in the fast-moving goods sector, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and industry, and the Philippines Plastics Industry Association and environmental NGOs such as Zero Waste Recycling Movement and the Philippine Business for Environment. PARMS is premised on developing and implementing a holistic and comprehensive program to increase resource recovery and reduce landfill dependence, leading toward “Zero-waste.” PARMS and its members is investing to build a facility that will address the existing need to recycle sachets and other flexible plastics. The planned facility will employ clean technology that can process more than 200 metric tons of waste per year, converting these into products like pallets, school chairs and other high value plastic products.

“P&G and our brands are committed to using our voice and broead reach to create and inspire meaningful change that benefits the environment, consumers and our business. We believe in being a force for good and a force for growth. We can amplify and accelerate this through multi-sectoral partnerships such as those we have with World Vision, PARMS, National Geographic, Global Citizen and Terracycle to name a few,” says P&G Philippines General Manager Rafael Fajardo.

The ACTIVATE Partnership is a shared commitment National Geographic, P&G and Global Citizen have made to leverage their collective influence, audience and scale to both raise wide awareness and inspire everyone to take action. It also illustrates experimentation with new content and distribution models, and new ways to mobilize viewers across the world.

“At National Geographic, we went to tell stories that matter, and we are proud to work with P&G and Global Citizen who shares our values. Through the ACTIVATE docuseries, we aim to raise awareness and drive action on some of the world’s most pressing issues among our audience,” says Jude Turcuato, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Fox Networks Group Philippines.

For more than 10 years, Global Citizen has been working to defeat extreme poverty through advocacy and citizen engagement, motivating businesses, organizations and government to make financial commitments and policy changes to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. At the same time, P&G has a rich history of leveraging its brands and its people as a force for good to make the world a better place by helping to solve critical issues related to girls’ education, clean drinking water, disaster relief, environmental sustainability and inequality. For more than 130 years, National Geographic has utilized its powerful imagery and impactful storytelling to help audiences around the globe understand the world around them so that, in turn, they care more about it.

ACTIVATE Episode 5 will premiere in the Philippines on National Geographic on October 4, 2019, Friday at 9:00PM. For more information, visit

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Mommy Mundo invited parents like me to one of their Pedtalk series, which talks about the importance of Vaccination and how it would benefit not only the person with vaccination but the people that surrounds him too. Seems timely right? I also noticed the news these days has lots of interviews from doctors regarding vaccination.
Nowadays, even a slight fever could get me worried 100x more than I used to than when Coco was younger. The current outbreak of diseases like Influenza and measles has caused me sleepless nights when Coco was sick recently. I was praying so hard that it wouldn’t be anything severe.

What do I have to thank for? Coco’s well-prepared immune system.

How do we achieve that? Aside from eating healthy, having an ample amount of rest, drinking sufficient glasses of water and vitamins, good hygiene, it is the vaccines that gave him immunity from getting infected from any viral diseases that may come his way.

Our speaker, Dr. Miggy Villanueva, a Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics, Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, overwhelmed us with heartbreaking statistics of claimed lives pre-vaccine, era as well as the era we are in now – lives that never see the day again due to diseases like polio, diphtheria, mumps, measles in a massive large scale. Reality speaking, these diseases that could have been controlled has claimed more lives that the natural disasters that came our way in the last decades, all combined.
Dr. Miggy Villanueva
Just imagine the world today is vaccines weren’t invented. I’m quite sure no one would even live up to 100 years old. I’m sure the average life span of a person would be so low. You know why, infectious diseases would just be scattered around and it would be easily caught by everyone. Do we even want that?

These days we here a lot of news about Polio, it is terrifying. From 1955, when the first Polio vaccine was released, it took 50 years to declare Philippines as Polio free, but here we are again, in 2019, as what Dr. Miggy said, “the disease is back, caused by pure sanitation and declining rate of vaccination.” Diseases, even if it has been gone for decades, may come back in our lifetime and the only reason is because of the decline in vaccination rate.

Dr. Miggy also explained to us the term Herd Immunity, which is for him, the number 1 thing that we can do to save lives and prevent diseases to happen. Have you head about Herd Immunity? It is my first time I learned about it too. It is when a significant portion of your population that becomes immunize to against a particular disease, thereby protects who are not immunize. Let’s say, your kid’s class, if 95% of the students are vaccinated, there is a very low chance that the kids could get sick because of the virus one can get from another. So, if the 5% of the class isn’t vaccinated, the 95% will be strong enough to fight the bad virus away, the 5% would be protected, all thanks to the kids that are immunized. Thus, none of the kids would get sick.

DSCF4359Did you know that not only those who has been vaccinated will benefit when one is vaccinated? In a Herd Immunity – children who have not yet vaccinated from that particular disease, people who are imuno compromise that can’t receive the vaccine, elderly that doesn’t have a good immune response and people who doesn’t have access to vaccine – will benefit from it. Having Herd Immunity in your community, the disease will be irradiated.

BUT. For Herd Immunity to work – we need to get more number of people we get on board, the less chance that the disease will be able to circulate throughout your community.

More reasons to be vaccinated:
1. Vaccines WORK. It really works. 90-95% effective and has saved millions of life already.
2. Vaccines are SAFE. Before they were put out to the public, studies and testings has been made.
3. Vaccines are NECESSARY. Prevention is always better than CURE.
4. Even if a vaccinated person gets the disease, it would be milder than those who aren’t vaccinated.

Dr. Abby Chiong-Rivera, a Diplomate of Philippine Pediatric Society and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP), shed light on the facts and myths of vaccine.
Dr. Abby Chiong-Rivera
Fact: Vaccine can save lives. Refusal of having our kids vaccinated is actually caused by fear and lack of knowledge about it. Parents fear for the side effects, that the kids might get sick, or worst, they could die. We can change their perception on vaccines by giving them information.

Myth: Vaccines can cause autism. There is still no evidence that there is a connection between autism and vaccination, but there has been studies that identified symptoms of autism prior to a child getting vaccinated with MMR and even more recent studies show that autism develops even before the baby is born and is still inside the tummy of his mother.

Myth: Vaccines contain harmful chemicals like toxins. As Dr. Abby mentioned, vaccines do contain multiple ingredients like antigens, preservatives, and stabilizers which are proven to be safe and effective when used correctly and in small amounts. This chemicals are needed to improve imunogenic effect of vaccine to prolong its potency and to kill viruses or bacteria in the vaccine. They contain only very small amounts.

Myth: Flu vaccines causes flu and doesn’t work. We should get flu shots every year because they constantly changing based on the gravity of the flu, so flu shots should be updated yearly.

Myth: Natural immunity is better than immunity from vaccine. Risks from natural infection is way greater than that of from the vaccines. If, example, you chose to actual measels from natural infection, then you face a 1 in 500 chance of dying through symptoms like Pneumonia. But if getting allergic reaction from MMR, it is less than 1 per 1M.

Myth: A child can actually get the disease from the vaccine. Vaccines can cause mild symptoms which resemble those but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is infection. It is our body’s way of response to the developing anti-bodies from the vaccine and not from the disease itself.

Fact: Vaccines are safe and effective. They took years and years of research and clinical trials before they got licensed to market it.

Answers to questions thrown:
1. We have vaccines for adolescents and adults and it can still be effective especially if the vaccine were not given to the person when he was an infant.
2. There is no overdose with vaccines. We have 4 limbs and it could receive shots all at once. Our body deals with millions of bacterias everyday and very small amounts of antigens when introduced through vaccines are just nothing, our body can take it.
3. For Polio: A child that has completed vaccines when younger can get another shot of Polio vaccine. Although, if a child has complete polio vaccines and is already over 5, there is a slim chance for him to get it. But there is no danger in getting additional. It is safe to get one to boost up immunity and bring up antibodies once again. If a child is incomplete with Polio vaccines as a kid, no need to go back to zero, just complete the remaining. For other vaccines, it depends on the type.

 Mommy Mundo Pedtalk Shot

OPV is easier to give and is not painless since it is oral, but it only has 2 strains which is type 1 and 3. IPV has 3 strains. It is better to give both because OPV’s advantage is that it stimulates your IgA, makes your gut immune to polio. Because it is through the gut that it is transmitted and how it could spread into the community. OPV can stop it to spread while the IPV can’t do that. That is why you need both to control personal and community immunity.

See, what the benefits of getting vaccinated can do? Yep, they don’t only protect the person that was vaccinated but the people they get to interact with daily. But Herd Immunity will work better if we are all protected. Now, I am reaching out and pleading to all parents, save our kids from getting sick, save other kids from getting sick, save ourselves. Check your vaccination records, go to your trusted pediatrician or the health center and have your kids (and even yourself) vaccinated. This  our role as parents. It is ultimately our responsibility to protect our family, ourselves, and the community. It would make a difference if we are well-informed. We should reach out to as many people to make them realize the importance and to help them let go of their worries. Let’s all get #ProtectedTogether!


You can watch the whole talk here:

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Nestlé NANKID holds a Museum Gala to celebrate every child’s “Amazing Possibles”


The 19 Portraits of Amazing Possibles shown at the Nestlé NANKID Museum Gala at the Yuchengco Museum

For every parent, nothing can be more rewarding than seeing a child reach a milestone. Whether it’s watching your child take his first unassisted step, or seeing him tie his shoelaces independently, the joy that parents feel in their hearts for each amazing possible is beyond compare.


Scarlet Snow Belo, NANKid Optipro Four Brand Ambassador

To celebrate these everyday milestones of parents, Nestlé NANKID kicked-off their newest global brand relaunch campaign called Amazing Possibles.
The campaign was brought to life through The Museum of Amazing Possibles held at the Yuchengco Museum, Makati City. It featured 19 Amazing Possibles stories of real parents and individuals who continue to strive to nourish every possible for the children of this generation.
Among the personalities featured are influential moms — Cat Arambulo, Joy Sotto, and Nicole Hernandez. The gallery also presented different narratives from health care professionals, and individuals with invaluable advocacy on unlocking every child’s potential.


Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, wife, Joy Sotto and son, NanKid ambassador, Rossano Sotto. She has always been a #momspiration to me. Just as how she was amazed with his son, Rossano, on how he showed goodness. I believe that all the good things that we do in life, our kids would emulate it, and we will be surprised by this. These are part of the Amazing Possibles our children may do.

Guests experienced a night of art and awe as they discovered every child’s surprising possibles and how Nestlé NANKID continues to thrive to become the best partner for every parent who wants only the best for their child, now and in the future.20190909_184641
Every portrait and piece at the gallery had its own QR code that guests scanned to see and hear the narrative behind. Attendees were taken on a journey to discovering amazing possibles through the four exhibits inside the museum:

  •  Memories of Amazing Possibles: A collection of mementos of captured moments of many amazing possibles. The collection features memorable items that evoke nostalgia to amazement in every surprising moment. 
  • Portraits of Amazing Possibles: A gallery that highlights animated captured moments of amazement. Showcasing inspiring stories of greatness behind every emotion.

  • Stories of Amazing Possibles: An animated collection showcasing the narratives and anecdotes of many amazing possibles. Showcasing inspiring stories, from humble advocacies, to surprising tales of personal greatness.

  • Partner in Amazing Possibles: An exhibit showcasing Nestlé and its rich heritage of passion in innovating child nutrition. This display showed the brands continuous efforts in providing advanced holistic growth & development, helping parents understand how strong foundations of today nourish a child’s every possible now and in the future.

 Throughout the years, Nestlé NANKID has remained a partner of parents all over the world in nourishing every child. This 2019, parents can look forward to the best from Nestlé NANKID as the brand continues to push to be frontiers of innovation in nutrition and continue to help parents prepare their children for all the possibles of tomorrow.
We know the depth of emotions that parents experience as their child achieves every amazing possible, the astonishment, happiness, and fulfillment that parents experience has remained the same throughout the years, unchanged by shifting mindsets and beliefs. This is why Nestlé endeavors to lay the path towards more amazing possibles. Together with NANKID’s continuous innovations, experts’ opinions, and your endless care, you can help your child become the best in every stage,” said Arlene Tan-Bantoto, Business Executive Officer for Nestlé Infant Nutrition.

Be amazed by your child, for life. Nourish your child’s every possible with Nestlé NANKID. Visit for more details.

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Chicken ‘N’ Mojos: Perfect Together

Shakey’s has always had the answer to your chicken craving.
Considered as one of Shakey’s famous offerings, Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is such an inseparable pair. The lightly-breaded, crisp, flavored-packed chicken perfectly goes well with the iconic Mojos.

Foodies consider Shakey’s Chicken as one of the best because of the flavor that bursts out of its meat. Each part is seasoned and coated evenly, creating a distinct taste and aroma. Mojos, on the other hand, is also a cult favorite that has its own following for its seasoning and spice.
This awesome twosome can be an appetizer, a meal in itself or even an addition to your usual order of the thin-crust pizza. Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is available in Solo (3 pieces), Buddy (5 pieces), Family (7 pieces), Party (12 pieces and Blowout (20 pieces) Packs.

A basket can be eaten on your own or shared with your friends or your family. No matter how you like it, Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is always perfect for your appetite.


Mommy Pehpot took me as her #PerfectTogether pair for this event. Haha! Thanks Mommy P, always a fun time chika and learning from you.

You will always go back to your all-time favorite pairing from Shakey’s. It is not only perfect together, it’s also perfect for you.

Also, you can’t NOT forget the 25% discount of Chicken ‘N’ Mojos every Mondays to Thursdays from August 12 – September 12.
For more information on Shakey’s and its products, fo to

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Johnson’s Baby Initiates #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement to Create a Gentler and Happier home for Our Children

Dads and moms like me were welcomed by a happy and warm home, The Johnson’s Gentle House, that would lead us to different parts of a home that signifies places where we usually nurture our child.
We were welcomed in each area by #GentleParents, co-Mom and Dadbassadors John Prats and Sunshine Garcia in the bedroom, Divine Lee in the living room, Bianca Gonzelez and Paolo Valenciano in the playroom, where they also shared insights, stories and tips of when they had to #ChooseGentle while parenting their children.
John Prats tells how he is the spoiler to her daughter, Feather while his wife, Liv is the disciplinarian. He also imparted that it is important to always give the main caregiver, usually the mother, some “me time”, a breather from taking care of the children, because if a parent gets tired, he/she would get easily irritated and would most likely lead to him/her being impatient to the child, and again would not really promote gentle parenting. Who’s guilty of this?
Sunshine Garcia relates how most moms are not only the ones taking care of the baby, but also the whole household. It can be draining and tiring, so every time she is having a hard time with his son, she would just take a deep breath. She says to cherish even the times we are struggling in taking care of our children, because they will eventually grow up.
Bianca Gonzalez shared how she thought everyone in the room are all connected to one another, because we are all mothers and we almost always have the same experiences, as its a great support system. Everyone’s closeness to their children that is currently in the room speaks a lot.
Paolo Valenciano says since he is the one working, he had to make more effort in building a relationship with her daughter, Leia that is why makes he makes sure that he get to spend a lot time for her. Building a relationship with our children is important because it builds trust, so when we are in the situation that we have to reprimand them, they would understand that we are on their side and that it is for the best.



Divine Lee expresses that it is important for the parents to acknowledge the feelings of our children. The words we also use to communicate with them matters.



Raising a strong willed boy is quite tough. Let alone someone who thinks he can handle everything even if he is just 6. He thinks he is an adult already and there may be days when obeying mommy and dada is not an option.

I usually and normally toughen up. Nope, he can’t be the one controlling me. My patience would really be tested, especially when there are people that he thinks who will be on his side (Hello Mama!) and when my patience level is gone………
We may not notice it at most times, but our children mirror what we do. Coco mirrored me and it made me realize to take conscious effort in everything I say and do, even if I am struggling already.
At the New Johnson’s Gentle House, we were reminded how it is important to be #GentleParents and how strong parent-child CONNECTION, CONSISTENCY in managing both our emotions and COMMUNICATION through positive discipline are needed to be able to nurture gentler children. A child’s nature begins at home, from the people whom he is every day, whom he looks up to and whom who nurtures him. It is on US, MOMs and DADs.. Can we do it?
Gentle does not only create a better world for our children, but it will also make us better people.
Kudos to Johnson’s Baby PH and its #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement for going beyond in not only promoting their products to provide gentle care for our children but also in promoting #GentleParenting in how we nurture them emotionally as well.

Watch my video here:

To know more about Johnson’s #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement, CLICK HERE
To know more about the New Johnson’s Baby Products, CLICK HERE

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Totoo bang #KabogAngKulob pag gumamit ng #DownyKontraKulob?

2019_0728_20291200Rainy days are here again, at mahihirapan nanaman ako magpatuyo ng clothes because of the damp weather. We usually hang our clothes indoor naman din talaga, because kind of hassle din mag hang ng clothes sa rooftop, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Sakto, I discovered through Mommy Pehpot, yung bagong variant ng Downy, which is made especially for indoor drying, Downy Expert Indoor Dry Kontra Kulob, with 20x more antibac powder.

So watch my IG TV below.. it will show how we do the laundry in my place and what laundry tip I will give you. As if expert ako ano? Dibale, si Downy naman ang expert! At higit sa lahat, malalaman natin kung totoong ang balitang effective si Downy Kontra Kulob!

CLICK THIS ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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